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Intarchmed is informative oriented and stays informative. 

No intention on provision of medical advice, cure methods or drugs prescription. 

General information is contained in this site not replacing medical opinion or advice.

No process of diagnosis is undertaken under any circumstances, neither recommendation on any cure for various diseases or illnesses.

Any questions about your health are your doctor’s concern.

For any problems or side effects following use of any product, please seek the advice of a competent doctor.

Our suggestions regard comparative tests and personal experience drawn after testing products and there is absolutely no intention of guiding the reader to selecting specific companies or products.

An attempt is being made for compiling honest reviews and revealing the whole truth about each product, including both their positive and negative elements.

The choice of a product is solely the responsibility of the reader and we carry no responsibility, neither do we intend to control this decision in any way.

People with health problems, tenderness, intolerance or allergies are personally responsible for deciding to use a product. People who receive treatment for various conditions, women during pregnancy or lactation, as well as minors, also take responsibility for the use of the product of their choice.

We recommend contacting a physician immediately in case a strange body reaction or behavior in organism, any kind of side effects or even psychological changes are identified. 

Anything appearing as alarming to you should be reported to a doctor immediately, as soon as you stop taking this product.

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