Nugenix Testosterone Booster | Review 2021 | Full in Depth Analysis

Nugenix, a product boosting the testosterone production in a physical way is our topic in today’s article.

Produced and marketed by Direct Digital LLC, is a legal, tested and certified product.

The importance of testosterone is already known and repeated by us in many relevant articles.

Simply allow me to repeat in brief that in men testosterone reaches its peak values at an age around thirty and starts declining after this age not in negligible figures, so presenting about 50% of its initial value at about 60 years of age.

This decrease has many and different effects, among which, the most important is the poor sexual performance and many other problems created in daily life due to its lower values.

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One of the most important problems is the decrease of the muscle mass. The body “shrinks” as we say and so is the mass of the muscles.

NOTE: According to statistics, men who are taking testosterone boosters are mostly between 40 and 60 years old, feeling completely “young” and even very active, full of life and with the desire to live the life in full.

Though as it was mentioned it would be reasonable for an old man probably after 50 or 60 to seek help for its testosterone problem, it is quite reasonable in our days that even persons in the bracket 18-45 years are looking for similar help as well.

The stress and the strenuous rhythms imposed by everyday life are inhibiting factors for the smooth functioning of the body and (playing also an important role in a man’s sexual performance).

Testosterone is the “key” to all of this, helping (as known) to develop and strengthen muscle mass, improve (certainly) the sexual activity & fertility, and to increase testicular and penis size.

The truth is that there are many male booster products in the market, so causing confusion when the selection moment comes around.

Our website always recommends the use of natural and not synthetic products damaging the organism risking the health of the user.

So this article will try to establish if Nugenix Is one of the supplements actually helping on the increase testosterone production in the human organism or not.

Nugenix – What it is

A supplement consisting only of ingredients selected from nature and boosting (in the most gentle & natural way) the increase of natural hormone testosterone production in organism.

Is there any reason for mentioning “natural hormone” and not just hormone?

Yes, as in the market there are many supplements of synthetic testosterone hormone (anabolic steroids), being effective, but also extremely dangerous for organism and health.

They are recommended for medical purposes and (surely) only at the discretion and prescription of the treating physician.

The use of Nugenix causes no such problems. You do not have to feel insecure, or fearing of any effects.

It causes no side effects or any other adverse effects, as its composition is 100% natural.

This supplement is easy to use (in capsule form) and does not require a prescription.

It was designed and manufactured aiming at energizing organism and stimulating the production of a greater amount of testosterone (regardless of user’s age).

It could be stated that tends to help older men, but that would be completely unclear and untrue. Men who experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue in their daily life tend to have low sexual activity and problematic erection.

This is not all that happens.

Loss of muscle mass, rapid weight gain, psychological deprivation, are situations occurring due to stress in everyday life leading to more serious health problems (physical & psychological).

So Nugenix has no age for its use.

According to all reports to date, Nugenix provides significant assistance in reversing all of these symptoms normally characterizing a person of old age (however could occur even at 40s years).

Inhibitors for testosterone production


As mentioned, many factors play a role in a man’s life and in its organism’s natural testosterone production.

Aging is the most important factor, but unfortunately, it is no longer the only factor.

Changing a person’s lifestyle has also signaled changes in the functioning of its organism (for good or for bad).

Various factors (emotional, social, genetic, pathological or environmental) may have a negative effect on testosterone production.

Some of the most basic causes of a decrease in testosterone in organism can be serious illnesses.

A doctor – with proper examinations – can check the testosterone levels in organism and identify the reason for its early decline.

Here are listed some of the common reasons for reduced testosterone:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Aids
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Obesity
  • Cancer (specifically testicular)
  • Renal failure
  • Depression
  • Liver diseases

How I know if I have low testosterone levels?


Generally there are signs leading us to suspect that testosterone levels have been dropped. However, only a medical examination can verify such a fact for sure whether or not this is the case.

A number of signs could give us the first indication for a visit to a doctor:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • insomnia
  • the reduction of muscle mass in body
  • increased body fat (and especially in the abdominal area)
  • reduced libido (libido)
  • reduced sperm production (during ejaculation)
  • increase in red blood cells
  • malaise, vainness
  • depression
  • hair loss (baldness)
  • feeling tired
  • low energy levels

NOTE: What you should always remember is that the hormone testosterone plays a specific role in the male body. The decline in its production starts from about 40 years and is strongly observed from 50 years onwards (without this being the rule, as there are exceptions).

So the decrease in testosterone is interpreted by the organism as aging, as the end of a man’s reproductive period, as a resignation.

Indicatively, the hormone testosterone from 35 to 40 years begins to decline by 1 percentage point per year. This practically means that under normal circumstances a man up to about 60 years of age will have lost half his testosterone.

Nugenix – Composition – How it works


The only way to properly understand and evaluate a product is to see what it contains. The active ingredients of a nutritional supplement are the ones to tell you the truth about it, no matter what you hear in advertising and campaigns.

