Zinc | What it is? How Important is in Man’s Sexual Function

We will talk about Man’s Sexual Function & Best Booster Pills (Zinc contained)

Today’s article hosts the discussion on the already known significance of an important ingredient, Zinc, for the human body.

A sufficient amount of zinc provides assistance not only on body’s overall health and function, but also on its immunity, sexual function and reproductive ability.

Zinc found in many supplements has its own significance.

Two of the most effective over the counter ed pills, increase in libido and boost of sperm production are:

According to scientific studies, zinc plays an important role in many chemical processes taking place in the human body.

Here are the first data on this valuable ingredient.

Zinc: Precious like gold


Zinc is the second place most abundant metal in the human organism following iron in the first place, due to the fact that is necessary for performing many important functions such as, the synthesis of certain essential hormones maintaining skin health, the proper functioning of immune system and the reproductive ability.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this element’s significance in diet (as a result of non appropriate consumption).

However, zinc – assists on the function of more than 300 enzymes – is actively involved in protein synthesis, hormone production and overall good & balanced functioning of the organism.

Poor Zinc consumption via the diet (daily meals) is obvious, with effects on health, beauty, fitness, and even a person’s psychology.

Nutritionally we can find it in a variety of foods, but – even in the case, this is not sufficient – in special dietary supplements as well.

NOTE: Zinc participates in a variety of nutritional supplements, due to its multiple active capacity and the benefits it offers to the organism, with the most popular being the immune booster and erectile enhancement supplements.

The effect of zinc deficiency in Organism

A common condition, usually involving a group of symptoms.

  • incomplete immune function
  • fatigue
  • appetite loss
  • hair loss
  • diarrhea
  • taste disorder
  • hearing difficulty
  • infections
  • growth problems
  • hypogonadism
  • skin problems
  • problematic vision (especially in dark)
  • olfactory disorders
  • oral ulcers
  • weak teeth
  • weak nails
  • weak bones

CAUTION – zinc deficiency is as harmful to the organism as its overconsumption. Large amounts of zinc may cause diarrhea, vomiting and gastrointestinal upset / pain. It is extremely difficult to receive high amounts of zinc via nutrition. Overconsumption usually occurs in uncontrolled dietary supplementation.

NOTE: The ideal intake of zinc per day varies depending on gender and age. An adult male, however, should take about 11 mg in daily diet. (Indicatively, for women, the required amount is only 8 mg per day.)

Zinc -The relationship between Zinc and Erotic Mood & Libido


As seen, zinc is an extremely important metal for the organism.

However, what not mentioned yet is its importance regarding the man’s sexual desire.

According to experts, zinc has a catalytic role in the process of testosterone production by the organism.

Especially after the age of 40, every man should be more careful with its diet, for providing the organism with the necessary nutrients.

The increase in hypogonadism in men between the ages of 40 and 80 – according to statistical studies – reaches 2.1%.

Sexual problems & dysfunctions, sperm production disorders, inflammation, deficient hormone production, testicular cell damage, poor sperm and infertility are just some of the very serious effects of zinc deficiency especially in men.

Why this deficiency is mainly identified in this age range?

According to scientific studies, hypogonadism and insufficient production of testosterone in men of a certain age usually results from changes in testicular steroidogenesis (a process of organism associated with testosterone production).

These changes involve alteration of Leydig cells in testicles, so creating a difficulty in producing sufficient amounts of testosterone.

The gradual decline in testosterone levels as man grows older is more likely to eventually lead to a syndrome known as “male menopause” or “andropause.”

This disorder – as research shows – increases with age and as testosterone decreases in organism. This is why after the age of usually 40, the man begins to show various symptoms (including lack of sexual desire, as well as erectile dysfunction).

So it is obvious that there is a direct link between zinc intake (especially in this age range), and testosterone production, libido and male sexual performance.

The absence of “morning erection” is one of the most common symptoms of “aging” hypogonadism and the first sign that testosterone levels are inadequate.

High Risk Groups

As mentioned, zinc deficiency in organism is not uncommon, easily treated with an appropriate diet or supplement.

However, some groups of people – see below – appear to be more prone to low zinc intake.

  • vegetarians (due to lack of meat consumption)
  • elderly persons
  • people with anorexia nervosa
  • alcoholic persons
  • people suffering from Crohn’s disease
  • persons following a strict diet
  • people with celiac disease

Zinc – Basic Forms


Commercially we meet zinc in many nutritional supplements, in different forms and ratios.

Below you see the most common forms contained in the composition of various dietary supplements:

  • Zinc Picolinate
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Zinc Orotate
  • Zinc Acetate
  • Zinc Glycerate
  • Zinc Oxide

NOTE: The zinc form highest in absorption found in nutritional supplements is picolinic zinc, the form with the greatest bioavailability and the minimum side effects to the organism.

