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Sustanon, though its original purpose was purely medical, soon started being used for improving athletes’ performance.

Sustanon 250 – What it is


Sustanon 250 is a mixture of four esterified versions of the hormone testosterone (each version in a specific amount and in a specific ratio to the other esterified testosterone versions).

This particular anabolic resulting from this blend of testosterone versions is administered by injection and manages to deliver a total of 250 mg of testosterone (a quantity extremely beneficial for training as shown below).

Available in the market under the brand name “Sustanon 250”, is now only available as a prescription treatment to restore testosterone levels to normal levels.

Its use as a means of muscle strengthening (due to its high anabolic nature) has now been banned due to many and dangerous side effects caused to organism. Its use by women may cause serious hormonal disorders in the organism provoking a lot of irreversible damages.

It is an anabolic developed by Organon in the 1970s. Initially it had purely pharmaceutical & therapeutic use, to improve testosterone levels in children and adolescents with reduced body production.

Basically, involving a mixture of 4 testosterone esterified versions, was aiming at the multiple release of the testosterone hormone.

By multiple, we mean the release of testosterone in many different periods. Both rapid and slow release of the testosterone hormone maintained a high level of male hormone (with a low injection frequency as possible) for Sustanon 250 users.

To understand what ultimately makes ‘Sustanon 250’ dangerous to use, we need to understand its composition and the (positive & negative) properties of each of its components.



30 mg / ml

Testosterone propionate

60 mg / ml

Testosterone phenylpropionate

60 mg / ml

Testosterone isocaproate

100 mg / ml

Testosterone decanoate

This 4 versions’ mixture reaches a total of 250 mg / ml of testosterone acting quickly and slowly, to provide permanent anabolic & androgenic activity to user.

Testosterone propionate and phenylpropionate are esters of relatively short shelf life and much faster action, so providing high anabolic activity but only for a short time (24 hours).

Testosterone Decanoate, on the other hand, has a much longer life span but a much slower release of the male hormone testosterone.

Testosterone isocaprate, a relatively moderate testosterone version, is aiming at a moderate & sustained release of the testosterone hormone, basically covering the entire interval and ensuring, along with the other testosterone versions, a very high anabolic performance over a long period of time.

Up to now, all this sounds good, so why was the use of Sustanon 250 banned as “extremely dangerous to health”?

As already mentioned, Sustanon 250 is an anabolic being administered in injection form only, requiring the injection of the 4 testosterone versions mixture into the organism, leading to a sharp rise in testosterone levels, resulting in improvement of athletic performance.

The anabolic effect of a single Sustanon 250 injection lasts approximately 21 days, practically meaning that the dose is to be repeated every 3 weeks to maintain the anabolic effect of the product.

The mixture of 4 testosterone versions is available in special ampoules (each ampoule equals 1 dose) in liquid form (light yellow).

CAUTION: The mixture contains peanut oil so its use by people allergic to peanut is not allowed.

Basic information

  • pure testosterone supplement
  • supplement in injection form
  • use banned for non-medical purposes
  • substance detected from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
  • numerous side effects
  • for men only
  • medical prescription required
  • strong narcotic / addictive substance
  • may cause fatal results
  • long-term medical use requires frequent blood tests for screening

Who can use this product


Surely, a powerful testosterone product is not suitable for use by women.

By law, the purpose of this very powerful product is to balance the levels of testosterone in children with low production of this valuable hormone and inadequate development of their male characteristics.

However, the Sustanon 250 (and despite its ban by law) tends to be used more by athletes aiming at improving their athletic performance, and above all by athletes wishing to have a quick recovery of muscle mass and physical strength & endurance.

The truth is that, Sustanon 250 has multiple benefits. This is mainly due to the complexity of its composition, containing the 4 testosterone versions with different action times and performance duration.

This results in an extended period of very high anabolic performance (about 3 weeks).

During this period of the mixture action, it is noticed:

  • fatigue fight
  • high amounts of useful energy
  • lethargy fight
  • muscle stimulation
  • faster recovery
  • elevated focus
  • explosive training
  • improved fitness & mood
  • depression fight
  • injury prevention
  • improved brain function

Sustanon 250 provides high anabolic activity and high androgenic activity.

