NO2 MAX April 2021 Review (CrazyBulk) | Pre-Workout Supplement | Power – Energy – Recovery

Today’s article presents NO2 MAX, a pre-workout nutritional supplement for extra strength, energy and quick workout recovery.

NO2 MAX coming from Crazy Bulk, a company known for its successful bodybuilding supplements, may not be one of the most popular products of the company, but seems to be a great addition to the corporate supplement stack.


Its synergistic action along with other supplements (more targeted at muscle growth & fat loss) seems to give users a satisfying combination, which – as stated in their reviews – works very well. 

The requirements for building the body and bringing it to desired perfect and flawless form you are huge. 

Could this supplement meet these requirements?

We’ll find out in the lines of this article below. 

Here what’s in offer by NO2 Max

NO2 MAX – What can do


crazybulk’s NO2 MAX – as mentioned – is a pre-workout dietary supplement, strictly pre-workout for providing extra energy, physical strength and endurance for even better training results.

As its name suggests, NO2 MAX is a natural nitric oxide booster.

WARNING: Unfortunately, especially for nitric oxide supplements, there have been many frustrating comments about their effective ability.

So how can I trust such a product?

What you need to know first is that this product is designed to improve blood circulation, oxygen transfer to every cell in the body during training, so promoting muscle rebuilding (increasing muscle gain dramatically), boosting user’s endurance and physical strength and improving explosiveness in training.

However, this is not only true for your workouts in gym, but also for “workouts” in bed. 

Sexual performance increases, so does the stamina. Libido goes up and sex life is “reborn” for good. 

Everything is interesting and attractive, but what about all this mentioned that nitric oxide supplements are ineffective?

They are true. Most of these formulations are insufficient to provide a real, tangible result, this being the real risk. 

So how I could know if NO2 MAX is still another ineffective product? 

What is NO2 (Nitrogen Oxide) ?

First things first and for understanding the nitrogen oxide and its function, necessary to study the NO2 MAX supplement and reach a conclusion on its effectiveness or impotence!

NOTE: NO2 MAX is a nitrogen oxide (more specifically a nitrogen dioxide), found as gas in nature, in particular, in earth’s atmosphere, in fact being one of major agents of environmental pollution. Is this true?

So, if this is true, the question is, what this pollution element has to do with the body? What is its role and why is a nutritional supplement?

From the moment we come to life till the last moment before we leave this world, we are breathing. Our contact with air and the atmosphere is constant and very important.

So air pollution has serious and very important effects on the way the body works and therefore on our health!

Hope this was clear enough.

The gas mass surrounding our planet consists of different layers of different composition and density of gases. We live and breathe in the thin lower layer of the atmosphere, called troposphere, the “home” of every living organism (humans, animals & plants).

A large proportion of this dry air (about 78%) contains nitrogen, small percentage (about 21%) oxygen, while only 1% contains argon. In the air, however, we also find vapor water, accounting for about 4% of the troposphere.

NO2 (nitric oxide) in body


As we find nitrogen oxide in nature, so we find it in human body as well. What confuses so many people about this product is its use and usefulness. 

NO2 MAX is a natural nutritional supplement, enhancing the body’s natural production of (NO). 

NOTE: The use of NO2 MAX aims at increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide, acting as an accelerator in the bloodstream circulation and the transport of oxygen throughout the body. 

This slows down the signs of fatigue and provides endurance and strength for training.

These are not the only benefits offered. Using NO2 MAX will give you much faster muscle mass gains and more rapid muscle recovery after each workout (regardless of how hard this is).

More rapid recovery means more frequent workouts and even more spectacular muscle gains.

NO2 MAX – Benefits

The main function of this supplement is on improving blood circulation and assisting on the opening of arteries for increasing blood flow and therefore enabling the muscles throughout the body to absorb more nutrients for their growth.

Proper nutrition of the muscles will increase their volume and increase their strength.

Here is an account of the results:

  • Great physical strength
  • Stamina
  • Volume growth
  • Performance
  • Recovery

ATTENTION: The only thing that NO2 MAX can really offer is to widen the arteries for facilitating the circulation of nutrients to damaged muscles, meaning that you must have properly trained muscles to grow in volume, and then “nourish” them properly via the proper nutrition for obtaining the nutrients required. 

NO2 MAX : The active Ingredients

Lambda Arginine Alpha Keto (AAKG) – AAKG – despite being a relatively not so important amino acid, its role in this dietary supplement is far more important than anyone could expect (if not crucial).

NO2 MAX effect is based on this ingredient.

Without the significant contribution of this amino acid, the human body is unable to produce the extremely important nitric oxide.

This is a part of its overall role. In addition to contributing on the production of nitric oxide, it is extremely important for the production of proteins by the body.

It is no coincidence that arginine is an important ingredient found in meat, as well as in dairy, fish, vegetables, pulses, nuts, and various seeds (very beneficial additives to diet for a variety of nutritional reasons).

