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Erection, was, is and is always going to be a serious problem for any man, as its dysfunction causes serious body and psychological problems, with uncontrolled extensions on the social life of the individual and its close and broader cycle of friends and known persons.

This article comes to offer a hand by looking at the Best male enhancement pills (Penis or Erection Pills) available currently in the market.

It is true that an extensive search was conducted by our team to finally establish a list of the top male enhancement pills for erection, the best natural nutritional supplements, offering you spectacular results, without any fear of side effects or complications for the organism.

In our modern lifestyle, men, like any other person, feel trapped and in many cases dominated by everyday life’s stress, economic and social commitments.

A fear for failing in the sexual act, not the right duration or quality, come as a nightmare for any man, threatening his masculine pride and psychology, losing almost the total of his self confidence. 

It is really a huge problem with unknown dimensions and it happens very frequently in the last years as life turns over a lot of liabilities and attempts to cover everything successfully. 

An increasing number of men present the problems of erection dysfunction or even impotence, not easily addressed from the fear of gossip and adverse comments of friends and other people around the person concerned. A research published in ScienceDaily fully depicts this situation stating that they are “underreported and undertreated due to social stigma”

Is there a solution?

The last thing required in a similar case are words of compassion, empty promises, false hopes eventually annoying the individual and ultimately causing a frustration. 

Here the man and any man needs real help, like a product with tested action, effective & containing top quality ingredients.

Scientifically sound assistance is important to boost your erections and your confidence to a new level. 

Following a detailed research of various products in the market, our research and editorial team has come up with the 5 best and most effective male enhancement pills in the market according to Jpost, with a completely natural composition for certified safe use.

NOTE: These products are not chemically based they are all of natural origin with premium ingredients, completely safe and organically friendly.

Best Male Enhancement Pills -The best erection enhancement products.


The 1st product selected is VIGRX PLUS, a natural male enhancement supplement with a pretty interesting ingredient list in its formula and great acceptance from consumers.


  • Korean Red Ginseng root 200 mg
  • Saw Palmetto berry 200 mg
  • Hawthorne berry 200 mg
  • Damiana leaf 200 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaf 200 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris vine 150 mg
  • Bioperine 10 mg
  • Epimedium Leaf 4: 1 extract 30 mg
  • Cuscuta Seed 4: 1 extract 50 mg
  • Catuaba Bark 4: 1 extract 100 mg
  • Muira Pauma Bark 4: 1 extract 100 mg


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MALE EXTRA, our 2nd Best Pick ,increases the duration of erotic act, so offering a quality and enhanced erection.

With a different duo of ingredients – ellagic acid and L-arginine – the blood supply to genitals and penis increase and so the erection is strengthened, becoming more solid and tough.

Double pleasure, with the size of penis enhanced (in length and thickness), offering a higher level of orgasm experienced.


  • L-arginine HCL 600 mg
  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic acid 500 mg
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100 mg
  • L-Methionine 100 mg
  • Zinc (as citrate) 14 mg | 140% of SDS
  • Niacin 18 mg | 113% of SDS
  • Cordyceps 25 mg



Viasil is considered as one of the top products in the category of natural male enhancement and sexual performance boosting products.

• It has been specifically designed to treat ED, making it one of the best erectile disfunction products on the market
• It contains clinically tested to support erectile dysfunction ingredients likes Actiful, Zinc, Horny Goat Weed Extract and more
• It is made in a certified UK lab
• Most importantly it has no artificial ingredients and comes with 60 days money back guarantee

Viasil is completely safe as contains 100% natural and top quality ingredients. It will help you get strong erections of elevated length, strength and hardness.

With Viasil you can boost adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to increase the final production of nitric oxide in the organism, so increasing blood flow to blood vessels and enhancing the blood supply to genitals.
If it’s the rick solid erections that you need then Vasil is the answer!


• Horny Goat Weed Extract 10: 1 100 mg
• Actiful 700 mg
• Tribulus Terrestris Extract 12: 1 25 mg
• Panax Ginseng Extract 20: 1 20 mg
• Ginkgo Biloba Extract 50: 1 4.8 mg


MAX-PERFORMER, one of the Best Male Enhancement Pill on the market, promising great sex drive and increased libido. Erection is stronger than ever, bringing back the glorious seasons of your adolescence!

Even people with extremely reduced sexual desire and problematic erectile capability put their bed on fire again giving a new passion to their lives.

The reviews are really amazing with users confessing they were “reborn”.


  • Horny Goats Weed 1000 mg

The lacariin-enriched Horny Goat is found in this supplement.

This herb essentially succeeds in inhibiting PDE5 release, so improving blood circulation in general and to penis in particular, improving nerve stimulation, increasing libido and vital sex drive, as well as extremely high levels of the male hormone testosterone.

