Eat right & Increase Your Testosterone

(Foods Increasing Testosterone & Improving Men’s Sexual Health)

Many men experience (to a lesser or higher degree) low testosterone levels, a fact mostly due to age, however (as shown below) this is not the only reason of testosterone lower figures. A study is to be carried out on various ways to naturally increasing (with the use of right foods) the production of testosterone in male organism, so sexual health may be improved with no use of pharmaceuticals.

Testosterone – Reasons for declining

Usually the testosterone levels get lower values in the male body due to age. The decline begins as early as 30 years of age and follows a gradual pattern.

By the age of 60, the man has already lost almost half of his testosterone productivity, with a number of consequences for his organism and health.

Could we say that this gradual reduction in testosterone levels leads the man to the so-called “andropause” or “male menopause”?

Therefore, testosterone reduction is clearly a matter of age.

For long, this view dominated the studies. However, new studies suggest that reducing the production of this important hormone is often not related to age but to other factors associated with person’s overall health, physical and mental condition, psychology, well-being, and lifestyle (sleep, bad habits, addictions, abuse, diet, and smoking).

(!!!): Doctors now claim that the rate at which testosterone begins to decline in every man is the result of an equation including many factors.

What we need to make clear to public at this point (to avoid misunderstanding) is that the reduction in testosterone is related (due to nature) to increasing age and old age, however, to a large extent it is now affected by other factors related to a person’s lifestyle and daily life, as well as their general health.

Therefore, the assumption that everything is to “flow normally” due to the young age of the person does not apply anymore.

It takes a lot of effort for the person (of any age) to make and get into a healthy daily routine for enhancing the proper functioning of his organism.

It is no coincidence that in many research studies was found that obese men, heavy smokers, men of poor nutrition or depressed, had a greater and faster reduction in their testosterone production.

Furthermore, something unexpected – was that unmarried men seem to have shown a large decrease in testosterone levels compared to married persons, translated by doctors and experts as follows: The environmental stability of a married man led to better psychology, better health and lower stress for these men, also contributing to their sexual health positively.

How Testosterone affects the Libido


Libido is a way of expressing each individual’s sexual activity. It is only natural to have periods of increased and lower sexual activity.

This should not be a worrying factor.

The emotional and psychological state of a person goes via this particular time (stress, sadness, grief, depression, anxiety, insecurity), as well as other factors (such as physical fatigue, health problems, lack of free time) contributing to reduction of libido for some time, a fact perfectly normal and mostly healed.

Everyday life affects a person’s sex life and this is something that should not worry you, but neither allowing you being indifferent.

It is only a temporary condition, slowly fading away and the person returning to normal.

However, in some (few) cases might lead to chronic condition and disability, or in certain cases a first sign of a serious medical condition requiring clarification by appropriate medical examinations.

Some men – afraid of the sudden change experienced- rush to synthetic testosterone. This hormone therapy provides immediate results, while also creates several side effects in the organism.

It’s a treatment strictly prescribed and only applies to severe episodes of hormonal imbalance, requiring regular and consistent medical monitoring of the individual throughout the treatment, as well as great care & safety.

For the rest of the cases, the majority, the increase in testosterone levels in men can be achieved in “natural ways”.

Nutrition is perhaps the most important of these.

Each doctor will first recommend to each man a rearrangement of his diet plan.

“What” he eats as well as “how much” plays a very important role in the proper functioning of HIS organism.

Maintaining a healthy and, above all, stable body weight plays an important role in a person’s sexual health – as in many other health issues.

Therefore, we are talking about proper nutrition & adequate physical exercise, so organism’s function remains healthy and efficient.

CAUTION: Obesity may cause low testosterone levels, but also low testosterone can boost weight gain.

Especially fat on the waist, common in men (visceral fat accumulated in the perimeter of man’s waist around all organs) is we would say one of the main “enemies” of testosterone.

This is not accidental even has a scientific explanation. Abdominal fat (increased fat cells) also increases in number an enzyme called aromatase, responsible for the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into female hormones (estrogen).

