Viasil Detailed Review | Is it the Best Male Performance Enhancer?

Erectile dysfunction, or even erectile impotence, two medical terms almost unknown thirty or forty years ago.

What really has changed in our life and all of a sudden, they became widespread among men, threatening the sexual life and performance of a quite high majority of men.

Don’t bother looking around for the reasons. Easily found if we notice a little more carefully around us.

A mad lifestyle with no rules, no start or end and all involved with it, try to prove something, forgetting among others, even their own existence.

Poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, poor quality of sleep, along with stress, intense rhythm, bad habits, are dominating the life of a modern man, affecting and threatening the overall health of any individual.

Some overcome these problems, managing their sexual life meeting no problems. There are, however, those who are affected largely, confronting these pathological conditions of sexual dysfunction or impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence are not conditions of one or a few men, as all factors mentioned have created a quite large majority of men confronting these conditions.

Today’s review, Viasil, is considered as one of the best & most effective pills to treat erectile dysfunction (100% natural).


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Our task is to give you all information available on this natural product, as its identity, action, composition use and all other relative information on it.

Is Viasil delivering what it claims? Causes any side effects? Has a friendly use? and all related information.

Viasil – A Pill for All Men or … not


As mentioned, Viasil is a pill not requiring injection and not causing any side effects.

A natural product aiming at fighting erectile dysfunction, male impotence and reduced libido.

According to the manufacturing company, this nutritional supplement is a powerful formula (a combination of specially selected natural active ingredients), promising to give you a teenager’s sex drive again.

This means not only strong & long lasting erections, but also physical energy & strength, huge sexual momentum and most of all, very enhanced endurance, high concentration & brutal performance.

This is what the company claims to deliver.

Back to real life, trying to identify the actual facts.

What we can say for sure and guarantee is that, this is an erectile dysfunction pill with a completely natural & organism-friendly composition.

According to a brief internet research, we even found that carries a fairly large & satisfied number of followers, indicating to be a quite popular product in the past year.

Viasil’s manufacturing company seems “confident” and guarantees its effective capability.

Anyone would ask where this confidence comes from.

Company maintains a high belief on the product’s specially structured composition. Absolutely potent & active natural ingredients, clinically tested, with proven beneficial action are finally an “ally” pill for every man.

Yes. This is true. A pill for all men with no exemptions.

No need for any obvious problem, for preceding to the use the Viasil booster product. Its function has also a preventive character in the stressful and leveling conditions of our daily lives and the advanced time presenting an impact on men’s sex life.

The ingredient formula of Viasil is 100% natural – with no chemicals and no stimulants – offering the male body (of all ages) strength, energy, performance and passion. This is because it increases the supply of oxygen, stimulating blood flow and ensuring better blood flow to male genitals.

What’s expected

  • stamina
  • power
  • duration
  • performance
  • sexual desire (libido)
  • self confidence

It is shocking to think that nowadays, almost 1 in 10 men present erectile dysfunction (not as an accidental event).

So finally, it’s not uncommon and none should panic if happens to himself as well.

The smarter thing to do is to react immediately.

Viasil – the natural nutritional supplement under review today – attracted our attention in a positive way, first due to its high popularity and then because of its natural and safe composition.

An important role in our current evaluation (being quite positive) has also been the users’ comments following the use of the product.

It is a fact that, satisfied users mean nothing else, but a quality product.

Viasil – How it works


Viasil is an herbal pill working towards boosting ATP: Adenosine TriPhosphate and mitochondria in your organism to increase the natural production of nitric oxide.

Do not hurry. Everything is explained in a while. Do not worry.

The exact procedure of Viasil functioning in the organism is to be described.

Prior to going ahead and to enable the understanding of everything mentioned, we’ll have to secure that a number of terms as well as Viasil’s action are known.

So we’ll start with adenosine triphosphate and how this relates to erectile function, or dysfunction!

Important Information

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a chemical molecule consisting of 2 elements, adenine and ribose sugar.

The compound of these two elements produces adenosine (a biochemical compound containing nitrogen). It is part of the nucleotides producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), maintaining a particularly important role in metabolism.

When 3 phosphate groups (the phosphoryl groups) are attached to adenosine with very high energy bonds, then the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is produced.

ATP is an important and extremely valuable source of energy for the organism. By breaking up its powerful, high-energy bonds, releases huge amounts of energy.

It works, in other words, like a kind of “generator”. The energy produced by the breakdown of ATP bonds is “stored” in the body to be used when required in everyday life, for safely performing various biological tasks with no loss.

It is easy to understand how important a “large amount of energy” can be to a successful erection (with strength, toughness, and long duration).

Viasil seems to give it the energy required

Increased production of nitric acid leads to an increased vasodilation and consequently to a better blood supply to genitals.

Time required for visible benefits


Viasil is a nutritional supplement – safe & natural – not requiring a prescription.

Looking at some of Viasil’s most basic benefits is obvious that these are sufficient for convincing even the most even the most skeptical person.

