Anadrol | REVIEW | All you need to know

Today’s article hosts Anadrol – an anabolic steroid offering up to 0.5kg per day in muscle gain.

It’s really great gaining half a kilo of pure muscle mass following the daily training session.

Is this simple as it sounds?

Unfortunately, the answer is no (as expected anyway).

Anadrol is one of the most toxic, addictive and dangerous anabolic products currently in the market illegally, being banned by law (without a medical prescription) due to its severe impact on user’s health and life.

Its devastating action on the liver leaves no room for “speculation” about whether or not it is worth risking the use of such a powerful and risky anabolic steroid.

Anadrol – What it is

Anadrol is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) containing an active substance.

Released and continued in black market circulation (for those continuing to put to take the risk with their body and health) under various names.

Below comes a list of possible Anadrol names as marketed in black market.

  • Protanabol
  • Anasterone
  • Anastron
  • Oxitoland
  • Zenalosyn
  • Oxitosone
  • Synasteron
  • Oxybolone
  • Hemogenin
  • Nastenone
  • Oxyanabolic
  • Annapolon
  • Roboral
  • Anadroyd
  • Synasterobe
  • Androlic

Anabolic Androgen Steroid – How it works


Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are chemicals resembling the action of male hormone testosterone, meaning that synthetic hormones (resembling testosterone in action) are being injected into the body and aimed at increasing the body’s anabolic and androgenic activity.

These compounds may be chemical (as in the case of Anadrol, or natural (such as various new generation natural nutritional supplements).

As mentioned earlier, these supplements have a dual action:

  • Androgenic action
  • Anabolic action

Whereas the corresponding natural products are available with no medical advice required, being completely safe, on the contrary chemical anabolic products are completely illegal, dangerous and banned.

Anabolic androgenic steroids have always been the “favorite” of athletes, both for impressive improvement in performance and for the great muscle gains, physical strength, endurance and energy they channeled into the body, in a minimum time.

Athletes almost immediately noticed major changes in their body but also in their psychology and fitness.

This is what reported so far:

  • increased competitiveness
  • increased energy reserves
  • improved mood & psychology
  • muscle benefits
  • muscle Strength & Performance
  • huge strength of the athlete in training
  • reduced feeling of fatigue
  • reduced recovery time
  • better focus
  • commitment to goal
  • higher momentum

What makes Anadrol different from other Anabolic androgen Steroids (AAS)?


Anadrol is probably an anabolic androgenic steroid (as already mentioned), belonging to a specific subcategory of anabolic steroids.

This category, called “dihydrotestosterone derivatives” or “DHT”, refers to an androgenic substance normally produced by the body.

What Anadrol actually does is to recreate this androgen slightly modified and dispose of it.

Certainly Anadrol is not the only DHT product found in market (in black market).

There are many other corresponding products depending on active substance contained, they modify their action.

Anadrol is a DHT product containing the active substance oxymetholone. Here is a number of corresponding products:

Winstrol (active ingredient – stanozolol)

Anavar (active ingredient – oxandrolone)

Masteron (active ingredient – drastanololone)

Primobolan (active ingredient – methenolone)

The action of these DHT steroid anabolic products mentioned above is similar (with minor variations regarding the degree of action and intensity of results provided) and appears to exhibit common properties and characteristics.

Reason for Anadrol being different from all other products.

What makes it so effective, but also so dangerous to health?

The difference of Anadrol lies in its composition.

A difference is found in the methylated group of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivatives. In other words (and to make it more understandable to everyone) we refer to carbon atom in the first cyclo-alkane ring of the molecule and the 2-hydroxymethylene group with which appears to be associated with.

These chemical details may sound pointless or even very tiring, but what you need to keep from all this is that the slight difference in the chemical structure of Anadrol is on greatly enhancing its effective capacity and delivery time.

But it’s not just what makes us mention Anadrol once again.

Another very important piece of information about Anadrol – something everyone should know before using it – is that it has strong estrogenic effects on the body (unlike other dihydrotestosterone derivatives).

Finally, how powerful is its action?


