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A product is considered as appropriate for a specific user if it fulfills three basic parameters, being effective, safe for the health and ideal for the type of action needed (weight loss, fat burning, etc).

In a market with huge number of fat-burning products of various forms and ingredients the selection process of the appropriate product is a very difficult task.

Lots of products are available in pill, spray or cream form depending on the potential user’s preference and its needs.

This is the point that most attention is required by the buyer and future user, since any selection which will not help on the process intended leads to failure, to a disappointment and finally to having the user quitting the effort for good.

Therefore, a difficult decision, which comes even risky in case the buyer has no knowledge or information on what to look for and on which points, should pay attention to.

Instant Knockout – today’s product under review – gives a good amount of confidence only by its name. In any case, this is not enough and real facts and data are necessary to prove the case.


The product’s first claim is that knocks out body fat. True or false is to be verified in the lines of this review.

The rest comes next in the paragraphs following. A little patience and we will find out everything.

Instant Knockout – Claims for quick knockout of fat


Names and claims are good for marketing purpose only. It would be good to find out what this supplement does in reality and how far could go in fighting fat.

Today in the market of similar products, it is easier to find a product for men than for women, who need it most as in many cases there is a predisposition for storing higher amounts of fat.

The truth is that while the market is finding fat-soluble products for men, you will not easily find effective fat-soluble products that can cope with women’s fat storage.

Especially for women with a gene tendency for persistent fat accumulation the need for a strong fat burning product is a lot more important.

Here I have a question. The fight against persistent fat is not a matter resolved by good physical exercise. Am I wrong or not?

Here is the answer. Exercise, no matter how intensive and frequent is, can never fight the fat completely.

In addition, because I am not an easy person I am asking now. What if I combine this exercise with a good diet plan?

Second updated answer. Better results yes, but most probably even this combination is not so good either.

Especially when it comes to cases where fat has other causes besides uncontrolled appetite and food overconsumption (hormonal disorder, medication, hereditary predisposition, and psychological causes), a larger and more targeted form of help is needed to “shake” the persistent fat cells.

It is a petty to go through all this effort and long training, while a fat layer still covers the well-trained and ribbed muscles.

The problem is how to pick up a product both effective and safe.

As mentioned earlier, a product both effective and safe is what we call a suitable product for a person.

Trying to explain the need for the presence of these two parameters (safety and effectiveness), we emphasize that a product can never be suitable if it is effective only. It should always work respecting the human organism and its proper functioning.

The pros and cons of Instant Knockout are coming next. A thorough, clear detailed and professional review will offer all information required before its possible selection and purchase.

Is it worth trusting Instant Knockout or not?

Instant Knockout, a dietary supplement looking like gaining ground in the appreciation of consumers, comes from the same company producing the well-known & popular testosterone booster, Testofuel, as another dynamic proposal.

A completely natural fat-soluble (“natural” meaning natural and no synthetic ingredients), aiming primarily at the metabolic rate increase, faster & more efficient burning of body fat from the various body fat storing point and appetite reduction (targeting at reducing calories consumed on a daily basis).

Hormonal Problems & Obesity

As mentioned, especially women are genetically more prone to weight gain and obesity, mainly due to hormonal changes occurring in their organism.

Many women worry about this fat accumulation due to hormonal problems, stating that they are unable to fight it in any possible way available (fitness, diet).

Instant Knockout claims that could solve this problem.

Even the most persistent form of body fat is possible to go away if there are the right tools / weapons.

Instant Knockout combing natural & top quality ingredients (tested for their effective fat solubility), makes a promise for fast results.

We even tried it ourselves to find the truth.

I tried it myself and a fellow author (woman) to see if really offers anything towards the effort to lose weight & fat or it is just a waste of time & money, as usually happens with similar products.

After 2 months of intense use (results started becoming visible), the body started to “dry out” the fat and to become stronger, showing a better and more powerful silhouette (with no fat) and naturally more muscular.


NOTE: Throughout these 2 months of Instant Knockout use, my colleague and I have implemented a common diet plan and a systematic weekly workout plan.

Instant Knockout when used properly (accompanied by proper nutrition & exercise) improves the training benefits dramatically, in men and women.

Fights fat only?

No. The effect of this supplement is more complex.

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout not only fights the existing body fat, but also prevents the formation of new fat cells.

