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Sitting on my desk the other day with a number of pills for study, a bright orange box with the title “Volume Pills” caught my eye. Under the title a sign “New & Improved”

“That’s going to be my next study” said to myself and in no time, I have decided to take the box with the improved formula (as advertised by its company) and the high efficiency, to be the topic of my next study and review.

Therefore, the research on this impressive box was already under way.

Come with me and we’ll find a lot more together.

Volume Pills – The product

It is a male boosting pill helping men (regardless of their age) to boost their sexual desire and – certainly – their sexual performance.


In fact, what this pill does is to increase libido and mood for sex, boost erotic stimulation, promote erection, increase its duration, provide momentum & endurance in practice, and improve ejaculation and orgasms.

The pill is also related to fertility.

Volume Pills not only provides you with a strong erection with veins and large size, but also a significant improvement in the quality & quantity of sperm produced during ejaculation.

For men wishing to have a family and being concerned about the quality and efficiency of their sperm, Volume Pills offers a very economical & safe solution delivering real results.

NOTE: Searching for Volume Pills action I found several women’s reviews on the product. The surprise was just as great for me as I could not understand how a male dietary supplement could relate to women.

So many women seem to be more satisfied when coming to intercourse with their partner using this particular supplement.


In addition to their greater potential for sex, as stated in the review, they have experienced even more intense orgasms. Among other things, sperm production was significantly higher and ejaculation more “explosive”.

I continued reading and studying reviews of ordinary people who tried the product and shared its results with others.

I spent several hours in front of a screen carefully studying the reviews and trying to find even the best-kept “secrets”.

What I finally realized about this product is that it is not a mere erection booster. This product also plays an important role in substantially improving the reproductive process.

Sperm production and power of ejaculation are also very important facts that Volume Pills is trying to improve.

Shortly, we are talking about an interesting product, getting into real facts than any image created.

Finally, I wonder what these pills could do.

For some people, the volume of the sperm seems of no importance and insignificant. Huge mistake.

Especially for men of an advanced age and beyond, in case they wish to start a family, the quantity of sperm produced is very important and crucial.

However, this is not everything.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Statistical research reveals that a large percentage of women tend to feel more satisfied with a stronger and more intense ejaculation of their partner.

This hides a psychological meaning. It’s like – in a way – to balance their partner’s desire for them with the size of ejaculation. The stronger and richer the ejaculation, the greater the higher the desire their partners have for them.

Even if there is no official scientific explanation to substantiate the above fact, it could never be anything else than a fact.

It is inevitable and in the human nature to subconsciously associate sex with the need for reproduction.

A healthy and masculine male tends to cause a higher desire in women.

It offers more and stronger orgasms.

It has a better and richer ejaculation, a healthier sperm and increased fertility.

He is the most “fit” male to mate with.

Why should I trust Volume Pills?


We’ve found some reasons why Volume Pills inspires confidence for being a serious product and not just another useless product.

Initially it is noted that this is not a product that came out yesterday, with no past and with no a reference point.

Volume Pills is a male booster pill being around since 2003 and tested for over 17 years.

In addition – as mentioned earlier in the article and seen in the new product packaging – it has undergone many changes over the years for further optimizing its effective power.

Its composition was improved to deliver greater results and to provide a higher level of satisfaction and a better sexual experience.

Its composition is natural and safe with a very high effective capacity.

The ingredients of its formula are natural with great power being already used in traditional medicine for years to boost libido, improve sexual performance, and improve fertility.

NOTE: These are not speculations and legends. These are facts confirmed by science. These natural ingredients are the most powerful and effective products that nature has ever offered. They can provide great improvement without any risk or side effects to organism.

Volume Pills – Composition


The natural ingredients of Volume Pills are specially and carefully selected to create a perfectly capable and completely safe male booster.

These herbs have been used for millennia as a medicine for infertility and as a booster for any person’s sexual and reproductive capability.

Western medicine and science have discovered the enormous benefits of nature in this field many years later and have now incorporated many of these herbs into medicines.

NOTE: There is no doubt about the effective ability of these natural ingredients to boost the sexual health of every man (regardless of age).

Analytically the ingredients are shown below:

– Zinc

Zinc belongs to the most widespread natural male booster ingredients found in most dietary supplements. Boosts good sexual health (for women, but especially for men) and in particular Volume Pills ensures 100% of RDD.(Recommended Daily Dose)

This has a positive impact not only on the man’s erections and his libido, but also on the quality of his sperm as well as on his capacity on the frequency of erections.

– Go Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis)

It has been used for thousands years in Ayurveda, helping remove harmful toxins from the organism and boost sperm. Enhances overall health and stimulates the body in a completely natural way.

– Aff Safflower (Hong Hua Fen)

Another ingredient very popular in traditional Chinese medicine, aiming at enhancing male sexual desire and function. Also found in many male boosting nutritional supplements in the last years, is aiming at improving the quality, quantity and motility of sperm to enhance male fertility.

– Ai Hai Men Dong

Also known as Chinese asparagus, an ingredient enhancing blood circulation and improving the erection’s quality, with a positive effect on a man’s fertility.

– Dong Chong Xia Cao

Particularly popular in the countries of China and India, this natural ingredient has been boosting sexual ability and promoting fertility for centuries.

– San Guo MU

Another ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine, used in India for many centuries. Improves heart health and function, improves blood circulation throughout the body (and penis, offering stronger and longer erections.

In a summary, here are the reasons for buying it:

  • improves strength
  • enhances erections (in size, duration, hardness, momentum)
  • improves sperm (in quantity, quality, mobility)
  • offers more intense & powerful orgasms
  • increases sexual desire
  • improves sexual performance
  • contains natural & tested active aphrodisiac ingredients enhancing men’s ability
  • no prescription required
  • no risky to health
  • no side effects
  • contains only high quality materials


Volume Pills is available via its official website (company’s legal website) to ensure consumer protection.

In fact, the company is extremely confident so makes a number of special offers to its new users. Unsatisfied users of Volume Pills return the first 2 packs used to receive a full refund (minus shipping cost).

This guarantee also includes the discount at each product. So even people who had a benefit from the promotional packages to be mentioned below, can return empty bottles and claim their money back if they are not satisfied with the results of this pill.


For example, the cost for 1-month treatment (i.e. 1 pack) is $ 65.00. This ensures savings ($ 14.95) compared to product’s retail value.

Purchase of a package for longer use (i.e. 3 months or more) offers free shipping.

The 3 months offer costs $ 160.00, with a saving of $ 79.85 compared to product’s retail value.

The best deals come with the PLATINUM and GOLD packages provided by the company, receiving $ 125.00 in extra gifts and gift cards.

The GOLD package costs $ 250.00, offering a saving of $ 229.70 and provides 1 year’s treatment with savings of more $ 600.00.

NOTE: GOLD & PLATINUM packages are the ideal and most cost-effective option for people using long-term treatment or for those who wish to receive the product for long-term preventive purposes.


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