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Jo was a fan of sports, action, intensity and adrenaline since he was a child. A member of a professional teen basketball team was forced to leave the sport after an injury.

His goal after this injury was changed and he was trained in gym training, which is still his daily routine, his everyday need, we would say.

“Gymnastics is not only aiming at acquiring a slim and healthy body but also implying mental peace and tranquility within a day full of problems and anxiety! The sport for me is not an obligation … but a need in my day, adds Jo, referring to his daily training sessions.

A stomach problem at some point forced him to change his eating habits for some time. This has been the trigger for starting to be more interested in nutrition issues about training (so that it will not have to stop it).

Now he is passionate about fitness blogging, because this is something that fills him and gives him a pleasure.

“At the end of the day, if your own experience, your own knowledge can help someone else as well, this offers an incredible pleasure and satisfaction and can not be compared to anything!”, states Jo and continues: “It is of value – if nutrition as well as physical exercise – are done in a right way and on a firm basis, and not occasionally just to lose 1-2 kilos!”

Jo now says he is happy that he has managed to make the great passion of his life a profession and that he can provide the world with information, knowledge, and other people’s experiences to help them achieve their own goals!

A great sports enthusiast does not miss the opportunity to participate in groups but also to watch various sports as a spectator.

“Every sport is unique in a very impressive way! The result of each sport on the body is totally different and offers numerous choices, covering a wide range of preferences!

For any person wishing to keep its body healthy, strong and at a normal weight … there is no excuse anymore! There are so many different types of training and sports that can literally cover ALL personal preferences! Sports for empowerment, for slimming, for relaxation, for peace of mind … even sports for brain support! ”

Eventually… everyone can find its own “path” towards a healthier life!

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