Deca Durabolin – Review (2021) | Should you avoid it?

Deca Durabolin Detailed Review *2021* ! Should you try it or not? ↵

Steroids, – a threat or a blessing of the 20th century?

Various substances, formulated at laboratories for upgrading production in livestock, or for healing special medical conditions, were finally exploited for improving performances and presenting spectacular results claiming records and medals in world athletic competitions. 

At the beginning the behind story was not known and everyone was admiring the athletes for achieving these unbelievable performances and praising them for obtaining these fantastic results. 

None has ever thought that as humans we have certain limits and no matter how strong and painful a training is, these limits can never be broken. 

These records were so fake and as it happens in similar “made up” conditions fell down and people were wondering “Why?”

The answer is simple and direct. The quest for honor, money, prestige and world acceptance confirmed the human nature once again. 

Do we really deserve these delusive conditions? Is it so necessary to fabricate champions and world records for showing that we could overcome the human limits and become something out of this world? 


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Certainly not. Anything false or delusive goes away in a short time and finally leaves the bitter taste to people watching these courses and developments and a thought of being deceived. 

In addition, anyone starts feeling a little careful of using products and formulations acting as supplements. 

 I think it would be useful to understand certain basic things on this issue of anabolic steroids and their use. 

It is a fact that human body reaches its limits in the course of training, presenting a stalemate on further development and higher figures on performance. 

Nothing wrong to use numerous supplements to give the body and organism a boost, but there are some points to take into serious consideration before we do that. 

Are these supplements safe enough, do they interfere with organism’s functioning, will they produce any serious side effects which will affect the future user’s life, will be possible to discontinue their administration with no further addiction?

There are very significant points and a sort of a “shield” protecting the user and its health. 

Anabolic steroids do proceed to a body transformation, delivering spectacular results, but the critical question is always there. What will be the cost the user is going to pay? 

Having said all the above, I believe anyone could understand the anabolics as substances and their use with all the following adverse effects provoked after their use. 

Introduction of Deca Durabolin


Picture all these we are coming to the case of Deca Durabolin, an anabolic steroid we would like to examine thoroughly and bring out all details about it. 

Rolling back in history, we find this steroid being available at the beginning of sixties, under a different name, Nandrolone. 

Eventually this newly introduced steroid at those years became a very popular substance among bodybuilders and professional athletes looking for a supplement to help them reach higher levels in performance in zero time. 

It looks that Nandrolone was accepted in these high rates being a lot lighter than other steroids of the anabolic family and so the side effects expected were of a milder nature. 

This steroid, as all the others limit the blood cell production causing problems in heart function and blood vessels. 

Strangely enough, though all these mentioned and stated have been proved by following clinical tests, we still see people to make use of this substance. 

To defend this action, they even arrive to the conclusion that testosterone makes a higher damage to heart. Ok, it happens many times, as people trying to support their selections for achieving their ambitions, use any weird statement to go ahead. 

That’s ok for them. All the others should not fall into this trap and see just what you get for a month or two. 

Always try to use a real safe supplement so you do not get life problems in your health going on the course of weight or fat loss. 

Now, going further to the problems caused by Nandrolone, we should mention a finding of a University reporting that a severe liver damage is caused by the use of this steroid. 

So, up to now we have the cases of adverse effects on two of the most important body organs, the heart and the liver. 

I do not think we need no more evidence to state that this is an extremely dangerous substance, though as believed, comes as the lighter form of an anabolic steroid.  

Side effects of Deca Durabolin


Summarizing this short paragraph, on general information about Deca Durabolin and than main substance involved in it, Nandrolone we can safely state that. 

Deca Durabolin, as an anabolic steroid, provokes a series of adverse effects of which the most significant are :

  • disintegration of muscles
  • heart functioning problems
  • permanent liver damage 

A final reference in this chapter of general problems is quite important for any person trying to “invent” excuses for using this steroid in its training sessions. 

All effects mentioned, are not the result of an extensive dose. They come even in the case the administration of this steroid is normal, in recommended doses. 

For better information, regarding men and women it would be good to mention the side effects caused separately in the two sexes, so any users will know what to expect after its use. 

Starting with men the side effects developed are those usually observed following the use of an anabolic steroid like: 

  • reduction of testosterone
  • fluid retention
  • gynaecomastia
  • nausea
  • general impotence
  • a low sexual drive

Coming to the case of women, we should remind that, as Deca Durabolin is an androgen steroid produces those effects emphasizing the male characteristics as:

  • bass voice
  • intensive hair growth
  • acne
  • development of male characteristics
  • a general masculine character 

Here we can see that the most important effect coming in serious scale is the change of the female characteristics to those male ones. Any woman making use of this substance and more specifically Nandrolone is losing her characteristics turning into a hybrid man we could say. 

