Prime Male | Review [2021] | Worth trying this Testosterone Booster?

Human body is a complex mechanism, easily changing, with many different needs, makes you feel sick, heavy, ineffective, tired, old, in case deficiencies are absent from any nutritional plan.

Hormones are also a very important factor for human body, playing a key role in organism’s functioning.

Hormones, and testosterone in particular, we refer to today, is the hormone which can simply make a man feel young & alive or old & weak.

This review’s topic examines a booster for natural testosterone production.

At first, its name “Prime Male” attracted our attention, making us to go ahead with a better look on it.


Like in any other review a number of questions like, “What it is and what can really do”, “To who is addressed” are answered to give you a good advantage of having the information at hand before you proceed to selection and purchase.

Prime Male aims at stimulating the testosterone production, showing what this means for organism and body of any man.

Here is what claims to deliver:

  • muscle strength increase
  • body ribbing
  • libido increase
  • strength increase
  • improved performance (in sex &  sports)
  • fight fatigue & high energy levels
  • reduction of body fat & slimming
  • muscle mass increase
  • blood sugar regulation
  • blood pressure control
  • blood cholesterol control
  • better cardiovascular function
  • fat burning
  • enhanced psychology / good mood
  • self-concentration
  • more efficient thinking
  • stronger memory
  • self confidence
  • stronger erections (longer lasting)

Prime Male offers an easy ordering process (online), shipped directly to any destination. Discreet packaging and prompt service were really impressive.

Prime Male & its function


To understand what Prime Male is and what can offer you, you must first understand organism’s functioning and the role of the testosterone hormone in it.

Today we only deal with the male organism (not meaning that testosterone is only a male privilege).

Starting from the fact that each man’s organism produces lower amounts of testosterone as he gets older, you can easily see that there must be changes in how it functions.

More specifically, after the age of about 30, testosterone levels have reached their peak, the hormone levels start to decline. This reduction in this important male hormone is about 1% each year, following the age of 30 years.

By the age of 80, the man has lost half the amount of testosterone and is going through another phase of life & reality. His body and his mind, look, erotic capability, libido, way of thinking, memory and so many other essential functions are affected by this dramatic decrease in testosterone.

To make this statement made clearer and understand its importance, let us look at the role of testosterone in the body of each male.

Testosterone relates, as mentioned, to youth, mood for life, energy, health, libido and sexual capability (erection and sexual performance) of a male (at any age).

Low levels of testosterone, therefore, have a significant impact on a man’s body, a fact reflected in his daily life.

However, do not get tricked. Insufficient testosterone production – unfortunately – does not occur only in advanced age.

Many men tend to notice a significant decrease in their male hormones from a very early age, with serious consequences for their lives, reproductive ability, look, confidence and surely for their relationship with their partner (emotional & sexual).

The main signs of low testosterone production appear by fatigue and an unjustified increase in body weight. 

Certainly there are no serious health problems, increased fractures (due to reduced bone density), loss of lean muscle mass and skin relaxation, loss of hair (baldness), lower sexual desire,  usually accompanied by psychological factors such as low self-esteem, bad mood, diminished sociality, and ultimately, depression.

Cases of men with testosterone deficiency at a very young age are not as rare as you might think.

Early treatment – and even better prevention – can greatly reduce these phenomena improving the life of every man.

Even in the natural declining course of testosterone due to age, taking a quality dietary supplement can greatly slow down the unpleasant effects of aging.

By regulating testosterone production in organism, helps physical and mental health, sex life and social life, as well as contact with fellow human beings, confidence and mood and physical health, fitness, mental and brain health.

That is, body & spirit.

In the case the effects of low testosterone come in an advanced age (70 years or older) are relatively expected and easier to accept.

However, if these appear in early ages at 25 or 30, are not a natural process anymore and a case of serious illness with a major impact on the later life of this young man is declared.

Remember how you felt as a teenager. Imagine now being in a body of 25 year old teenager but still functioning at 70s or 80s. Think of how you would feel if you lost all this energy of your youth, potential, your physical strength and energy, sexual impulse and your quick brain thinking.

Prime Male is sort of a tool for any man wishing to feel and stay young, full of life and willing to do things, create & live every moment.

Prime Male – A characterization

Prime Male is a supplement of a natural composition and not a hormone supplement, a point of great importance.

This particular booster to testosterone and to general health of a man of any age does not violently interfere with the functioning of the organism such as hormone testosterone supplements, so not causing any unpleasant side effects.

