Phen375 Review [2021] | One of The Best Fat Burners on the Market

Being overweight, it’s not something with no consequences in a number of different sectors of the human life.

Surely, the problem of look is what comes first in anyone’s mind but there are other more important issues regarding an oversize person with a lot of extra kilos.

These problems concern the health condition of a person and the quality of life behind this situation, social and medical.

Having said this, we thought it would be useful to present in today’s review, one of the most popular slimming products, the Phen375.

Phen375 is actually a product that – according to dozens of reviews on Internet – is classified in top positions in people’s preference, on the fight against fat and extra weight.

Now, our task is to find out any “catches” in this highly popular product.

Here is what you should know before you make the final selection and buy it.

Phen375 – What it is and what it does


I have to say we conducted an extensive search for data on this supplement named Phen375, visiting even the official product’s webpage, to identify the true potential of this product.

According to its official website, Phen375 is a dietary supplement in the category of fat burners and not only.

Acting as an appetite suppressant, is an additional significant property of this supplement.

Its use is actually extremely simple (available in pill form) and there is no need for a doctor’s prescription.

Used by people wishing to lose a few or more kilos, while it is ideal for use by overweight people and those with high appetite, unable to follow a reduced calorie diet.

Contains a combination of natural pharmaceutical ingredients (scientifically tested for their capability to work against fat) and is designed to burn both body fat and preventing the creation of new fat cells in the organism.

Following a research on the ingredients of Phen375, an easy conclusion is that offers a truly dynamic formula involving nature’s ingredients with high efficiency.

The use of Phen375 ensures the establishment of an important step towards the slimming process. Monitoring appetite and effectively monitoring a proper diet – with no restrictions and food overconsumption, is the most important step in achieving a serious weight loss effort.

As success is possible in consuming smaller amounts of food and starting following a systematic exercise program, weight loss is a fact coming in a short time.

To have a better understanding on Phen375’s potential as a slimming product; let us have a look on the action offered.

Suppressing appetite is one of the most difficult goals in a slimming process and one of the most important factors leading to effective weight loss.

A large percentage in the fight against weight is learning to manage appetite and control the amount of food consumed on a daily basis.

Phen375 can simplify the whole process and make this transition much easier.

  • Action as a thermogen

Phen375 contains ingredients exhibiting strong calorific value.

These are completely natural ingredients (not synthetic) increasing body temperature and boosting the metabolic rate.

Therefore, in addition to controlling the appetite mentioned above, Phen375 also achieves greater burning of stored fat throughout the day.

NOTE: It is worth noting that in case of following a regular exercise, fat burns multiply and the results are much faster.

However, Phen375’s caloric ingredients are tested for increasing metabolism even when the body is completely at rest! The best advantage against fat and the key to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Action as a stimulant

The stimulant ingredients contained in this particular dietary supplement provide another very important action, by giving the user an extra boost for better and more physical exercise.

While we are used to associating slimming with a sense of weakness, fatigue and sluggishness, mainly due to reduced calorie intake, its stimulating natural ingredients offer energy by providing vitality and explosiveness to body.

This is a valuable opportunity for effective and truly beneficial workouts.

Time to burn fat more effectively than ever.

Manufacturing company

RDK Global Pharmaceuticals, a Dallas-based Texas company, appearing as a leader in US nutritional supplement companies for years, is the Phen375 manufacturer.

The company apart of manufacturing the product also maintains the control over the product’s distribution.

Phen375 pill was introduced in the market in 2009 and since then has been following a steady upward trend and a high worldwide popularity, receiving quite a few positive reviews from its users, a very positive fact about a dietary supplement.



As a rule, to get a complete picture of Phen375 and of any nutritional supplement, a study of its ingredients is necessary along with their potential (individually and in combination).

Have a look below for the ingredients of Phen375.

Calcium carbonate. Calcium has a beneficial effect on bone density and strength, as known. Sufficient calcium intake may prevent serious bone injuries and fractures (common situation in tough training periods).

However, this is not the only gain, as calcium – though almost no one knows it – helps effectively on the weight loss.

Chromium picolinate. Natural mineral widely used in dietary supplements for better appetite control and effective weight loss.

It also helps on the control of blood sugar levels, while it reduces bulimia episodes and cravings (especially for sweets).

Lambda-Carnitine. Another very useful ingredient of Phen375, a “useful tool” as well, for muscle to burn more fat.

Transfers fat molecules to mitochondria to get burned and so to produce beneficial energy for the body.

So fat cells are simply converted into beneficial amounts of energy making you feel stronger, healthier, alive and active.

Anhydrous caffeine powder. An incredible stimulating action and strong caloric effect will increase your body temperature and metabolism, resulting in easy fat burning.

