Performance Lab Sleep | REVIEW | Good sleep sets personal standards

The sleep. A topic mentioned and discussed repeatedly. How many hours, which are the best, sleep hours, etc?

Surely, sleep is one of the most important functions of human organism for various reasons.

Necessary to note that we always mean a good or ideal sleep, performed in the most appropriate hours of the night and for a good duration too.


What is significant is that, good sleep varies from person to person and I would say it is defined as that sleep offering rest and relax to every individual concerned.

So, do not let anyone to give you an advice on how you sleep. Find out on your own the sleep that really makes you feel ready for a new day or new work.

It has been mentioned that the ideal night’s sleep for an adult should not be less than 6 hours and not exceeding the 9 hours. I would say it is “negotiable”.

The fact is that in today’s world most people suffer from lack of sleep and indeed good, quality sleep.

Do not try to find out why. It is known. Commitments, problems, worries and thousand other things carried by every individual up to its bed.

The results are also known. Lower performance at work, feeling of weakness and inability to function well in general creating problems not only at work, but at home as well.

Furthermore, a series of quite serious consequences on the individual’s health too may take place over the course of time.

Performance Lab Sleep … What it is & why we need it


Try to save your sleep.

After all, stress and endless anxiety and obligations cannot be so simply removed from your life, but should not affect any person’s life.

When the problems of everyday life dominate the night prior going to bed, then your sleep will surely be in trouble, being either completely absent (with endless nights of insomnia), or problematic (full of thoughts, stress and bad dreams).

Whatever the outcome, sleep remains the same.

The next morning, a feeling of not being rested dominates the day, resulting in poor production, difficulty in focus and feelings of sickness.

Dietary supplements assisting in a calm sleep (aiming at resting body and mind) are very important to the modern average western man.

NOTE: Emotional burdens, stress and anxiety, interpersonal problems, endless work commitments, financial debts are some of the problems, usually affecting sleep and ultimately health.

Endless choices, as technology has advanced far enough to be able to offer good solutions. Today a review of Performance Lab Sleep nutritional supplement is given, exploring its true characteristics.

Sleep Problems of an average western man


The percentage of people with severe or underlying stress, emotional and psychological burden or fragmented psychology is unfortunately far higher than thought.

Certainly there is a large number of persons behaving like zombies in the house at night, with no sleep and with increased nervousness.

ATTENTION: More than 40% to 50% of population in developed western countries fails to get the quality sleep necessary. The 7 – 9 hours of sleep needed to rest the body seem like an imaginary scenario.

This certainly has serious implications for functioning and efficient ability of the body in daily life.

Lack of sleep (quality sleep) creates big problems in body operation. The consequences are great both in short and long term and should not be ignored.

Poor and inadequate sleep does not only result in fatigue, sleepiness and lethargy, but unfortunately holds far more serious consequences overlooked most of times.

Apart of all other adverse effects created, also damages the mental and perceptual ability, memory capacity, sharpness of thought and mind, self-concentration ability, physical strength and muscular endurance, communication with other people, sociality, the emotional state and psychology.

ATTENTION: Lack of good and restful sleep usually leads to refrigerator visits during nights, affecting even the metabolism.

If you have noticed a weight gain with no change in food consumption habits, here is the reason. Check the sleep quality.

Performance Lab Sleep: Manufacturer – Necessary information

Performance Lab Sleep is a natural nutritional supplement developed by Opti-Nutra (based in United Kingdom) under strict conditions & specifications as defined by law.

Performance Lab Sleep, a 100% natural sleep-boosting supplement will eventually be capable to rest your body, as well as your spirit from physical exhaustion, stresses and worries of everyday life.

A good sleep boosts the immune system and benefits the body in general, so is healthier and free from diseases.

The Performance Lab Sleep Boosting Supplement certainly may be used either independently or in combination with other supplements of the same company for boosting body’s overall health, fitness, wellness and functioning.

A number of supplements produced from Opti-Nutra tried by our team, are recommended (for use in conjunction with Performance Lab Sleep or alone) are given below:

  • Performance Lab Whole-Food
  • Performance Lab Energy
  • Performance Lab Mind
  • Performance Lab Vision
  • Prebiotic Performance Lab

Works or not ???

Will produce results?

Is functioning?

Some of the questions inevitably concerning any potential user.

However, there is no general answer for all sleep boosting supplements. Every supplement is different.

The supplement is tested and found if it is ultimately “good & effective” or “ineffective & maybe even dangerous”, depending on the ingredients selected for its active formula, the amount of these ingredients contained, the side effects probably provoked.

So first, the manufacturer of a product concerned is examined.

The company producing the specific nutritional supplement (here Opti-Nutra) is to give an initial overview of the product.

This company provides a complete range of nutritional supplements with a natural & safe composition assisting on improvement of health, quality of life, certainly boosting the athletic (and not only) performance.