Something that comes on top of all other side effects produced with the use of this supplement. 

It would be quite interesting to make some comments on the effects developed after an extensive use of Deca Durabolin. 

Let us first see some of those effects observed:

  • possible bleeding
  • insomnia
  • high urination rate
  • nausea
  • heart problems
  • hepatitis

These are some of the effects produced on any user exceeding the normal dose recommended. 

Most of them are severe cases, leaving problems for the rest of the user’s life. 

I do not think I’ll have to add anything else on this part of the supplement’s examination. 

Persons to avoid the use of Deca Durabolin


As we do with all reviews of supplements, a brief note is useful on the persons who should avoid the use of this substance. 

Deca Durabolin and its main substance Nandrolone included are chemicals, making its use exclusively prohibitive in cases like:

  • persons younger than 18 years of age
  • persons suffering from heart, kidney and liver problems
  • persons who have already a serious medical condition
  • persons with allergies
  • people with allergies
  • persons following a medication programme prior to starting the use of Nandrolone
  • persons allergic to Nandrolone
  • women breastfeeding or being pregnant

Here similar categories are excluded, as happens with all the categories of steroid examined. 

The nature of this supplement does not leave any space for doubts or reservations to go ahead and decide to try and find out if it can help any potential user.

I think it is rather unnecessary for anyone to decide to test this supplement in its organism after all the above facts mentioned. 

This would be a case of someone who, cannot fully understand the case, or does not intend reading the data in their real dimension.

The first reaction to a supplement of this nature should be the refusal of its trial immediately. A test even for one time could be disastrous for the health and the organism leading to fatal results in certain cases, depending on the person being involved. 

Introduction of Natural Steroids – Decaduro

The science has considered these effects and most probably understood their severity in the organism and health of people, so proceeding to a new generation of natural -as called- steroids. 

What is the basic difference of a steroid like Deca Durabolin and a natural steroid?

Simply these new steroids have only natural ingredients in their composition, so providing a guarantee for non side effects or any later consequences on user’s health. 

Within this context, Crazy Bulk, a leader in supplements, has introduced a new steroid under the name Decaduro. 



It is our proposal to Deca Durabolin as it produces exactly similar results in a slightly longer time. 

The reason, as most probably understand, is that this a completely natural steroid and a chemical solution. 

As emphasized in many other reviews and repeated every time a supplement is examined, our primary concern is the health safety and security of any potential user. 

There is no compromise on this principle, no matter what kind of results are produced with its use. 

For any spectacular results, we should consider the cost to be paid and the scale of these results. 

Going further with the presentation of Decaduro we see a number of benefits offered by this new natural steroid as:

  • results produced are visible at once
  • testosterone is increased and so is the protein synthesis
  • there is an increase in red blood cells
  • achieves the retention of nitrogen useful for protein synthesis
  • testosterone reached higher levels
  • muscle mass is increased
  • makes the body stronger in general

So, where is the difference between Decaduro and Deca Durabolin in terms of results produced?


However in terms of effects there is no comparison, as the first (Decaduro) produces no side effects since its composition is 100% natural, while Deca Durabolin develops a list of side effects which in fact are dangerous leading to permanent adverse damages, if not to fatal results. 

Therefore it is useful to study all these findings and data before you make your final decision on what you are going to use for boosting your performance and results achieved during the training sessions 

Personal Thoughts


Coming to the end of this review, I would like to make my thoughts known on everything discussed and examined. 

As I stressed in the introduction of this article, anabolic steroids, or just anabolics, have been proved a threat for human life, marketed and used for temporary profits only, either money, or records achieved for personal upgrading and acquisition of a higher athletic status. 

Let me start by stating that Deca Durabolin with its main substance included Nandrolone presents a very good example of typical anabolic steroid. 

  • Spectacular results, in very short time
  • Transformation of your body
  • Weight and fat loss
  • Muscle mass developed

On the story behind these advantages, there is a tragic situation. The user pays a heavy price for what gets from this use. Even in the case of a lighter anabolic steroid the adverse effects are clear, even threatening the life of the user, or causing numerous irrevocable damages. 

This is the truth for Deca Durabolin. I think any potential user should know the truth before tries the specific steroid. 

On the other hand, Decaduro a new generation steroid, completely natural, is an ideal proposal by Crazy Bulk for anyone wishing to have results similar to those of anabolic steroids with no side effects at all.

No comparison between these two cases, as our life and health are valuable and any damage caused cannot be recovered easily. 

It is always in the hands and minds of any potential user to decide, which way should go and how to make use of supplements available. 

Lastly, one thing is to remember. You should never consider your life or health as a second parameter in this decision.

The decision is yours. 

Thanks for reading this information and I believe I could be useful on making your decision easier and faster. 

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