Natural question next to this statement is how and under which conditions this is effected.

Instant Knockout promises (as stated in its website) that finally you will be able to eat normally (without stress and guilt), while you learn to control your appetite levels.

Essentially, what it promises is a real knockout of bulimia crises and a significant reduction in appetite levels.

Thus, eliminates unnecessary calorie consumption, weight gain and stored body fat, being able to enjoy your meals in peace (with no restrictions and unreal deprivation).

CAUTION: Instant Knockout works as a booster, not acting on its own, meaning a joint action with physical activity (consistently) and a solid and balanced diet.

By physical activity, we do not mean to become a champion of bodybuilding, but being sufficient to run or go for jogging 3 times a week.

In the same line, nutrition should be reasonable avoiding exaggerations and unreal rules.

On the contrary, it would be a diet meeting your body’s nutritional needs, not forbidding you from enjoying small meals, stable and free of fluctuations (depending on your mood, anxiety or psychology).

This is the truth. This supplement like all the others, could never work on their own, with no support from systematic training and well-structured diet plan.

Get expert information (trainers, nutritionists, doctors) and create a well-structured training and nutrition plan, to provide you with faster and more impressive results.

Is Instant Knockout addressed to professional athletes only?

Instant Knockout is a very popular product for professional athletes and bodybuilders (professional or not).

In general, people in the sports field seem to prefer this product according the results provided.

However, this is not the main target group of people to use Instant Knockout.

Another very important reason for people being so keen on this dietary supplement is the fact that it is effective even in persons who they do not spend half of their life in a gym, that is, for normal people with working hours and many obligations, with a minimum free time and limited stocks of energy.

Simply, it is aiming at you and me.

Its capability is closely related to its composition.

Contains only 100% natural and safe ingredients, not provoking any side effects.

Finally, let us point out that this is a substance not detectable by doping controls, an advantage for many athletes.

Instant Knockout is a product aiming at anyone exercising regularly and needs some extra help to get rid of the heavy body fat.

Instant Knockout works for men and women, professional athletes and everyday people, for people with overeating problem or for people with genetic increase of body fat.

Aiming at a slim body, ribbed, strong and flawless.

Instant Knockout – Risks from use


Clearly not. The company reports no side effects following the use of this particular dietary formulation, not even requiring a medical prescription.

Of course as with any dietary supplement, the user is responsible for checking the ingredient list to avoid intolerance, allergic episodes or other organism reactions.

The natural origin of all its ingredients and the prestige of manufacturing company’s name are two very important and significant guarantees offered to consumers.

The product is legal, tested, certified and of the highest quality. It has undergone and passed all necessary safety and quality checks, bearing the name of a reputable company with a strong presence in the field of nutritional supplements.

However, attention. No dietary supplement – as “friendly” might be to organism, should be administered with no care.

The instructions for use – as provided by the manufacturer – are important and must be followed strictly. Otherwise, – excessive intake even of the healthier ingredients – can have unpleasant consequences for user’s health.

NOTE: Especially high-risk people (people with allergies, women during pregnancy or breast-feeding, people suffering from a condition, people receiving medication for a condition, persons with serious psychological problems, minors, and people suffering from eating disorders) should first consult a physician before taking any dietary supplement to avoid serious complications and health problems.

CAUTION: People, who have noticed any disturbing changes in their organism and state of health upon using the supplement, are advised to immediately discontinue its use and contact a physician at once.

Main benefits

  • fat burning
  • energy increase
  • strong muscular volume
  • reduced appetite
  • weight loss (in body fat and not in muscle tissue)


EffectiveSlightly high priced (59.00 $ / pack for 1 month use)
100% natural compositionPurchase via internet only
Certifications & GuaranteesProvides results but not so fast as anabolics
Quick results (for natural product)Physical exercise necessary (even of mild form)
Company with a history in this fieldBalanced nutrition plan necessary
No side effects
Legal product
Simple and quick purchase process (via internet) – delivery at home
No medical prescription

Ingredients – Action




Green Tea Extract

500 mg(not available)

Cayenne Pepper seeds

100 mg(not available)


1800 mg(not available)

Caffeine anhydrous

300 mg(not available)

Vitamin Β6

5 mg250,00%

Vitamin Β12

10 mcg166,00%

GTF Chromium

100 mcg82,00%


10 mg150,00%


10 mg(not available)

Green coffee beans

100 mg(not available)


A quick look at Instant Knockout’s ingredient list reveals a relatively wide range of fat burning actions. The final goal is not only to fight the fat but also to prevent it.

