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Prior to starting today’s review, we remind our approach about the unnecessary use of  steroids as a means for body improvement, which should always be within the context of a healthy intervention. 

This review presents Trenbolone (Tren), examining all the significant details of the supplement along with advantages and possible problems caused. 

ATTENTION: It is repeated that the use of anabolic steroids is now restricted to treatment purposes and only after a prescription.

Trenbolone (Tren), considered as the most powerful anabolic steroid is coming to our microscope, trying to give our readers all the important details. 

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It is called the “king of steroids” for years as greatly enhances muscle strength and maximizes muscle gain from training while at the same time (equally important) burns fat and increases levels of physical endurance. 

This is one of the most effective synthetic steroids, achieving significant gains on the body in terms of physical strength & athletic performance, as well as muscle mass.

A product administered by injection appealing mainly to bodybuilding athletes and fans.

However, none can miss the unpleasant side of this otherwise popular anabolic steroid. The effects on the health and functioning of the user’s body are truly frightening.

ATTENTION: This is not a discussion about hypothetical side effects & unpleasant health problems. 


Here we have to face the reality. Regular use of these anabolic preparations in general – and especially of Trenbolone (Tren) being one of the most powerful steroids found in the market – can have very dangerous consequences for the organism, and may lead to fatal results.  

All this is coming later.  At this stage, I could state that I understand how the athletes (and especially those who are professionally involved in professional athletics) need to stand out and break not only their personal records but also world and Olympic games’ records. 

So pushing themselves to the extreme is somehow a “reasonable” situation for these individuals. It’s necessary. It’s their daily routine. They are living for this sometimes all their lives. 

Even an amateur athlete, an ambitious simple individual, wishing to improve its body image and develop its muscular mass to look younger and more masculine, is looking to remove fat from its body, increase muscle mass and gain endurance, strength and good levels of performance. 

So he would almost certainly be tempted to try an anabolic steroid like Trenbolone in particular.

The point is, at what cost?

Trenbolone – What I need to know

It is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid, initially appeared in steroid market around the end of 1960s. Several variations of this formulation appeared at that stage, all of them with anabolic action.

It was widely used by Bodybuilders for the hardness of the muscle mass produced, superior to any other anabolic. 

The lean muscle mass increased, as did the physical strength of the user, so allowing more frequent / stronger / explosive training sessions.

It is a high performance anabolic steroid succeeding in:

  • very fast growth of muscle mass
  • loss of body fat (even most persistent)
  • increased production of red blood cells
  • increased levels of endurance and physical strength
  • low water retention (less flatulence & bloating)
  • increased focus
  • fast recovery
  • protection of lean muscle mass

WARNING: Trenbolone is now classified as a Grade III substance, meaning “Prohibited Substance”, bearing legal consequences for its sellers and its users.

How it works


Trenbolone is an anabolic and androgenic product. It is even considered as more powerful than testosterone and this is the reason for gaining so many extremely fanatical followers over the years, easily ignoring its devastating effects on their health.

In practice, Trenbolone (Tren) works by binding to Androgen Receptor. It is not converted to female hormones (estrogens), so resulting to a huge increase in its androgenic activity and an equally massive increase in muscle mass (in a very short time).

It adheres to fat cells forcing them to be removed and enhances the results of flawless body image with perfectly ribbed muscles, increased muscle mass and certainly loss of any unnecessary body fat.

Since Trenbolone (Tren) enhances the retention of nitrogen in organism to muscles, this is directly boosting the protein composition of body and therefore muscle gains.

Chemical structure

Trenbolone is a derivative of nandrolone with two additional carbon bonds, belonging to the broader category of SAS (Synthetic Anabolic Steroids).

The chemical trenbolone was prepared by Nomme, Bucourt, Mathieu and Velluz in 1963, aiming at developing muscle mass … in animals, and more specifically in cattle. 

The purpose was to boost their appetite and so to increase their muscle mass.

Trenbolone was used with another synthetic substance, estradiol, to increase nutritional efficiency and convert the consumed food into a fully muscle mass (a fact that brought enormous economic benefit to the breeders).

To increase the active half-life (i.e. the time of the chemical’s activity in organism), trenbolone is usually available as acetate (Finaplix, Tremblona), enanthate (n-heptanoic) ester or hexahydrobenzyl carb (Parabolyl). 

Blood lipases break down esters by gradually releasing the chemical trenbolone.

CAUTION: It is important to repeat once again that trenbolone has NOT been approved for human use. Due to the lack of clinical trials and possible adverse effects, its use becomes illegal.

