PhenQ Detailed Review (2024) | Is it still the Best Weight loss Pill ?

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This Updated Review provides a more comprehensive analysis and a more objective and sincere review of PhenQ.

You might have seen reviews of the product in internet, where the comments sometimes praise the product while in certain cases are completely dismissive. 



The best way to find the truth is to examine the positive and negative aspects of it along with the views and testimonies and then arrive at a safe conclusion for its potential and actual offer to slimming process. 

Surely the dominant question every time a similar product is examined is if the specific product is suitable for every potential user so the purchase to be made will not end up as a waste of money and time but as a medium offering useful contribution on the process to be followed. 

The people engaged in the trade know how to lure the people and make them believe that the product exhibited in the market is the best selection in the world, solving all the problems and making any process to be easy while your goals are achieved immediately. 

Things are quite different in reality. Any failure on the right and reliable selection of a product has a multiple impact on the person itself, its confidence and on the overall planning of this difficult effort. 

So time to find out more about PhenQ. Here we go.

PhenQ – what it is

PhenQ is certainly one of the most popular and highly anticipated slimming products of the year. It is a natural fat-burning dietary supplement aiming at men and women with unnecessary weight, stored fat and uncontrollable appetite.

Apart of its fat burning effect, it works – according to manufacturing company – as an effective appetite suppressor, providing assistance to any individual to adhere to a low calorie nutrition plan.

There is what is claimed. A reasonable question would be: Is everything true?

Here there are some facts. What about all the reviews received in favor of the product? Are these also real reflecting its true potential or they are part of a marketing campaign to promote the product? 

PhenQ: Manufacturer – how is manufactured & reasons for being manufactured

WOLFSON BERG LIMITED is the manufacturer of PhenQ.


This is a first good reason for accepting the product as the company is well known and trusted for its products for over 10 years, with a high level of experience in the field of nutritional supplements.

So the company knows very well both the field and the needs and requirements of the potential buyers. 

Our small scale research on PhenQ and a quick look on the product’s official page we understand that this is marketed as a multi purpose product, meaning that it is not aiming at burning body fat only, found in various body deposits but assists to a rapid weight loss while is suppressing the appetite as the key for the overall success. 

Clearly it looks like a product attacking the obesity front from many sides. 

The latter is the main advantage and according to our opinion makes this supplement to stand out from all the rest of similar products. 

The company recommends 2 Pills as the Recommended Daily Dose (RDD), considered as an effective and sufficient dose for reducing the body fat amount without causing any undesirable side effects.  

Appetite is also suppressed with no feeling of fatigue being present while you look full of energy and good mood.

According to reviews received from various users, visible results are possible in a short period of time as well. This plays a key role for boosting the confidence and morale of the user to go ahead in this very difficult process and to work for achieving the goal preset.  

Everything is ok up here. But Phentermine has not been banned?

Yes! Phentermine, as a powerful and very active ingredient for weight loss, gained high publicity a few years ago. 

However, its many negative effects on the body, its serious side effects and health problems caused any user to reject it and put the label of “extremely dangerous”.

But here we are talking about PhenQ.

NOTE: This is the point a misconception should be cleared so people will not be confused about this specific supplement

PhenQ DOES NOT contain Phentermine and it is NOT a threat to user’s health 

Indeed Phentermine is banned in most parts of the world, but this is not the subject of our review today. 

I repeat PhenQ contains no dangerous chemicals, and its ingredients are all natural, absolutely safe and of the highest quality.


Now, we come to the most important part of our presentation, the composition of PhenQ, so its true potential is shown to all potential users. 

Below a detailed analysis of each ingredient contained in the supplement is presented and carefully described. 

No.1: α-Lacys Reset

α-LACYS RESET®– Scientifically Proven Weight Loss

Surely the first ingredient to be mentioned is the α-Lacys Reset, a product developed after extensive scientific studies and research and certified for its authenticity.

This secret ingredient in PhenQ’s composition is a sort of “weapon” against fat, extra weight, and continuing appetite preventing anyone of going ahead with its slimming plans.

Slimming is now achieved in the most natural way. No side effects. No health problems. No stress. 

Its action is based on the natural process of thermogenesis. During this process, the body’s internal temperature rises, so “waking up” and reactivating the “dormant” metabolism.

In this way a higher number of calories are burnt during the day (even without following an exercise program) and larger amount of weight is lost. 

ATTENTION – REMINDER: For maximum results, it is necessary to use the supplement along with the application of a properly selected nutritional plan and exercise program.

Regular, consistent and dedicated! Exercise increases the metabolic rate of the body and accelerates the fat breakdown.

No.2: Capsimax Powder

A powder made up of Capsicum, caffeine, piperine and Niacin (vitamin B3). The synergistic action of these components favors the fat burning by providing very strong thermogenic activity.

According to studies, seems that piperine is able to inhibit the formation of new adipocytes in the body, so avoiding obtaining to regain the weight lost so far.

No.3: Chromium Picolinate

An important metal essential for the body, usually consumed via diet (meat, cereals, whole grains and vegetables).

Receiving this metal ingredient favors the appetite suppression … and especially the craving for snacks, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and sweets, disturbing blood sugar levels.