The 10 specially selected ingredients of Instant Knockout contribute catalytically to a faster and more efficient breakdown of adipose tissue, so offering the ultimate shape of a beautiful body (always combined with a well-structured exercise-nutrition program).

Green Tea: One of the most well-known and powerful antioxidant products contributes directly to the fight against fluid retention / bloating / swelling, promotes the rapid elimination of dangerous toxins from the body, fights the process of oxidation leading to body aging, offers anti-cancer action and – most importantly – offers strong calorific effect and effective fat burning results.

Increases calorie burning during training, leading to weight loss easier & faster.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds: A powerful thermogenic ingredient activates dormant metabolism and maximizes body fat burning (even in the body’s restful state).

Increases insulin sensitivity, reduces appetite levels dramatically and prevents bulimic episodes usually leading to weight gain and fat deposition in body’s fat storing points.

Glucomannan: Not a clear fat-burning product, as does not accelerate metabolism and does not (at least not directly) increase body fat burning, but greatly reduces the craving for food and helps the person to control the daily calorie intake.

Creates an intense feeling of satiety, so you do not feel hungry, on the contrary you feel satisfied (despite the smaller amount of food consumed).

Anhydrous Caffeine: A powerful stimulant, delivering large amounts of energy and fighting the feeling of exhaustion usually brought about by the process of weight loss.

Fights fatigue and exhaustion from workouts, providing high levels of endurance and performance.

Vitamin B6: One of the most important ingredients of Instant Knockout, since provides complete anti-fat activity and visible results in a very satisfactory time.

Improves health and strengthens the organism and the immune system.

Increases the levels of useful energy to be used as “fuel” throughout the day.

Improves physical performance and fitness (in training and not only) and prevents the body from re-accumulating fat and adding weight.

Vitamin B12: Another valuable ingredient, a member of the B vitamins family, too, increases the body’s metabolic capacity and maximizes it, whilst also reduces bulk episodes and cravings for unhealthy snacks (fats & carbohydrates).

Protein synthesis increases and favors muscle rebuilding in body. Finally, carbohydrate processing and digestion are improved.

Chromium GTF: One of the most essential nutrients, we find it in almost any dietary supplement for weight loss.

Controls insulin levels and prevents overeating and elevated appetite levels always leading to excessive calorie consumption and therefore weight gain.

Zinc: Boosts protein synthesis in organism and promotes muscle growth.

Boosts the natural production of testosterone and gives an anabolic effect allowing explosive and dynamic training.

Increases the beneficial amounts of energy and fights the feeling of fatigue.

Increases physical strength and endurance and offers improved user performance.

Finally, facilitates the processing of carbohydrates by organism.

Piperine: It comes from black pepper and is a powerful bioactive ingredient, enhancing weight loss and activating dormant metabolism.

Prevents adipocytes re-accumulation, boosting the other fat-soluble components of the supplement.

Green Coffee Beans: One of the world’s most widely used fat-soluble ingredients.

Prevents the accumulation of new fat cells in organism and avoids weight gain. It also controls appetite levels and significantly reduces bulimic episodes.

Instant Knockout – Purchase

Instant Knockout – as mentioned earlier – is only available via the official website of the company, providing 90 days money back guarantee to every buyer (3 + 1 offer package).


Shipment of orders bears a special code (tracking order number) to inform you on your order’s progress.

  • Each pack is available at $ 59.00 (a relatively affordable price), reflecting the effective capability of the product.
  • The two packs cost $ 118.00 and include free shipping for US and UK orders.
  • The 3 packs + 1 free package – which is the most important offer comes at $ 185.00, offering free delivery (for any destination).


Instant Knockout is a quite impressive product both for its effective anti-body fat action (evident after the first month of use), and its quality-value ratio.

Slightly high priced justified by the product’s effective capability.

Its 100% natural composition is completely safe, not causing any side effects. It is a non-addictive product, not detectable in doping controls, 100% legal and requires no medical prescription.

However, though we were quite satisfied with its use, its results are in no way close to those of an anabolic formulation.

In order to see results with Instant Knockout it is necessary to apply a regular exercise program and a custom diet plan.


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