However, as it is usually the case with trenbolone, it is distributed illegally (mainly in bodybuilding gyms) with main purpose (as in the case of cattle) to achieve rapid muscle gains and rapid growth in body mass. 

The doses used for this purpose (though there is not a recommended dose since this is an illegal product) range from 200 to 1400 mg per week.

Let us also mention that trenbolone is available as the methyl derivative in 17th carbon (C-17) under the name methyltrienolone (methyltrienolone or M3). 

The addition of methyl to the 17th carbon (C-17) of the chemical structure prevents the metabolism of the steroid by the liver.

This practically means that it can also be administered orally, increasing at the same time its hepatotoxicity (i.e. the damage caused to liver following the concentration of dangerous toxins).

NOTE: Veterinary administration of anabolic trenbolone is still legal in the US, as opposed to countries in Europe where is considered as illegal (when aiming at fattening animals).

Results – consequences following its use


The distribution of chemical trenbolone, as well as many other dangerous anabolic steroids, is usually carried out online.

Unfortunately, there is a large number of sites, advertising sales of anabolics without a medical prescription, ignoring the legislation but – above all – ignoring any respect for human existence and health.

Here we are referring to markets not subject to state control (“black market”). 

You should be aware that such markets pose serious health risks.

The chemical trenbolone binds to androgen receptor (as mentioned earlier in our review) becoming much stronger than testosterone, so making it so popular among the athletic community.  

It is even considered as 3 times more potent than male testosterone, and its most important and interesting feature is that it is not subjected to the activity of aromatase & 5α-reductase enzymes, so is not eventually converted to estrogenic compounds (ie, female hormones). 

This is very important since it prevents the appearance of secondary female characteristics in users (such as gynecomastia – a side effect of many anabolic steroids).

You should also be aware that Trenbolone does not belong to the category of steroids with the ability to “burn fat”.

Any abuse or overdose of this chemical is believed to have a negative effect on kidneys and liver.

WARNING: In order to make more sales, illegal online marketers will promote trenbolone as completely safe for organism, while those mentioned in sites, advertising and recommending its use could only challenge its side effects.

The most common effects of this steroid are almost immediately visible, being the increase in endurance and physical strength & ability, increase in lean muscle mass and finally activation and acceleration of organism’s metabolic rate.

It is considered to be one of the most popular and effective steroids of all times, with physical results not questioned by anyone.

Trenbolone is a “flexible” steroid, offering both a bulking and cutting cycles despite being not suitable for fat burning.

It increases the protein synthesis in organism as well as the retention of nitrogen, which ultimately maximizes muscle gain from training. 

As already mentioned, it also increases the production of red blood cells, leading to a greater flow of oxygen to muscles.

NOTE: While testosterone gives an anabolic score of 100:100, the trenbolone synthetic performs an anabolic score of 500: 500, that is, 5 times more potent than testosterone.

CAUTION: The use of trenbolone by women is not advisable due to the strong androgenic effects on body. Its use by women would have serious consequences on organism and its hormonal disorder.

Trenbolone: ​​the side effects I should know


Trenbolone is available from veterinary providers and is not available for human consumption (at least not legal)

There are many side effects caused to human organism and the risk of using it for human health is very high.

Here are the most common side effects you should know about before you decide to use it in your organism. 

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Increased aggression & irritability
  • Increased hair growth on body and face
  • Enlargement of the prostate
  • Severe sweating (mainly during the night)
  • Cough

I think it would be quite useful to mention some of the most significant side effects caused by the widespread use of trenbolone.

Increased Blood Pressure – Caused by an increase in testosterone levels. Increases body temperature and blood pressure.

Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia) – There is no clear evidence as to whether it is a permanent or temporary side effect and whether it is directly or indirectly associated with Trenbolone.

Sleep Disorders / Anxiety / Paranoia Symptoms of insomnia, anxiety or paranoia, definitely at some stages during its use.

Cough one of the most common side effects in people using trenbolone. It is usually caused when the injection is not performed very carefully and the chemical is injected into an artery.

This eventually causes a severe, uncontrolled cough for about a minute, a temporary side effect going on for about a minute, but very annoying.

Gynecomastia One of the biggest fears of all Trenbolone users. The creation of estrogens in the body – that is, female hormones – favors the development of female characteristics in user’s body.

Increased heart rate – Tachycardia is also a very common side effect of using this particular anabolic steroid, but most do not pay the attention it deserves. It is even more likely to be fatal for a person who may also have cardiovascular problems.

Trenbolone – Main types available

The most well known and available types of Trenbolone Anabolic Steroid Androgen (usually found in black market) are:

  • Trenbolone acetate
  • Trenbolone ethanate
  • Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

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