One point requiring definitely more elaboration regarding arginine is that the supplements we find – like NO2 MAX – work only on the condition that the body does not eventually need to breakdown arginine in order to proceed with production of other amino acids. This automatically means that the user needs to get the protein his body needs through its diet.

A reasonable question would be the amount of arginine required on a daily basis.

As data show up to date this should be about 20 grams per day, an amount sufficient for a positive role in the body and improvement of the final production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.

Below we find a list with Pros & Cons of NO2 MAX



  • increased energy levels
  • increased strength
  • sexual performance improvement
  • increased blood flow and oxygen
  • physical strength
  • maximal increase in muscle mass
  • reduction of body’s recovery times
  • no prescription required 


  • supplement itself cannot cause muscle growth
  • simultaneous application with carefully selected diet plan is required
  • physical exercise also required

Use of NO2 MAX 

The dosage – as recommended by the manufacturing company – is 2 tablets daily (not associated with number of training sessions per day).

Each NO2 MAX bottle contains 60 special tablets, sufficient for intensive treatment of 1 month.

Suggested use is to take 2 tablets with a glass of water about 20 minutes before training.

This goes on a regular basis even for the days there is no training, along with application of the diet plan.  

CAUTION: It is stressed again that the use of NO2 MAX should be combined with a proper diet (as specified by a specialist nutritionist) and a regular exercise program for muscle strength and volume.

The recommended period of use for best and most visible physical results is at least 2 months.

Is it Safe or not? Side effects?

Its manufacturing company guarantees that NO2 MAX is a completely safe, legal & premium quality nutritional supplement for nitric oxide. 

It even guarantees that unlike many other similar ineffective supplements, NO2 MAX is 100% safe and effective.

Due to its composition made exclusively of the highest quality natural ingredients it does not cause any side effects, so being compatible product for any healthy user (not suffering from serious illnesses, following other medications & not suffering from an allergy to any of its ingredients).

CAUTION: One thing to note is that nitric oxide can rarely cause a minor complication due to lower blood pressure.

This practically means that there is a case of developing some (minor) symptoms such as:

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomit tendency
  • fatigue & weakness
  • feeling of exhaustion

TIP: To reduce the occurrence of one or more of the above symptoms, it is advisable to take the supplement after meals. 

However, most users of NO2 MAX state that they have not experienced any side effects while the best & most spectacular results from using the supplement were visible at times the supplement was received on an empty stomach. 

Whatever you eventually choose to do with this supplement, if you see any contraindications, you should immediately seek medical advice. 

NO2 MAX | Advantages & Analysis


1. Energy promotion

Use of NO2 MAX greatly enhances body’s energy levels, while reduces the levels of physical fatigue. 

Plays a very important role in improving blood circulation and so delivering better oxygen amount to all body’s cells, giving muscles elevated amounts of oxygen (tissues included), increasing the useful energy dramatically.

2. Rapid recovery

The recovery of the body relates in a direct way to the amount of nutrients provided to muscles and therefore to the diet followed by the individual.

An increase of nutrients is possible by proper nutrition only. Increased blood circulation achieved by the NO2 MAX supplement helps to this direction as well. 

3. Performance improvement

As easily understood, increasing energy efficiency and better muscle nourishment can only result in improved performance.

4. Fat burning

The composition formula of NO2 MAX contains lambda arginine as a key ingredient (which participates and promotes the production of nitric oxide).

This ingredient (its importance is highly emphasized) has the unique ability to use a greater amount of glucose, meaning that the fat burning is promoted to the maximum, as it is known muscles absorb a lot of glucose which results in increased metabolism and therefore fat burning.

A type of fuel provided for more energy. 

How I increase nitrogen oxide naturally

We have 3 simple and important ways to help you increase your body’s nitrogen oxide, improving your physical condition and higher stamina in a completely natural way with zero side effects and health effects.

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition (spirulina, nuts, pomegranate, fish, seafood, beetroot, watermelon, spinach, garlic)
  • Exposure to healthy sunlight
  • Receiving the right nutritional supplement (NO2 MAX)

NO2 MAX – People who should Avoid its Use

People who have heart or stress problems or generally serious health problems should avoid taking the supplement. 

The same applies to people who follow a medication program. 

The attending physician is the right person for advice on the use of this particular dietary supplement (depending on their health status).

Finally, women who are breast-feeding or pregnant should avoid using any dietary supplements (regardless of their health condition).

Purchase & Price of the product

The NO2 natural dietary supplement is available from CrazyBulk’s official website.

Each package is available at $ 59.95, or $ 16.04 lower of the original price of $ 75.99.



Adding 1 more bottle to your order (that is, ordering 2 packages in one order) gives you one more bottle for free. 

Receiving 3 packs of NO2 MAX you pay only for 2 packages at a total price of $ 119.90.

Offer includes 8 detailed exercise and nutrition guides, also completely free.

A real smash. Why don’t you try it tomorrow?

Start at once. 

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