Opti-Nutra, is a company with a “well known” and “strong” name in the field of nutritional supplements, inspiring prestige and safety. In addition, its name is a warranty for high quality raw materials, secured financial transactions and option to communicate directly to answer all customer inquiries.

Why should be selected instead of another product ?

Performance Lab Sleep – as already pointed out – is a completely natural sleep boosting supplement.

  • Not a hypnotic product
  • Not a sedative product

Performance Lab Sleep is not a pill to push into a sleep not relaxing the person and making it feel “lost” by the time is awake, unable to do anything.

Most synthetic pills have a powerful effect on the body, making the individual feel like a drug addict, with no strength or energy, no brain function and clear thinking, no physical alertness and endurance, no perception and alertness.

On the contrary, Performance Lab Sleep is a completely natural & safe product (free of chemicals or sedatives) promoting the body’s natural production of melatonin and enhancing the achievement of a quality rest and rejuvenation sleep.

Importance of melatonin



Melatonin is an important hormone produced by body itself in a completely natural process at evening hours actually preparing the body for sleep.

When the body’s natural production of melatonin is not sufficient to meet the body’s needs, then the individual appears to be having difficulty sleeping (problems with insomnia, intermittent sleep, nervousness, nerve endings, poor sleep).

Modern humans due to modern lifestyle and development of technology, however, encounter sleep problems and disturbances. YES! It is true.

All home appliances carrying home screens emitting radiation, so impeding natural melatonin production. This is due to “artificial light” deceiving the body and not allowing it to enter the natural process of preparing for sleep.

It is not a coincidence that increasing number of people is suffering from sleep problems and is in need of nutritional aid.

Therefore, the Performance Lab Sleep Supplement is targeting its action right there, by replacing inadequate amount of melatonin in a completely natural and safe way.

At the same time, boosts the production of joy hormone (serotonin), assisting on improvement of mood and achieving a good psychology.

This is important because boosts relaxation of the central nervous system (CNS), while it promotes quality sleep to relax the mind from painful thoughts.

Performance Lab Sleep – Composition

Here are the active ingredients:



% RDD*

Magnesium (as Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Taurate, BioGenesis Magnesium)

100 mg


Montmorency Tart Cherry (as CherryPURE) (Prunus cerasus) (fruit) (50:1 concentrated ratio)

500 mg


L-Tryptophan (as Trypto-Pure)

250 mg


*RDD – Recommended Daily Dosage

The percentage daily nutritional value refers to a balanced diet of 2000 calories / day.

Pros – Cons

Have a look at the table below, for supplement’s PROS and CONS.



Boosts the natural production increase of melatonin by organism

Available via internet only

Promotion of sleep process

Slightly expensive

No irritations or dependencies

No strong action of a sedative or drug (for those thinking this is necessary)

Excellent quality natural ingredients

Administration of  many pills (up to 4 pills / day)

Preparation certifications in high quality labs under all safety specifications

Free shipping on purchase over $ 200 only and not to smaller orders

Does not intervene in natural organism’s operation

No sleep feeling during next day

Not a chemical hypnotic or sedative

No side effects

No allergens

No synthetic additives

No soya

No gluten

No GTO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Safe for every organism

No medical prescription required

Synergistic action with other supplements of health improvement

Free shipping

Ideal use

According to manufacturer, Performance Lab Sleep should ideally (to ensure maximum results) be administered about 45 minutes to 1 hour (maximum) before bedtime.

The recommended dose ranges (depending on the individual’s problem) between 2 and 4 pills.


TIP: To reach the ideal dosage, start with a small dose trial until the one working in the best way for your body and based on your own needs.

For best results, daily and consistent use of the Performance Lab Sleep supplement (regardless of individual’s condition) for a good time is recommended.

In other words, is rather used as a cure and not as a means of confronting the problem after its appearance.

Prior going to sleep and seeing if you could sleep you will take the pill as a treatment for a certain period of time.

This will help you reset your sleep and teach your body to obey a different sleep plan.

Tips for better quality sleep

  • specific sleep schedule
  • 7 – 9 hours of sleep daily
  • physical exercise
  • screens & lights switched off in bedroom
  • no coffee & afternoon stimulants
  • no alcohol before bedtime
  • moderate room temperature
  • no thoughts & stress in bedroom
  • meditation
  • beautiful thoughts


The Performance Lab Sleep Supplement (as well as all other Performance Lab supplements may be found online simply in the official company’s website, filling out an order form with the products selected, delivered right in your doorstep.


  • Each Performance Lab Sleep pack contains 60 pills at a price of $ 40.
  • Purchase of 2 packs of Performance Lab Sleep in one order (i.e. 120 pills) offers a 5% saving at a price of $ 76.
  • Purchase of 3 packs of Performance Lab Sleep in one order (i.e. 180 pills) offers a 10% saving at a price of $ 108.

The company also offers a 60 days money back guarantee (on every customer’s first order).

Shipping costs are not included in the above prices as reported for each purchase package. Costs vary depending on order’s final destination.

ATTENTION: Company provides FREE shipping on all orders over $ 200

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