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• What is Intarchmed?

A website initially created from our personal need to find (as consumers) the best products for our personal use. Observing the difficulty in finding serious and credible reviews, we decided to make this effort to help simple people, potential consumers or buyers, found themselves in exactly the same position of disappointment as experienced by us.

We are not acting as a company representing specific products, neither are we doctors to diagnose health problems and prescribe therapeutic methods.

We are a group of people examining various products with the objectivity and reservation found in every potential buyer. 

We strive to be completely objective and transparent, recording every observation positive or negative.

Our topics cover a quire broad range, including reviews of ancillary products & supplements, as well as general health & wellness topics that might be of interest to our readers.

• Can I get in touch with your website?

Surely. We’d love this communication between our website representatives and our readers, being apart of pleasant, very constructive as well. 

Communicating even complaints or queries of your own experience helps us to become better continuously. 

The communication is possible via the address of our website: (…)

• Can I request medical advice?

Not. No diagnosis of a pathological or psychological condition may be offered under any circumstances, recommending medical / pharmaceutical /therapeutic tips. 

Our articles and reviews on products presented refer only to the personal experience of our authors and have no intention to direct the user to specific markets. 

These are only simple recordings of our personal experiences.

Do not neglect or avoid any communication with your doctor about any strange organism reaction following the use of any product. 

Reacting early and communicating with your doctor can save your life.

• What happens if copyright or personal intellectual property is violated?

We are dealing with seriously this very serious issue.

Site’s staff undertakes to review all information prior to posting it. 

However, regarding any negligence or mistake violating copyright we are ready to listen to it and resolve it immediately.

You can contact us freely via our email: (…)

In any similar case, we would prefer to have a detailed report of the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible. An accurate description of the article violating or having violated the rights would be helpful, as well as a reference to how this violation was materialized. 

Details should be included in the email forwarded.

• How the website operates if not via sales & product promotion?

We hope it is very clear that as a website, Intarchmed and the team, our human resources, we do not intend promoting specific companies and their products for profit. 

We are not a company and we do not promote any line of products owned privately for our own benefit.

We simply observe and record interesting information about each product / trend

Independent ads posted in our site cover the cost of maintaining and updating our site.

It is easy to see that no purchase is possible via this website. 

Every purchase is completed from products or manufacturer’s official website and we have absolutely nothing to do with it.

For any problems and complaints concerning any product, the product’s company, please seek information from the company, as it is completely responsible to serve you on this.

However, it would be our pleasure to let us know your personal experience from any specific product, so contributing to more accurate and up-to-date reviews of the various products.

Thanks so much for your assistance & support

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