  • Maca 1000 mg

Another very common ingredient in many erection enhancement products.

This natural ingredient offers effective increase in strength, endurance and certainly erection duration.

Erotic act is no longer just a process, it’s a new experience!

It should definitely be mentioned that this herb also contributes decisively to the increase of sperm amount produced by organism, so contributing to fertility.

  • Selenium 120 mcg | 218% of SDS

Selenium is a very powerful natural antioxidant.

Stress is directly linked to erectile dysfunction, as well as many other diseases. The antioxidant action of selenium helps the penis to function properly, to bleed and come to right erection.

  • Cordyceps 1000 mg

Cordyceps, a mushroom, is intended to increase the amount of oxygen received, assisting in proper blood supply to genitals, and achieving a strong and lasting erection.

It is believed that the use of this mushroom greatly contributes both to the quality and intensity of erection, as well as to an increase of natural testosterone production by the organism. It also helps improving sperm count and fertility.

  • Bioperine 15 mg

This is also a natural ingredient (long pepper plant) with a very important and functional role in the composition of the Max-Performer pill.

Its action is auxiliary, assisting in absorption of all other mixture’s components by the organism, so delivering maximum and better results.

  • Red Korean Ginseng 1000 mg

Enhances performance, libido and resistance to sexual activity (and stands definitely on the safe side as reported on Mayo Clinic’s herbs’ and supplements’ guide). Focus is also enhanced and a level of greater pleasure is experienced.

  • Zinc 24 mg 240% of SDS

Finally the zinc, one of the most popular and widely used natural remedies against erectile dysfunction or impotence, enhancing the levels of male hormone testosterone and improving sperm production.

Sex becomes more dynamic, enjoyable and more intense.


A number of the ingredients contained:

  • Pantothenic Acid 40 mg | 660% of SDS
  • Pyridoxine HCL 10 mg | 714% of SDS
  • Iron 14 mg | 100% of SDS
  • Niacin 32 mg | 200% of SDS
  • Riboflavin 10 mg | 714% of SDS
  • Cyanobalamin 10 mg | 400% of SDS


A supplement with 26 different active ingredients in its active formula would never be missed from our list. Its company promises fast and impressive results.

This supplement is one of the most widely used male enhancement pills and – as seen – receives very positive reviews.

It improves erection (in quality and durability), gives endurance and strength, raises libido and pleasure, by increasing the size of the penis (in length and width) to offer a higher level of pleasure.

All the natural ingredients of EXTENZE promise an unforgettable sexual experience! 

They are scientifically tested to be effective in promoting sexual performance, without causing side effects and saving the person concerned from any surgery or complicated and painful procedures, injections or strange accessories.


  • Folate (Folic Acid) 400 mcg 100% of SDS
  • Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 25 mg 167% of SDS
  • Extenze Male Prohormone Blend 60 mg
  • Micronized DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)
  • Pregnenolone
  • Extenze Bio-Enhancement Blend 25 mg
  • Black Pepper berries
  • White Pepper fruit
  • Ginger root
  • Extenze Male Enhancement Blend 595 mg
  • Yohimbe Extract bark Tribulus Extract fruit
  • Maca Extract root
  • Cnidium Extract seed
  • GABBA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)
  • L-arginine HCL
  • Barrenwort aerial parts
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Muira Puama Extract bark
  • Astragalus root
  • Stringing Nettle Extract root
  • Fo-Ti Extract root
  • Boron (as Boron Amino Acid Chelate)
  • Hops Extract flower

But it’s not just them. Still contains:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Croscarmellose Sodium
  • Colloidal Silicon Dioxide
  • Stearic Acid
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate
  • Sodium Stearyl Fumarate

Male Enhancement Pills – what they are


Erectile dysfunction pills, or “male enhancement pills” as usually called is what the science suggests against erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Formulations (natural or chemical) with an effective composition strengthening erection, giving duration and intensity, for maximum sexual satisfaction, pleasure and orgasm ultimately.

Anything related to penis requires special attention, so avoiding unpleasant surprises, frightening complications and bad fortunes.

Serious, scientifically tested and safe suggestions are required to ensure both persons involved in the sexual act, a top performance.

Best Male Enhancement Pills – are effective?

Let’s clear the point here. There are many products aiming at deceiving the consumer, so attempting to generate huge profits for the businessman marketing the specific products.

However, this does not mean that there are no valuable products that really function.

Many men (regardless of age) have been assisted to overcome erectile dysfunction problems (temporary or even long-term) with capable and effective male enhancement nutritional supplements.

Caution. This means that a great deal of research, information collection and detailed study of each supplement’s active ingredients are required to reach a final and safe decision, the best for your case, as well as the best capable of bringing real results.

  • strong erection
  • erotic desire
  • duration of erection
  • orgasm

Don’t underestimate this condition.