A supplement with 12 very basic nutrients (all from natural ingredients) aims at increasing testosterone produced in organism (and not by external interference).

According to claims of the manufacturing company, its use can have significant benefits to the male organism, improving the quality in user’s life without use of chemicals -dangerous to health-.


NOTE: Testosterone boosting supplements (either natural or synthetic) are very popular among athletic public (professionals or amateurs), including bodybuilders. 

This is a category of people with very high demands on their organism and body, who are looking for easier body fat loss and faster muscle mass development. The anabolic effect of these dietary supplements provides exactly the help that every athlete needs.

ATTENTION: Synthetic supplements (anabolic steroids) are substances dangerous, detectable in special doping controls, and all competent authorities have banned them from use and sale 

On the contrary, natural supplements are completely safe products, easy to use (since they do not require needle use) and without any unpleasant effects on user’s health.

Active ingredients

Prime Male is a product with natural ingredients, tested, effective (according to clinical studies), not causing any health and organism problems.


The right combination of all these ingredients in one formula, as well as their dosage in certain quantities (allowing for visible results) make up a very interesting nutritional supplement that (in my opinion) is worth trying it any time you have a problem with reduced production testosterone or not.

The Prime Male dietary supplement contains numerous nutrients essential for every man’s organism, acting in a way as a multivitamin and booster for the organism.

Below there is a detailed list of the ingredients included:

No.1: D – aspartic acid (DAA)

The most powerful and important ingredient of the supplement, providing top results, used in many male nutritional supplements.

According to scientific clinical research (still at early stages) in humans and not in animals, d-aspartic acid intake for a period of only 12 days has shown a relative increase in testosterone levels (about 42%), as well as an increase in LH or Luteinizing Hormone (by about 33%).

No.2: Zinc

Zinc is also a very important metal in most men’s dietary supplements. An essential nutrient in every man’s diet, zinc is found in more than 8 enzymes in organism and plays an important role in many essential functions of the human organism, such as:

  • cell division
  • development (especially boys to men)
  • sperm production (in men) & reproduction
  • the production of testosterone hormone
  • the release of insulin
  • the immune system & its function
  • detoxification (mainly from heavy metals)
  • good absorption & utilization of vitamin A by organism
  • proper functioning of all senses (and in particular taste, sight & smell)
  • fight against erectile dysfunction (in men)

Zinc, as a natural ingredient, is an extremely valuable nutrient against male dysfunction, decreased erectile or even male impotence, decreased libido and inadequate sperm production. The lack of zinc in a man’s body is consistent with serious effects and complications, such as:

  • hypogonadism
  • insufficient production of testosterone by the body (regardless of age)
  • male infertility
  • erectile dysfunction
  • spermatogenesis disorder
  • reduced libido
  • damage to the testicular Leydig cells
  • appearance of various inflammations
  • achievement of soft erections or erections without duration

No.3: Vitamin D

Found in Leydig cells prove its usefulness.

According to a scientific study in a group of men (overweight and regardless of age), it has been shown that systematic administration of this vitamin (and to be more precise of vitamin D3) enhances the production of both free and total testosterone in the organism.

Prime Male provides a very large amount of Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU) which is capable of delivering real results to every man.

Specifically this particular amount of vitamin D3 is the largest found in a diet so far and I admit I was surprised.

No.4: Vitamin K2

A vitamin also found in a man’s testicles responsible for the satisfactory production of testosterone and its maintenance in the organism of each male.

Lack of vitamin K usually leads to a decrease in androgen synthesis by organism, a fact with many consequences on the functioning of male organism (as already mentioned).

No.5: Vitamin B6

B6 – Vitamin B Complex Vitamin – is a vitamin actually boosting the production of “male” hormones … and in particular testosterone. Most people are unaware of this very basic information, but Vitamin B6 not only contributes to production of testosterone but also to other very important hormones for men’s health.

No.6: BioPerine

This is not an “active” ingredient in the classical sense as does not boost testosterone production; neither favors the male organism to do so.

According to clinical studies, BioPerine increases the bioavailability of other nutrients to get the most out of them in the organism.

Specifically, its role in a nutritional supplement as Prime Male, is to leave no nutrients and active ingredients get wasted.

No.7: Luteolin

Known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is good to receive it via your daily diet, while this quantity is not sufficient you may find it in suitable nutritional supplements such as Prime Male.

Some materials not to be missed in your meals are green pepper, celery and artichoke.