So let us have a brief look at the ingredients of Nugenix

Testofen & Tribulus Terrestris  Ingredient from fenugreek plant, containing up to 50% of fenuside, effectively increasing the production of male hormones in organism.

L-citrulline Malate  Promotes smooth blood flow, relaxes blood vessels, and ensures both achievement and maintenance of longer, stronger and longer-lasting erections.

Vitamins 12 and B6 These vitamins of the B vitamin complex are widely used to regulate the nervous system in a variety of nutritional supplements, fighting the feeling of fatigue in order to ensure a better performance in sex.

Zinc – Micro-nutrient, natural booster for every man. Helps strengthen the immune system and promotes healthy prostate function.

Tribulus Terrestris – A herb improving liver and kidney health.

ATTENTION: At first glance, perhaps someone with no particular knowledge finds difficulties to understand the exact function of Nugenix.

However, by studying its composition we would say that we divide its active ingredients into 2 main categories. Those promoting sexual desire & activity and those promoting the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Nugenix – Benefits

Containing as key ingredient for increasing testosterone, Testofen, the Nugenix supplement, provides:

  • stimulation
  • desire
  • sexual activity
  • performance
  • orgasm
  • satisfaction
  • ejaculation

In combination with the active ingredient L-Citrulline Malate achieves a large increase in blood flow leading to more powerful long-lasting erections.

L-Citrulline Malate also helps in production of nitric acid, to open the arteries and improve blood flow throughout the body (and of course the genitals as well).

Zinc is responsible for the production of DNA, while Vitamins 6 & 12 naturally increase red blood cell production and help to regulate the nervous system effectively.

Your body is flooded with energy, fighting every feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

CAUTION: The Nugenix supplement also contains a secret ingredient … a “proprietary” mixture of ingredients


We have never been in favor of “secret recipes” as no clear picture of the ingredients contained and their exact dosage is provided.

Nevertheless, Nugenix’s company argues that though this is largely considered as negative, for the company provides protection against cheap imitation products.

Pros & Cons


  • natural texture
  • scientifically tested ingredients
  • no side effects
  • positive reviews / reviews
  • proprietary blend of ingredients (ensuring authenticity)
  • 14 day free sample
  • no stimulants
  • no prescription
  • safe for long-term use
  • no age limit (for adults)


  • product for men only
  • proprietary “secret” mix (no further information about it)
  • unclear price tag (resale from different suppliers at different prices)
  • highly priced in a way

Side effects

Nugenix consists of only natural and no synthetic products.

However – as with everything else – there is always the risk of organ reactions, allergies, intolerances or other discomfort.

Upon noticing a side effect, it is important to stop taking the pill and consult a doctor.

It may seem a bit strange, but some users have reported side effects such as stomach upset, as well as nasal congestion and facial swelling.

For the majority of users, Nugenix has not caused any reaction in the body and is considered as a very safe dietary supplement.

A thorough and careful examination of Nugenix proves that it is a product quite effective for the purpose intended.

It contains clinically proven ingredients for their action, so there is no reason to be uncertain or concerned about the action of this product.

Our reason for concern


We only stick to one negative point about this dietary supplement.

The point concerns the “proprietary” mixture, causing a kind of insecurity and uncertainty about the ingredients in the composition, which might be a serious obstacle for a person with intolerance, eating allergies, eating disorders or even for people who due to some illnesses or medication should know what is contained within each supplement received.

The company does not provide any essential information about this “proprietary blend” and leaves many question marks.

However, is not the issue of allergies or intolerances the only problem. This uncertainty provides a great deal of insecurity for the exact composition of Nugenix. Why?

Because the amount of some of the ingredients in this mixture is not sufficiently given, to complete the information on the action of the supplement.

Nugenix – Recommended use

The recommended dosage (as prescribed by the manufacturer) involves taking three active pills daily in the morning (with empty stomach).

People to avoid use of Nugenix

Nugenix is ​​intended for use by adult men only and is not recommended for use by women and underage boys (not at least without the advice of a physician).

It also includes medical advice before taking the supplement, from people suffering from serious illnesses or who are receiving medication.


Nugenix is ​​available, as mentioned, via various online resellers and even at different prices. With an overview, we managed to find the retail price of a bottle at around $ 57.99.

In addition to the confusion caused by the different product prices available from different suppliers, there is another serious point.

The problem begins with the company’s statement that it provides each user with a “free trial” period with the product.

What actually happens is that after the end of this “trial period” the user & prospective buyer is charged an amount and is automatically forwarded one more product order for the next month, and then another similar amount is charged again and again, with the process going on.

We know the situation from complaining users, but we do not know the company’s position on this matter.

However, users complain about the extraordinary difficulty in canceling this process (which was never selected, or informed about in advance)

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