What really makes chromium picolinate is that allows the cells to absorb sugar in an amount sufficient to meet the body’s energy needs only, preventing the intake of excess sugar which later is to be converted into stored fat. 

NOTE: This ingredient is widely used in people suffering from depression and have emotional overdose. This is how they manage to control bulimic crises and control their body weight.

No.4: Caffeine

Caffeine is present in the majority of weight loss dietary supplements, so it is not a coincidence. 

As the most popular stimulant, caffeine very quickly reduces the fatigue and exhaustion usually accompanying weight loss, increases focus, gives energy, contributes to fat burning process and – certainly – plays an important role in controlling appetite.

No.5: Nopal

Nopal is a cactus with very high content of useful dietary fiber, promoting the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system, facilitating intestine move (fighting constipation) and significantly controlling appetite levels.

Besides, increases the beneficial energy in body and fights fluid retention, bloating and flatulence.

No.6: L-Carnitine Furmarate

A natural amino acid found mainly in red meat, green leafy vegetables and nuts.

The important thing with this amino acid is its capability to convert body’s fat stored into beneficial energy for the body. 

This automatically means a lot faster release of fat and unnecessary kilos … but at the same time an effective fight against the fatigue resulting from low fat diet.

Key Benefits of Using PhenQ

Additional benefits of using PhenQ



  • fight against fluid retention
  • fight against bloating / flatulence
  • anti-aging action
  • detoxifying action
  • enhancing the proper functioning of gastrointestinal tract
  • fighting constipation
  • positive effect on menopause (for women)

Pros & Cons 


  • legal product
  • high quality ingredients
  • 100% natural origin composition
  • effective action
  • no prescription is required
  • multiple action against obesity
  • a well-known and experienced company in nutritional supplements
  • suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • good user reviews
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • online purchase only
  • not the lowest price (but certainly not prohibitive!)

PhenQ – Side effects

No side effects from the use of this product have been reported to date in the course of many years in circulation. It is completely safe and friendly to body.

CAUTION: Of course this only applies if the instructions for use are followed and the RDD (Recommended daily Dose) is not violated. 

This product is contraindicated for use by these persons:

  • women during pregnancy
  • women during lactation
  • young people under 18 years of age
  • elderly people over 60 years
  • people suffering from serious illnesses
  • people receiving prescription medication

In the above cases is recommended to inform the treating physician prior to starting the use of the supplement. 

In very rare cases, PhenQ can cause minor symptoms such as:

  • migraine
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • nervous extremities
  • diarrhea

These symptoms are usually manifested in people more sensitive to coffee and caffeine.

Instructions for use

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, 2 pills PhenQ should be taken daily. 

Each pack contains 60 capsules intended for intensive use of 1 month (30 days).



Ideally the 2 pills recommended should be taken in the morning with breakfast and always with a glass of water.

NOTE: The first visible results are expected around the 2nd to 3rd week of intensive product use.

Will I regain weight once I stop taking PhenQ?

This is the greatest fear of all people engaged in a similar process. 

What happens after the user discontinues the use of the supplement. 

Not strange at all, as it happened to most people dedicating the greatest effort and persistence to lose several kilos. As the supplement is discontinued all kilos and sometimes even more are regained.  

There is a point to be cleared here again. Be careful. 

PhenQ can – due to its specially selected ingredients – suppress appetite and helps to eliminate the unnecessary weight and fat.

However, if the supplement is discontinued prematurely, it is more likely to return to some old bad habits and regain all the kilos lost.

TIP: Continue taking PhenQ for a sufficiently long time, to feel confident in the new lifestyle and diet. So, even when the pill is discontinued, no need to increase the amount of food consumed is to be felt, so no increase of calorie intake will take place. 

It is also important a healthier lifestyle to be adopted in general. Add some physical activity into the weekly schedule (even if this is just walking) and make sure that there is always a schedule on the daily meals.

Finally, never forget the goal set. The harder a goal is reached, the easier any user could get away from it.

So every time any person being engaged in this process feels like returning to an old bad habit containing a “calorie bomb” (whether it’s junk food, or chocolate brownie, or pizza), especially in the long night hours, think again how hard the desired point was reached and what has been  achieved so far.

PhenQ – Purchase and Price

Purchase can only be made via the official PhenQ website.

  • 1 package – 60 pills (1 month’s treatment) – $ 69.95 (starting price $ 79.95)
  • 2 packs & 1 FREE – 180 Pills (3 months treatment) – $ 139.90 (starting price $ 239.85)
  • 3 packs & 2 FREE & 1 pack of ADVANA CLEANSE FREE – 300 pills (5 months treatment) – $ 189.95 (starting price $ 399.75).

Every purchase is accompanied by immediate order’s shipment and is FREE of any shipping cost for any destination in the world. 

A 60 day money back guarantee from the date the order form is dispatched is also provided. 

So a period of 60 days is offered for trial and in case this does not satisfy any user, the unopened packages may be returned and the buyer is compensated for the entire purchase.

In this way no worries whatsoever if buying the economical 2 + 1 package or the 3 + 2 + ADVANA CLEANSE with an amazing saving of money ($ 100 and $ 210 respectively).

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