Zinc as a dietary supplement is available in various forms (usually in the form of capsules, lozenges or tablets) and in many supplements found combined with magnesium in aspartate form, indicated as ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate product) in the composition.

NOTE: ZMA is a dietary supplement very important in men’s supplements, and in supplements for bodybuilders, athletes, heavy athletes and gymnasts. Research shows its association to faster and better muscle growth combined with increased testosterone production.

Contraindications / Side effects / Interactions

As already mentioned, excessive zinc intake can cause mild or even more serious gastrointestinal disorders.

It is therefore important to have an appropriate supplement administration according to the company’s instructions for use.

Experts also warn that high iron intake (over 25 mg per day) can significantly reduce zinc levels in the body.

Zinc also appears as associated with reduced copper absorption (which is the reason for a recommendation on simultaneous administration).

Finally, we should not miss to mention the interaction of zinc supplements with antibiotics.

It is advisable to take the antibiotic at least 2 hours before zinc administration, or at least 5-6 hours later, so reducing the interaction between the active substances and the development of any side effects.

The administration of diuretics enhances the elimination of zinc through urination.

The Best Male Enhancement pills containing Zinc

No.1: Male Extra


Male Extra is a very popular male enhancement pill, exclusively for males, with its use (especially after the age of 40) can have great benefits regarding his sexual health.

Male Extra has a clinically studied formula of natural ingredients, aiming to enhance male sexuality, libido, sexual performance, erection, fertility, as well as to help fight failures (such as insufficient ejaculation) or weak erection.

A number of benefits are associated with its use such as:

  • significant increase in penis size
  • increased erection duration
  • libido enhancement
  • stimulation of physical endurance & strength
  • fight against ejaculation problems
  • fight against erection problems
  • largest sperm production
  • best sperm quality
  • increased sexual pleasure (orgasm)

Manufactured by Marlia Health Innovations based in the United Kingdom, meets all safety & quality standards and is a legal and safe supplement (even for long-term preventive use).

Its goal is to improve an adult’s sex life and testosterone production as growing older and the testosterone significantly reduced in his or her organism.

The best erection and improved sexual desire are 2 of the highest demands for men after the age of 40.

Male Extra contains zinc citrate (Zinc Citrate) in a sufficient amount (14 mg) to improve sexual function dramatically, meaning a ratio of an amount covering 140% of the RDD.

It is only available via its official website and delivered immediate and always in a discreet package.

A 60-day money back guarantee is available.

Each Male Extra package sells for $ 64.95 (or € 54.95)

With the purchase of 4 packages (treatment for 4 months), you get 1 FREE ProErection Gel at the price of $ 197.95 (approximately € 149.95). This means each package comes at the price of $ 49.48 (approximately € 38.73) instead of $ 64.95 (€ 54.95) a price paid for each package purchased individually.

Finally, with the purchase of 6 packages (treatment for 6 months), you also receive 2 FREE ProErection Gels at $ 249.95 (approximately € 200.00). This means each package comes at the price of $ 41.65 (approximately € 31.63) instead of $ 64.95 (€ 54.95) paid for each package purchased individually.

No.2: Viasil


Viasil is a pill fighting the lack of sexual interest, erectile dysfunction and male impotence.

According to its company, contains a powerful formula claiming to strengthen the male organism with incredible energy and great sexual drive.

Following a market research, it is easy to see that this pill enjoys a large acceptance by men, being known in large parts of the world.

Its ingredient formula contains no dangerous chemicals and is 100% natural, ensuring strength and energy in the organism, achieved by increasing the supply of oxygen, and then by stimulating blood flow throughout the organism providing an erection characterized by:

  • size
  • stamina
  • power
  • duration
  • performance

Including zinc in its composition, Viasil, increases the number of sperm produced, but also its motility, with a positive effect on male fertility.

Enhances erection and provides better control over it (on a variety of factors: strength / power / erection duration / decisive ejaculation time).

It is an FDA approved product and completely safe for the organism.

Viasil contains zinc in its picolinic form (most easily absorbed by organism), not in large amount (compared to Male extra).

Specifically, contains 1.5 mg of zinc, providing 15% of PPP.

The Viasil supplement is available only online, via the official website of its company.

Each Viasil package contains 10 tablets and is currently on sale at a discounted price of $ 74.99 (starting price $ 79.99). A saving of $ 5.00 per package.

With the purchase of 2 packages in the same order (20 tablets) you get 1 more package free of charge (10 extra tablets). So you get 2 + 1 packages (30 tablets in total), at a price of $ 149.99 (starting price $ 239.97). A saving of $ 89.98.

Finally, by purchasing 3 packages in one order (30 tablets) you get 2 more packages free (20 extra tablets). So you get 3+ 2 packages, (50 tablets in total), at the price of $ 209.99 (starting price $ 399.95). A saving of $ 189.96.

Shipping is free for all orders and at any destination.

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