Certainly none wishes to be involved with supplements causing more harm than good for the case.

Necessary Ingredients you should try for great Erections


The most important criterion for selecting a dietary supplement should always be its composition.

Today’s article deals with nutritional ingredients making up strong & effective nutritional supplements for male boosting and strengthening of an erection.

The ingredients of a supplement are the identity for classifying a product, offering data on its nature, efficiency, risk, allergic and side effects possibility.

Many people make the mistake of focusing on other secondary factors, such as the price, time of action, and ease of product’s use.

Caution. To avoid any misunderstanding, not that these factors do not matter to a product.

On the contrary, they are very important.

However, the list of ingredients contained in a supplement provides the information if this is worth trying it and the effort and the money spent is not a waste.

Regarding supplements recommended by our website, all these ingredients included are of natural origin and not chemicals, which respect the body and enhance it in the most natural and friendly way.

NOTE: It is worth noting that most of these ingredients known for centuries concerning their beneficial properties are in use by the ancient medicine and in the modern alternative treatment methods.

Right now, we can find dozens of scientific studies proving what man knows since the very old years. The action of certain herbs and natural ingredients benefiting health could be the best treatment.

The medicinal power of these ingredients has been the subject of extensive study by the scientific community in recent years, where a decision reached on the use the “gifts” of nature for the benefit of man and his health.

Certainly, we are talking about ingredients tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) for use in food supplements.

We are also talking about nutritional supplements undergone necessary tests and received the safety & quality certifications required.

NOTE: The products examined in this article, along with the ingredients mentioned – are completely safe to use and FDA approved.

The natural ingredients below are therefore clinically tested and certified for their beneficial effect on male boosting.

  • increase libido
  • are aphrodisiac
  • improve erectile function
  • increase the size of the penis in erection
  • improve sperm production
  • enhance natural testosterone production
  • enhance the enjoyment & intensity of orgasms
  • improve sexual performance
  • increase fertility
  • reduce the time required between orgasms
  • increase energy / momentum / physical strength / endurance
  • prevent premature ejaculation
  • prevent incomplete penile stimulation

The question is, where we find these ingredients?

Many of them are present in various foods sold even by your local supermarket, while a few of them are quite hard to find and almost impossible to get.

That’s why experts have created these natural dietary supplements to ensure that people around the world (regardless of their location) have the opportunity to receive this natural boost.

Talk is cheap, so let’s get to know each of these ingredients.

  • Zinc (Zinc)


In any case of sexual dysfunctions, we immediately recall the zinc.

Zinc is the predominantly male and the most powerful booster for strong erections.

Boosts libido and improves sperm (in quantity, quality and time of production).

Boosts blood circulation to genitals, so bleeding is higher. Penis – as more blood flows through it – achieves much harder & larger erections, over a longer time.

Finally, the consumption of zinc in a diet, enhances the natural production of testosterone, resulting to many important health benefits (including improved sexual performance, better fertility, anti-aging, enhanced immune function, elevated psychology, protection against oxidative damage, and generally –as found in PubMed– potency).

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This natural herb is also extremely common in men’s dietary supplements, used for centuries for medical / therapeutic purposes and its benefits to the body are remarkable.

Mainly known for boosting, so it’s no coincidence finding it in many supplements for muscle mass and bodybuilding.

Furthermore, this particular herb has the ability to increase endurance, physical strength & athletic performance (in bed, in the gym or anywhere else).

Its action as a strong testosterone booster is proven, also assisting in the production of luteinizing hormone (a hormone acting as a stimulant for more efficient production of testosterone in the organism).

  • Ginkgo Biloba

A herb with a variety of benefits for the body, coming from one of the oldest tree species, growing in the dark (with no help of sunlight).

Ginkgo Biloba extract – met in nutritional health supplements and according to WebMD, being one of the most common herbs used for alternative medicine for the last twenty years   – is made from the leaves of this tree (following drying).

An entire page would not be enough for us to record all the benefits of this particular natural ingredient offered to organism. Better vision, painkilling, improved cognitive function, enhanced memory, more dynamic sexual function.

It effectively helps in the synthesis of nitric oxide acting as a vasodilator, easing blood circulation (assisting on perfusion of genitals as well).

Fights erectile dysfunction with long-term results, widely used to make pills for sexual dysfunction, however, requiring care in its use as may interact with other medications received.

  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

One of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs recorded in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, treating various sexual dysfunctions (recent studies have verified its role in fertilization).

Not exclusively for use by men, this ingredient is a libido booster for men, but also for women.

Owes its action to a substance called icariin, acts on genitals, resembling the action of testosterone.

This substance increases the supply of oxygen to tissues and enhances good blood circulation, improving sexual mood, sexual performance and orgasm satisfaction.