  • Anabolic action: 100
  • Androgenic action: 100

NOTE: For its high performance (anabolic & androgen), Sustanon 250 is widely used by transgender individuals to achieve a smoother transition to male gender, facilitating the development of all male characteristics, such as body hair and deepening of voice.

Who cannot use this product


Sustanon 250 – as pointed out repeatedly – is a very powerful pure testosterone hormone medication (in its 4 different forms), exclusively a medication for therapeutic purposes and available only on prescription.

However, illegal sale & use is not easy to stop it.

A large number of athletes (mainly amateurs, since it is a detectable substance) continue (despite intense warnings) to make extensive use of this testosterone supplement under injection administration, as a assisting means to faster muscle growth and high anabolic performance.

Hundreds of cases of serious side effects and even fatal incidents, have been reported by users of this anabolic formulation.

“High risk individuals” for which use of Sustanon 250 is contraindicated under any circumstances are:

  • people with peanut allergy
  • people with soy food allergy
  • minors (without medical prescription for therapeutic purpose)
  • women
  • men with prostate cancer
  • men with breast cancer

However, this is not the only problem with the use of the Sustanon 250.

Its use by people with various health problems can present serious complications and worsen their health.

Here is a list of health problems, which may be affected to worse following use of Sustanon 250

  • cancer
  • prostate problems
  • kidney disease
  • liver diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • hypertension
  • epilepsy
  • diabetes
  • obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • thrombophilia
  • migraines

Sustanon 250 – Functioning & Risks

Each ampoule of Sustanon 250 for injection contains 4 different testosterone esters (with 4 different action times).

These are synthetic derivatives of the “male hormone”, normally produced by the testicles, determining male growth (development) and the way a boy’s male characteristics are to develop.

When the production of this hormone is lower than normal, and therefore insufficient, other help is needed to fill the gaps, so to allow a person to have a normal development of male sexual characteristics.

Normally, following a certain age (around 35-40), levels of this important hormone begin to gradually decline with many effects on health, such as:

  • infertility
  • erectile dysfunction
  • decreased physical strength
  • lack of self-esteem
  • depression
  • reduced muscle mass
  • impotence
  • reduced sexual desire
  • osteoporosis
  • unjustified fatigue

Imagine now, how many problems the lack of this hormone might have at an earlier age.

How devastating would the consequences be for a man’s life.

Side effects expected


The side effects following Sustanon 250 are many, varying in severity & risk, and with different intensity for each organism.

So, is someone you know or a friend had mild effects only this does not mean that the same thing will happen to you.

Have a look at the mild and common side effects of Sustanon 250:

  • a sense of weakness
  • acne
  • headache
  • the mood
  • nervousness
  • fluid retention (swelling)
  • itching
  • muscle pain

In addition you may also experience a series of more serious effects and discomfort as:

  • increased cholesterol
  • sleep apnea
  • cardiovascular problems
  • liver problems
  • kidney problems
  • increased body weight
  • hypertension
  • cancer (prostate)
  • prostate problems
  • stroke
  • chest pain
  • priapism (painful and long erection)
  • depression
  • sperm production decline
  • infertility
  • elevated hemoglobin

Our Legal & Safe Proposal – Testogen


Sustanon 250 is a very effective and very powerful product, but at the same time very dangerous and most significantly illegal, as well.

Its use can cause significant (and in some cases irreversible) damages to the organism and health of user, while there are not a few cases that fatal results were reported.

As science advances, our gain is to have similar results with a powerful anabolic, as Sustanon, but to avoid its severe side effects.

This was finally achieved and we are pleased to make an alternative proposal in the place of Sustanon, a natural anabolic, called, TESTOGEN .

To prove everything mentioned see below what it could offer, with its 100% natural composition:

  • muscular strengthening
  • muscle growth
  • enhance the levels of free testosterone
  • increased strength
  • rapid recovery
  • burn body fat faster
  • improved athletic performance
  • improved sexual performance
  • strong erection (with duration)
  • elevated libido
  • self confidence


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