Red Cayenne Pepper. Also known as Capsaicin, offers a caloric effect on the Phen375 ingredient formula by dramatically increasing body temperature, as well as fat burning

Sour Orange Extract. Natural stimulant found in many weight loss dietary supplements.

Orchid Extract. Strengthens the physical state & endurance of body.

Forskolin. Helps to reduce weight gain.

Phen375 – Side effects

Every product – no matter how “innocent” and harmless it may be – requires special care for avoiding the risk of unpleasant and dangerous side effects.

A supplement consisting of a compound ingredient formula (such as Phen375, for example) requires even more attention from each user.

So please do not believe statements that a product does not cause any side effects.

Yes, it may actually be completely harmless (in the sense of severe symptoms & contraindications) but still every ingredient hides certain risks (for some people).

Calcium carbonate. It may not be a dangerous synthetic ingredient, however it can cause mild side effects such as burp or gases.

Chromium. Most people are completely safe with no side effects. There is however a small group of people reporting symptoms such as skin irritation, severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach upset, mood swings but also confused thinking, bad judgment and lack of coordination.

Lambda Carnitine. There is (in rare cases) the possibility of causing some relatively mild side effects such as nausea, tendency to vomit, stomach upset and stomach pain, severe heartburn, diarrhea and in more rare cases even seizures.

Anhydrous Caffeine Powder. Due to its potent stimulant action, caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and elevated heart rate.

Red Cayenne Pepper. There have been reports of stomach upset, sweating, and severe running nose.

Forskolin. There might be, in some cases only, a lower blood pressure (or some secondary effects).

NOTE: Follow the instructions provided with the product, at all times.

TIP: Should you notice any side effects, discontinue the pill administration immediately and seek medical advice.

Persons excluded of use with no medical consultation

  • people with cardiovascular disease
  • people with serious health problems related to obesity (fat liver, high blood pressure, and hyperthyroidism, etc.)
  • pregnant and nursing mothers
  • minors
  • people receiving other medication

Phen375 – Ideal administration

The recommended dosage – as prescribed by the manufacturer – is one (1) pill daily.

Though more pills may be administered theoretically, it is not recommended to exceed the two (2) pills per day.

Period for observing results


The manufacturer of the supplement claims that its use can achieve an average weight loss of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per month.

Not a great figure, but realistic.

In fact, most users have been able to achieve this result, stating that they are completely satisfied with the course of the whole process and the results achieved in terms of their body weight.

It would be superfluous to say that people who resorted to Phen375 in combination with a serious diet plan and a regular exercise program managed to lose a lot more kilos in shorter time.

Individuals who even managed to adopt this healthy lifestyle (nutrition & exercise) on a permanent basis did not have their body weight increased again and managed to maintain a normal body weight and a better quality of life.

NOTE: Phen375 is an ideal choice for overweight people wishing to reduce their body fat and improve their health, look and fitness.

It is also suitable for all those individuals who have managed to lose several kilos by various methods (diets, exercise, etc.) and yet failed to get rid of the persistent fat accumulated in arms, buttocks, stomach and waist.

Phen375 – possibility of no results

Yes. There is such possibility.

This is a slimming pill and not a magic herb to wipe out all the extra kilos in a magic way.

If you wish to reduce your body weight and at the same time, no effort is made to improve the diet or lifestyle in general, then the results can be from negligible to nonexistent.

Furthermore, Phen375, is not a pill to control the muscle mass and its volume in body. It aims exclusively at fat mass and its limitation, as well as at appetite control.

Please note that, help from a specialist may also be necessary (psychologist – psychiatrist) in case food overconsumption is caused by panic attacks, severe stress, distress or depression.

Any other solution will only offer temporary effects and could never be a permanent situation.

Phen375 – Purchase

Phen375 is available in bottles of 30 pills (for 1 or 1/2 month administration depending on personal dosage).


Not available in pharmacies or other regular stores and can only be ordered via its official website ( in a very simple and fast way.

The company provides a 60-day money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the use of this product.

Each pack of 30 pills is available for $ 65.95, offering a saving of $ 24.04 (initial price: $ 89.99).

Purchase of two (2) packs, offers one (1) more FREE pack at a cost of $ 131.90 with a total saving of $ 138.07 (initial price: $ 269.97).

Finally, the purchase of four (4) packages, offers another (1) pack free and the total purchase price is $ 187.96, saving a total of $ 261.99 (initial price: $ 449.95).

**** Prices above do not include shipping costs.


Phen375 slimming pill includes all important characteristics, efficiency, ease and safety.

In general, is an honest product offering true and realistic promise of slimming and not false claims.

Perhaps this is the real reason this product is so popular among consumers.

Certainly – if you ask me – there are other numerous effective synthetic dietary supplements capable of achieving faster results.


However, Phen375 is actually a very capable and effective fat burner, can never produce results on its own, always-requiring proper nutrition & regular physical activity to bring the best possible results to body.

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