This specific ingredient is included in so-called anti-cancer substances due to its powerful antioxidant activity as an ingredient, not only for fighting against the disease but also mainly for its timely prevention.

Boosts the production of male hormones – including testosterone – and promotes a man’s good health and quality of life even at an older age.


No.8: Nettle root

An unexpected but very important ingredient in this particular dietary supplement.

Alternative medicine has shown a strong interest in this ingredient, especially for its anti-inflammatory properties, strong anti-cancer activity, and protection of man’s prostate.

Contains too many ingredients promoting the balance of hormones in a man’s organism, so promoting good health.

No.9: Magnesium

Magnesium is another ingredient of great importance to a man’s health. It is the second highest in content (after calcium in 1st place) and one of the most important metabolic co-factors.

Magnesium is involved in many important functions of the body (such as RNA synthesis) and its adequate uptake helps fight the SHGB hormone (binds testosterone in organism, preventing its positive action).

In Prime Male, a very significant amount of magnesium is found, indeed in a form of very high active capacity and very high bioavailability. The citrus form of magnesium in Prime Male is an element that can make the difference.

No.10: Mucuna Pruriens

An ingredient aiming at supplying the organism with L-Dopa, a chemical blocking the female hormone prolactin while boosting the production of the male hormone testosterone.

In this way enhances the male nature and male characteristics, improves the man’s health and fights old age and its serious effects on the male body.

No.11: Korean Red Ginseng

A well-known root with potent healing powers found in many (and diverse) dietary supplements, as well as in many alternative therapeutic methods.

It has a particularly stimulating effect also providing strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection to organism. It helps in the effective fight against stress and balancing a healthy functioning of the body in daily life.

Strengthens the immune system and helps fight various diseases … from simple colds to more serious illnesses.

Enhances brain function and mental clarity, promotes mental alertness and quick thinking, preserves the proper functioning of nervous system and strengthens memory.

According to valid clinical studies, taking this simple natural ingredient can significantly increase testosterone levels (without side effects and in a completely natural way), boost athletic and sexual endurance levels and boost production sperm and its reproductive capacity.

No.12: Boron

Another very important metal in Prime Male’s composition. Plays a key role in calcium metabolism, contributing actively to bone health.

It is also important to note, its capability to inhibit the SHBG hormone acting as a “killer” of the male hormone testosterone, causing all of these unpleasant effects.

How is used?

Prime Male – unlike many other testosterone boosters – is not available in injection form, is not a chemical, and is not addictive. Has no side effects and is very simple to use.

This is definitely something significant on the positives of the product.

Its use is very simple and convenient for everyone (regardless of daily schedule).

A dietary supplement in the form of a pill, ideally – according to the RDD (Recommended Daily Dose) – administered 4 times a day.

One (1) pill per dose should be taken with a meal or a snack, total of 4 pills a day in 4 separate doses.

TIP: For best results, follow the RDD instructions and never skip a dose. Consistency in dosage  plays a role in getting the best and the fastest results!

Why should I choose it?

Practically speaking here are the reasons for picking up Prime Male:

  • for being a man of any age and testosterone levels feeling the lower testosterone levels
  • for being of young age lacking testosterone
  • for being a young man wishing to prevent natural decrease in testosterone coming later over older years.
  • for enhancing lean muscle mass
  • for having better erectile function (in size, hardness & durability)
  • for increasing endurance (athletic or sexual)
  • for eliminating unnecessary body fat
  • for improving mood
  • for increasing self-confidence
  • for better brain function (thinking, memory, perception)
  • for better psychology
  • for more elevated libido

Prime Male – Purchase

Prime Male purchase – as mentioned earlier – is very simple and done via the official product website. Unfortunately, there is no other way to order and buy the product.

This simplicity ensures that the buyer buys the genuine product rather than cheap imitation, but also prevents those who do not go online to be informed and obtain the product.

1 bottle (i.e. 1 month supply) at a cost of $ 69.00 (+ shipping costs)

The 2 bottles (i.e. 2 months supply) is available $ 138.00 (including FREE shipping in US and UK)

Finally, the 3 bottles + 1 bottle FREE (i.e. 4 months supply) costs just $ 207.00 (including FREE shipping at any destination).

ATTENTION: Prime Male is also available in platforms (such as at Walmart, Amazon or GNC). 

We recommend and guarantee the purchase of the genuine product only if purchase is made via the official website and not from other sources.

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