Semenax Review | Sperm Volume Increase & Orgasm Boosting

An interesting review on Semenax, in today’s article, explaining how you ended up looking for information on it.

Perhaps you are one of the persons wishing to:

  • enjoy a higher number of quality orgasms
  • be capable of controlling your orgasms
  • finish your intercourse with a magnificent ejaculation
  • have your partner surprised by the pleasure given

All these mentioned above made you look for a powerful male booster.

Reasons like the short time available and the intense psychological pressure dominating the daily life, not gives room for a quality performance in your bedroom.

Personal commitments, daily living worries, routine and stress are some of the parameters causing problems for the majority of men.


In case you started noting a few unsuccessful efforts with your partner, then surely any of the factors mentioned above has affected your personal performance

The best thing you can do is not to allow any time to pass by.

This is not a condition to worry about – as may happen to any man at a certain moment of his life – but it could become more serious in case you do not pay the right attention to it.

A temporary and not so serious situation may become permanent & extremely worrying if not treated with the required attention & care.

Semenax, is a product we have selected to examine and to publish a review specifically for similar conditions.

A number of claims by the product such as higher sexual experience, power & performance are definitely the reasons, which made us to have it reviewed.

Semenax – How it works


An unbelievable large number of men’s sexual boosters are found in the market.

The problem is which one to select and certainly which one to trust.

Definitely, a difficult decision, especially for someone with no specific knowledge to evaluate a product properly, as to its composition and results offered.

This is why we decided to review Semenax in a very simple and understandable way. Its active capability (naturally due to its chemical composition and the very powerful active ingredients contained) promises an unprecedented and improved sexual experience, repetitive & shocking orgasms) for you and your partner.

Could this be possible?

All we can do as consumers is, to verify this, by examining its composition to understand how it works and which are the results offered.

So let’s return to the principal question of how Semenax works and how it can help you.

Any man is looking for a sort of confirmation in his partner’s eyes, as this is the greater satisfaction for the pleasure offered to your partner via a strong erection, the high performance and certainly the right ejaculation (a proof of excellence for all males).

Briefly, Semenax is a product that can deliver a strong male boost, containing a variety of nutrients (all natural), improving men’s health and sexual performance.

These are natural ingredients which following intense scientific research, have been proved as very effective, being even used in a variety of boosting preparations, both for therapeutic and prevention in cases of male sexual dysfunction & retardation.

In a summary, Semenax:

  • increases sperm fluids
  • increases sperm plasma
  • increases prostate gland fluid
  • sperm fluid is concentrated and viscous texture grows

Semenax – Final Benefits

Anyone would ask for a clearer picture of the benefits gained.

As per example, giving answers to these questions below:

Would Semenax improve sexual satisfaction in practice?

Which are the overall benefits received by the user?

The scientific explanation on sperm increase may not cover you, because it’s just not that easy to understand it if you are not an expert. This is reasonable.

I think it’s better to see the practical part of using Semenax.

Below are the benefits enjoyed by any person using Semenax, along with reasons affecting your sexual performance.

  • stronger & longer lasting orgasms
  • better control of upcoming orgasms
  • higher pleasure in love
  • massive sperm loads
  • improvement of spermatic fluid texture
  • more dynamic ejaculation

Any Scientific Evidence for its action


Let me inform you that this is not a new product, as it’s in circulation for more than 10 years proving its effective capability.

There are numerous testimonies reporting a significant improvement in quality and intensity of users’ orgasms and their improved control.

Even in the case that these testimonies are not sufficient to convince you, there is scientific evidence found, following our extensive search.

Here is the report of a test that lasted for 2 months.

A number of 63 men aged between 30 and 60 years took part in it.

The scientific team undertook to divide the participants into 2 groups. One group would receive Senemax for the duration of the study, while the other one would receive a placebo.

Administration of Semenax and placebo included 4 pills daily, twice a day.

The main objective of the experiment was to determine whether orgasm’s intensity and quality improved, following the administration of Semenax booster.

Referring to the orgasm’s quality, we are not only referring to its intensity, but also to its duration, control and momentum.

Below you may see the characteristics on the results found:

  • sperm volume and intensity improved for Semenax users
  • orgasm’s intensity and duration improved for Semenax users
  • self-control of people experiencing an orgasm became more effective in order to achieve maximum enjoyment for those used Semenax compared to those taking placebo
  • sperm’s quality was higher, richer & healthier for Semenax users

Semenax – Ingredients


Swedish Flower – The pollen (the male reproductive system of plants) provides extra volume & power to sperm. Its micronutrients help to achieve a healthy reproductive system for men of all ages.

L-Argentine HCL  According to scientific studies, it can even achieve double sperm volume and fertility of sperm. Even people with low, or slow sperm count admit to increased activity with this supplement.

L-Lysine  The combination of Zinc with this valuable amino acid is one of the most popular ways to physically boost sperm production as well as improve its quality & strength.

Epimedium Sagittatum  A herb providing powerful aphrodisiac activity, increasing libido and elevating testosterone levels in the male body. The man feels rejuvenated and more impetuous, stronger and confident.

Butea Superba  Another aphrodisiac herb cultivated in Thailand for years and used as a booster for men (to improve sexual performance, libido and fertility).

L-Carnitine  Finally, an amino acid playing a catalytic role in sperm’s health, increasing the production of healthy & strong sperm dramatically and promoting male fertility.

Company’s Warranty

The company offers to its customers a 67 day money back guarantee, practically meaning a period of months fro a free testing of a refundable product.

The warranty period counts from the moment the order’s delivery to customer (shipping charges not included).

In case you wish to take advantage of company’s current special offers and purchase multiple packages in one order, don’t worry, the warranty still covers you.

Products in original package along with 2 opened and used products are returned and refunded in full (excluding shipping costs).

Products returned (open or not) must reach the company and be received from the warehouse within 67 days to give the right to qualify for a full refund.

Semenax – Price / Is it worth buying it?

A pack of Semenax Supplement (1 month’s treatment) is available at the discounted price of $ 59.95, with a discount of $ 20.00 (from $ 79.95 starting price).


Purchase of 3 packs of Semenax (3 months treatment) you are paying $ 154.95 with a current discount of $ 85.00 (from a starting price of $ 239.85).

No Shipping costs for any destination in the world.

Purchase of 6 packs of Semenax Supplement (6 months treatment) comes at a discounted cost of $ 289.95 with a current discount of $ 189.75 (from $ 479.70 starting price).

No Shipping costs for any destination in the world.

Purchase of 12 packs of Semenax (12 months treatment) costs $ 399.95 with a current discount of $ 559.45 (starting at $ 959.40).

No Shipping costs for any destination in the world.

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