Physical Strength : Due to ATP’s stocks maintained, the organism makes the most of Viasil, gaining more strength that is physical during the sexual intercourse, a fact not easy to express in words.

As if you feel stronger, with more energy, performing significantly better

Endurance : Increased endurance is no longer an advantage of teenagers anymore. Now you can have an explosive intercourse, leaving no bad impression or doubt.

Energy : An important element of a good sexual intercourse is to have energy and not to be shy when trying. The energy amount provided by Viasil, assists to an elevated libido with a strong and lasting erection.

Increased blood flow : Good blood supply to your penis (resulting from increased production of nitrogen monoxide) is the big issue here.

It is precisely this genital hemorrhage providing the person with a strong erection and helping on the improvement of sexual performance.

Libido : Libido goes up with a very special natural ingredient. Tribulus Terrestris, as well as Damiana ingredients will definitely elevate low libido.

Why should I trust it

We presented many dietary supplements, all of them containing natural ingredients, as I don’t trust any chemicals not prescribed by a doctor. Some of them were really well-functioning.

But some of the products reviewed, promise a lot, but few of them deliver on the promises and claims made.

Viasil’s action is owed to its natural ingredients and not to a kind of “magic filter”.

This means that none should have any hopes for miracles.

A limited research into the specially selected active ingredients of Viasil can convince anyone about its efficacy. These natural ingredients are in use for many years as medication for fighting various diseases. Details of the ingredients follow below.

Viasil will help you fight everything being old and preventing you from “working” well enough.

Stress, age, bad psychology, body weight, various ailments, poor & incomplete rest, and poor nutrition are just some of the everyday conditions, affecting your health and life quality.

Unfortunately, among these conditions is your erection, which can be irreparably affected (if there is not a reaction in a timely manner).

Viasil – Ingredients

Here is a brief look at the main active ingredients of Viasil:

Citrus Sinensis Naturally boosts ATP production, increasing energy reserves dramatically. This results to higher endurance not only in sexual act, but also in the endless obligations of daily life.

Tribulus Terrestris  A well-known ingredient in men’s dietary supplements. Promotes organism’s hormonal balance, ensuring significant benefits (as lower blood sugar levels and control of bad blood cholesterol levels).

Ginkgo Biloba  Another very popular ingredient in a variety of dietary supplements. Ginkgo Biloba is a herb boosting blood flow, so resulting in better blood supply to genital area.

This in turn, results to a greater vasodilation and penile capillary dilatation, creating an absolutely strong erection.

Epimedium Brevocorum  Originally from Africa, a herb extremely rich in a substance called lacarine, inhibiting the release of PDE5, associated with blood circulation and nervous system stimulation. Reducing this substance helps to better erections (in size and time).

Panax Ginseng Root  Super tonic and booster for the general functioning of organism. It greatly reduces the levels of oxidative stress in organism not allowing the person to function as a genuine man. Increases the natural production of male hormone testosterone and boosts the sexual performance.

Zinc  A well-known natural male booster, increasing both sperm count and motility. It enhances fertility and erectile ability, offering the ability for greater & better control of erection and gives better quality intercourses.

Meetings with strength, power, good erection duration and naturally controlled ejaculation, is the new situation following the use of Viasil.

Pomegranate – Pomegranate is the ultimate natural antioxidant, providing a wealth of valuable vitamins and other very important benefits. Increases the production of Nitrogen Monoxide in organism ensuring better blood circulation via blood vessels.

Pros & Cons


  • natural composition
  • clinically tested ingredients
  • FDA approval
  • good price
  • no side effects
  • quick results
  • free delivery
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • online shopping only
  • no free sample

Results : Permanent or not ?

Unfortunately, results are visible for as long as the administration continues.

However, nothing limits any user for long-term use of this supplement.

In fact, experts recommend that users take short breaks at regular intervals (3-4 months) so organism is not addicted to product and its active capacity is not diminished

Time for visible results

Nearly instantly. About 30 minutes (half an hour) prior intercourse is sufficient time for all the active ingredients of Viasil to start acting and achieve a good erection and a sweeping sexual performance.

Viasil – Purchase

As already mentioned, Viasil is available exclusively via its official website.


Each Viasil package contains 10 pills (with active ingredient formula mentioned above), at $ 74.99 for now only, starting from $ 79.99.

A saving of $ 5.00 profit per pack (for purchase of individual packages).

Purchase of 2 packs in only one order (i.e. 20 pills) you get 1 more pack for free (10 extra pills for free). So you get 2 + 1 packs, 20 + 10 active pills, for $ 149.99, for now only, from a starting price of $ 239.97. A saving of $ 89.98.

Finally, purchase of 3 packs in 1 single order (i.e. 30 active pills) you get 2 more packs completely free (20 additional pills). So you get 3 + 2 packs, 30 + 20 pills, for $ 209.99, for now, from initial price of $ 399.95. A saving of $ 189.96.

Shipping is free for all orders.



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