Anadrol has an 8-week detection period in organism. This means that it can take up to 2 months after the last dose for its complete elimination from the body and not being possible to be detected by anti-doping controls.

It is a 17aa steroid, structurally modified anabolic steroid in the 17th atom.

This is a big difference, as allowed the creation of a steroid with no injection administration, but easy oral use (not losing its effective capacity & power).

This change seemed so positive at first glance, makes Anadrol in form of an oral pill even more dangerous to health (and more specifically to liver).

Toxicity of this product is high and the danger of using it is huge for the user’s health and even its life.

The Anadrol pill has a half-life (16 hours) of sufficiently short power requiring frequent repetitions. So, is administered on a daily basis to maintain its anabolic and androgenic action in organism.

Anabolic & andogenic value

Anadrol is used in bulking phase of bodybuilding.

This is practically means a product primarily aiming at rebuilding a person’s muscular structure and not so much to a fat breakdown.

As already mentioned, it is a very powerful anabolic product with a short life span (requiring daily dosage).

Below you see its anabolic and androgenic rating of Anadrol:

Anabolic Anabolic Rating: 320

Anadrol Androgen Rating: 45

Here it is noted that it has a very high anabolic rating, unlike its androgenic effect, which is not so high.

The first visible results require at least 3 weeks of use, after which its effective capacity gradually decreases.

Users usually receive Anadrol for a maximum of 5 to 6 weeks (maximum).

CAUTION: Extending Anadrol administration time neither enhances positive results nor helps faster & higher muscle rebuilding. On the contrary, poses a serious threat to user’s health (and in particular its liver, due to high toxicity).

NOTE: The dosage usually taken with Anadrol is between 50 – 100 mg / day.

Can Anadrol be used by women?


The answer is definitely no.

This anabolic product is not suitable for use by women because of its very high risk of enhancing male characteristics (baldness, voice depth, body hair), due to an excess amount of androgens (i.e. product’s androgenic nature).

There are other steroids, ideal for use by women wishing to grow their muscle mass and strengthen their body, without causing hormonal disturbances in their bodies.

Anadrol – Side effects

This is a product with serious side effects to organism.

Here are the side affects according to Anadrol user testimonies:

  • lethargy
  • feeling tired
  • strong & persistent headaches
  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • vomit tendency
  • urination problems
  • skin abnormalities
  • insomnia
  • loss of appetite

However, there are cases of users reporting very serious health complications as:

  • liver damage / malfunction
  • cirrhosis of liver
  • cancer (mainly in the liver)
  • hepatitis
  • jaundice

WARNING: It is noted, that the use of Anadrol is associated with very dangerous and deadly diseases especially for liver.

Retention of muscle gains following discontinued use

Definitely, not. This anabolic product provides extremely high muscle gains, gradually fading away immediately after discontinuation of product.

The results are deteriorating very quickly in a maximum period of 2 to 6 weeks.

That is why most users usually recommend using Anadrol in combination with other anabolic steroids.

Basic Information for Anadrol Steroid

Active substance: Oxymetholone

Chemical designation: 17b – hydroxy – 2 – hydroxymethylene – 17a – methyl – 5α-androstane – 3-one

Formula: C21H32O3

Androgenic action: 45

Anabolic action: 320

Molecular weight: 332.48 g / mol

First Manufacturer: Syntex

Life time: Half life (8 – 9 hours)

Detection time: 8 weeks

Our Own Proposal – Anadrole



Thinking of boosting your training profits and selecting Anadrol, you better think twice, before turning into such an extreme and risky proposition.

You take a risk on your health and even your own life, just for a day’s results disappearing immediately as you discontinue administration of the steroid.

Here we have a suggestion of a new alternative version of Anadrol, called Anadrole.

Anadrole is a new generation product, with 100% natural composition (containing no chemical hazardous substances) offering as good muscle gain as the anabolic Anabol.

However, have a look at the significant differences:

  • no side effects
  • no hormonal rearrangements in the organism
  • not containing dangerous chemicals / addicts
  • only natural ingredients
  • a product from a well-known company (Crazy Bulk)
  • legal
  • affordable price
  • safe for organism
  • no medical prescription required
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