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History always repeats itself and our case could not be an exemption in this old rule.  

Personal care, love and dedication on what we are doing gave us a remarkable result. 

In addition, I explain. Our personal experience to have nutrition information readily available, or to select a product relatively easily, without being lost in a chaos of recommendations, promotions, misleading information and reviews, led to creation of a new website, Intarchmed.com

Intarchmed.com is a team attempt originated from personal research of each one of us on products research and need for feasible solutions, finally resulting to the identification of most suitable product and method regarding the purchase and use of nutritional products and supplements. 

Frankly, has anybody ever wondered how it is possible to lie about a highly sensitive sector like nutrition and risking the lives of people for nothing?

Today we are proud to have included everything required for a man or a woman looking for the best condition of their health and body. 

We see this website as a family page that came out of our love and dedication for transparency and right information on everything contained in it. 

Health is the ultimate good of humankind. The desire for slim and strong body, but also a healthy and strong organism, requires sincere public information about products and certainly not advertising tricks and false promises.

All of us at a point in our life suffered from a low-quality product promising great results.  Similar experience was guiding us on creating a website, a personal bet, to free potential buyers and consumers in general from falsehoods, claims and unclear statements. 

Motivated by the need for transparent information very important in such a sensitive sector, as the nutrition, we decided to proceed with accurate information, in-depth reviews, true testimonials & experience from various supplements, informative articles & current developments in health / exercise / nutrition / nutritional supplements.

Most of reviews published refer to following categories of dietary supplements:

Weight loss

• fat burners

• Muscle mass development (legal steroids)

• Natural Testosterone Boosters

• male enhancement 

• nootropic supplements 

Critics, comments and suggestions coming from our readers offer a positive contribution to the improvement of the site and assist to have a global view of facts and problems. For your queries please email us at the address of our site (…). 

We are always ready to try to help you and guide you on any personal need or problem.  

ATTENTION: No medical opinions or specialist assistance is included in the site, as we believe each individual follows and trusts certain information from personal attending physician, who could offer the best advice prior to using any supplement. 

The question of maintaining the site updated up to last minute with new products, changes or critical views announced continuously is a constant worry among all of us. 

Be updated means be reliable. 

NOTE: Every product, brand and trade logo contained in the website is the legal property of the companies and we have no jurisdiction or liability on this matter. 

Thank you in advance for your trust and support

The team of Intarchmed

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