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The reviews contained in rely on personal experience of authors, and the site’s general team.

These are not company guided not aiming at promoting specific products. 

Functioning as a page we are not profit making company, not targeting any specific companies.

Our effort as a team is to highlight both positive and negative aspects of any product coming into our hands … just as any user would do, in an objective, clear and fair way.

The same logic applies to information included in our site. Our purpose is to inform and facilitate the process of reaching a decision or selecting a product not promoting corporate interests.

Important elements for us are:

• global information to public

• View all useful information on products / nutrition / training programs

• Keep up-to-date on whatever is new on the market

• price / quality ratio of the products

• ensuring the health of the user (with quality, tested & safe products)

• preventing some of the profanities aimed at misleading the public by promoting illegal, counterfeit or ineffective & dangerous products

• the choice of companies with prestige in the field & credibility

• monitoring your products online & on social media

• Ensuring that consumers are guaranteed a refund by product companies

• finding the best deals among market’s top products

• crash tests among the best products and top product lists

• User reviews of various products, a necessary knowledge before buying

• Evaluation of each company by our team’s experienced editors 

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