  • Korean Panax Ginseng


Korean Panax Ginseng or Korean Red Ginseng is a root widely used in Chinese medicine for centuries, acting as a powerful booster for the organism (especially over time), one of the best testosterone boosters for men (after the age of 40).

Rich in elements called ginsenoides, natural antioxidants, protecting the organism from serious diseases (such as cancer).

Fights erectile dysfunction and impotence, raising the level of pleasure during sexual intercourse and increasing the duration of erection (full erection), so enhancing the dynamics of ejaculation and the volume of sperm produced.

  • Vitamin B3 / Niacin

This vitamin of the B complex plays a catalytic role in the metabolic process converting the food consumed into energy beneficial to organism.

This fact helps the proper functioning of all organic systems to achieve achievement the basic functions.

Niacin is involved in a variety of biochemical reactions in organism and is the only one to help the organism to synthesize the valuable amino acid tryptophan.

Improves cardiovascular function, promoting good blood circulation throughout the organism, prevents cardiovascular events and problems related to arterial disease.

Protects against strokes, providing strong anti-inflammatory action in organism, controls the perspiration of genitals and promotes strong & hard lasting erections.

  • Cordyceps

Anti-aging, energy booster, booster for improved athletic performance & endurance. Venereal & powerful aid for strong / hard erections & explosive ejaculations.

This mushroom is another valuable natural ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine reached the advanced western world recently.

It has a strong rejuvenating effect on the male organism, fighting fatigue and lack of sexual mood coming over time after a certain age.

Gives physical endurance (in sports activities and in sexual intercourse), offering very high antioxidant & anti-inflammatory protection in organism, protecting the immune system and acting as a “youth filter” for organism.

Especially for men, offers upgraded sexual performance with stronger and longer erections.

You will feel the levels of your physical endurance significantly higher (in any form of aerobic exercise), as enhances the rapid recovery of muscle tissue after training (this is why is present in many athletic supplements).

  • Maca

Another aphrodisiac ingredient, a root extremely rich in active ingredients (called macamides & macenes).

This root comes from Peru, used for centuries for its aphrodisiac action, by both men and women, rich in valuable fiber, plant sterols and precious metals (such as iron, calcium, selenium and magnesium).

Furthermore, to its positive effects on sexual desire (libido) and sexual performance, Maca also seems to provide many benefits in terms of fertility, also protecting the brain from damage, improving a person’s cognitive ability, enhancing memory and stimulating bone health.

Maca also helps on production of more sperm, suppressing prostate hypertrophy.

  • Pomegranate


Pomegranate is something like a magic fruit. A single pomegranate can meet 50% of a person’s daily vitamin C needs, boosting the immune system dramatically.

Provides a variety of nutrients (such as potassium, vitamin K, folic acid and valuable plant dietary fiber).

Its strong antioxidant capability is indisputable, as it contains beneficial substances not found anywhere else in nature.

Presents cardio-protective properties and helps in good blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and controlling bad cholesterol levels.

Pomegranate enhances the good perspiration of genitals, favoring strong and large erections, improving the person’s psychology & mood and increasing the erotic desire (libido).

  • L-Arginine

Another very important amino acid (essential for proper functioning of the organism), contributing to the synthesis of nitric oxide, proper functioning of immune system and good sexual function.

What should I watch when selecting the Best Male Enhancement Pill?


A number of important points need more attention when looking for the best male enhancement Pill (supplement).

Conducting a 3 point study and comparing the different formulations, the most valuable products are found.

Today our people and the reader are becoming a team to complete this quest among the top supplements regarding the strength of erection, with 100% physical composition and 100% effective capability.

1st point:  COMPOSITION

2nd point: ORIGIN

3rd point:  PRICE

The composition of the product verifies its effective capability. If a person has the knowledge could easily comment on a dietary supplement only by the label with the list of ingredients.

The selection of ingredients, along with the amount contained in the active formula of a nutritional supplement, are indicative of the product’s “power”.

The second point, origin, another very important parameter referring to manufacturing company many times unfamiliar and with dubious products, bad user reviews is definitely signing a level of distrust for a product.

On the contrary, a product receiving positive reviews and produced by a reputable company is clearly a good place to start your market research.

Finally the price parameter. Unfortunately, price is often misleading in choosing a good dietary supplement.

In your quest to find the best product, you turn to the most expensive products, believing they will be the best! A good and effective dietary supplement, however, is not necessarily the most expensive.

Similarly an expensive supplement does not mean that it is certainly effective as well.

The following also happens very often.

The high price of a product could be prohibitive for someone. This does not mean, however, that there are not reasonably priced products and at the same time with very good and effective capacity.

ATTENTION: Certainly a remarkable product cannot be at a cheap price!

The quality of the ingredients, as well as its scientific study to determine an effective formula, charge the price of the specific product.

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