In brief, the higher number of fat cells a man has in his waist (so-called love handles), the more aromatase enzymes produced by his organism, so female hormones are higher in organism.

This also confirms how diet & healthy weight are related to man’s testosterone & libido… (for any man of EVERY AGE).

Foods Enhancing Testosterone Production


Below you find a number of foods recommended by doctors for men, so that at any age could maintain a healthy sexual function.

Proper nutrition can delay the “male pattern baldness or menopause” and help men of all ages to have a full, active, dynamic & most importantly healthy sexual status & action.

Prior to listing some of the foods included in your diet for enhancing your sexual health and function, an equally important parameter related to your diet and affecting your testosterone should be mentioned.

According to studies, there are specific “nutritional models” negatively affecting testosterone production and according to a recent study, it is suggested that a very low fat diet plays a negative role for testosterone production.

Statistical studies have shown a small reduction in testosterone production in men following this diet for some time.

This research (conducted by Jake Fantus of University of Chicago Medicine) suggested a small drop in the levels of testosterone in men who participated in this experiment.

However, the results are still quite unclear.

SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSION: People following a dietary program or diets not allowing nutritional elements (low-fat diet, low-carb diet, diet with a single dietary restriction) tended to present a higher reduction of testosterone production, than those following a balanced diet (such as Mediterranean Diet).

Below are the foods for a “balanced diet” or “healthy diet”

No.1: Oily Fish

Oily fish (such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring) have high content of beneficial Omega (Ω3) good fatty acids, important for organism’s functioning but also for enhancement of male testosterone produced.

Furthermore, these fish offer a significant amount of good protein strengthening a man’s muscular system and reducing body fat. They also offer vitamin D at very high levels.

No.2: E Dairy Products enriched with Vitamin D

As already mentioned – in the case of oily fish – vitamin D is extremely important for the male organism. These enriched foods provide the person with adequate vitamin D intake (especially in countries where sunshine is not sufficient for adequate intake).

Dairy products in addition provide protein, and essential minerals that support bone health, muscle health, and the health of the male reproductive system.


No 3: Eggs (more specifically yolks)

Eggs (especially yolks), are a very good source of vitamin D. Until a few years ago, the consumption of egg yolks was associated with high blood cholesterol, a theory not valid anymore by scientific studies.

Consumption of egg yolks is therefore not a risk to the health of the individual and is recommended to promote vitamin D in his organism.

No.4: Beef

The truth is that consuming red meat is associated to a variety of serious illnesses. However, its careful consumption can have significant benefits for the male organism. Vitamin D (which is especially high in liver), protein and zinc, are some of the very important benefits necessary to be present in a man’s diet.

No.5: Beans

Beans are another great source of plant proteins, beneficial to organism and not only.

Beans are also rich in zinc and vitamin D, but also in beneficial fiber & protein enhancing good cardiovascular function and promoting good sexual function in men.

No.6: Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds – no matter of how cheap & low-value may sound – are an excellent source of magnesium, zinc, good fats and fiber boosting a man’s cardiovascular and digestive function and sexual performance.

In fact, – especially magnesium – is a key ingredient in a number of biochemical studies performed on male testicles and related to the production of testosterone.

No.7: Coffee

Coffee is a natural ingredient boosting the individual’s health.

Natural stimulant promoting good and balanced mental, spiritual and physical health of the individual.

Balanced psychology – as already pointed out – helps to control the body weight, which consequently helps in the healthy sexual health (but also in the general health) of the individual.

No.8: Pure Virgin Olive Oil

Pure virgin olive oil – a primary element of the Mediterranean diet – is an excellent source of good omega -3 fatty acids, significantly improving testosterone production in male organism.

By replacing butter with pure virgin olive oil, you immediately gain many benefits for your health & sex life.

No.9: Cruciferous Vegetables

Another very useful food is cabbage, broccoli, turnips, Brussels sprouts, celery, mustard greens, and cauliflower (the so-called cruciferous vegetables), promoting good heart function, as well as preventing cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

They provide the body with plenty of fiber, powerful antioxidants, calcium, potassium, selenium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Adequate consumption significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and enhances the natural production of testosterone.

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