Niacin (Vitamin B3) | Which Supplements contain it and where is Required

Niacin or vitamin B3, an important ingredient, comes to our review today.

Many nutritional supplements include Niacin, so looks very interesting to find out the reason for it.

What Niacin provides to organism and why its administration is necessary?

A doctor will simply tell you, in an attempt to explain the usefulness of this ingredient, that it is essential for the proper functioning of every organ in organism.

Below a few information are of help for a better understanding.

Niacin – What it is

Vitamin B complex consists of 8 vitamins with different importance for each of them.

Niacin (or B3 Vitamin) is used by organism (among other functions) for converting the food consumed into beneficial energy, to help all the organs to function properly and the person itself as well to be functional in your daily life.

In brief, Niacin is extremely valuable for the nervous and digestive systems, as well as for the skin, heart health and many other organs.

Nearly all multivitamins contain niacin or vitamin B3. However, we also find it very often in other types of nutritional supplements.

Usually the person receives the necessary vitamin B3 through its diet. Foods such as dairy, vegetables, eggs, meat, liver, poultry, salmon, peanuts, brown rice, avocados, whole grains, potatoes and mushrooms are good sources of niacin for organism.

However, if the diet is not sufficient to ensure a sufficient amount of niacin for the proper functioning of organism, dietary supplements in parallel administration are recommended.

Niacin – Adequate Administration

Niacin intake varies from person to person, gender, age, and many other factors. A doctor is the right person to inform you for any need of Niacin supplement and at which QUANTITY.

Indicatively, here are few values ​​valid (on average) so you have an idea of this matter.

Children: 2 – 15 mg

Adult men: 16 mg

Adult women: 14 mg

Pregnant women: 18 mg

Breastfeeding women: 17 mg

Maximum Daily Intake for Adults: 35 mg

The above are average numbers, varying from person to person.

Niacin Deficiency in organism – How I realize it


Most people supplement the required amounts of Niacin (Vitamin B3) simply by eating them. However, in some cases, this is not enough, so resulting – due to incomplete intake of this valuable ingredient – to symptoms / discomfort, of which the most important are:

  • memory loss
  • diarrhea
  • depression
  • headache
  • unjustified fatigue
  • skin problems

NOTE: Niacin deficiency in the advanced Western world is extremely rare. This condition usually affects people in developing countries where no proper diet plans are available.

What Should I Know?

Niacin or Vitamin B3 is available in 2 basic chemical forms. Each of them has a different function, so the lack of either of them leads to different side effects & organic dysfunctions.

1. Nicotinamide or Niacinamide:

Assists in treatment of skin diseases (as psoriasis) and protects the health of the skin from melanoma or skin cancer.

2. Nicotinic acid:

This form of Niacin is widely used in various supplements for controlling the cholesterol levels (something not done by nicotinamide or niacinamide), also controlling the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, reducing the heart disease risk.

Niacin – in any of its forms – is a water-soluble vitamin, so the organism does not have the ability to store the excess for later use, but eliminates it naturally, meaning that the right amount of Niacin or Vitamin B3 should be received consistently at meals. Exceeding the daily dose has no benefit at all.

Niacin – Its Action in Organism


The best way to understand what is Niacin is to learn how it works in the organism.

Like the other B vitamins, niacin plays an important role in the metabolism of valuable and essential energy for the organism.

In fact, Vitamin B3 specifically contains two important coenzymes (NAD & NADP), quite important in cellular metabolism.

In addition, Niacin or Vitamin B3 is involved in the production of DNA, provides the organism with important antioxidant protection.

The majority of people use Niacin supplements for controlling and lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, receiving Niacin supplement – as various studies show – boosts good cholesterol levels, promoting good heart health.

Finally, the contribution of Niacin supplement for controlling the triglyceride levels is important.

So is it only Beneficial as a Treatment for Cholesterol?

No. It may also used in a variety of ways and for different purposes to strengthen the body. Your doctor could better diagnose and prescribe a Niacin supplement if needed, determining the dosage for which you should take Niacin supplement.

Any risk for side effects?

As with everything, so with Niacin, overdose can lead to severe toxicity and side effects. Liver problems, low blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, stomach ulcers, gout, itching, vomiting, dizziness, muscle damage, changes in heart rate, heart problems.

All of the above come as a serious possibility of Niacin abuse & overdose.

However, receiving Niacin in normal amounts will rarely cause serious health problems. Users usually report intense flushing and redness on the face and neck.

In some cases, gastrointestinal disorders (such as diarrhea), upset stomach & stomach pain, nausea and stomach dizziness reported are just mild symptoms fading away with time.

Any Interaction with other Medicines

Yes! At this point is extremely important – before taking any supplement (Niacin or any other) – to consult your doctor, so assessing your health, checking the medication already administered and receiving advise on any future interactions.

Niacin or Vitamin B3 will not only be found as a dietary supplement, but also in a variety of dietary supplements (such as some male enhancement supplements against erectile dysfunction mentioned below).

CAUTION: In any case, when you are taking a medication or have a health problem, you MUST get your doctor’s opinion before taking any dietary supplement (regardless of its possible harm).

An Example of Nutritional Supplement containing Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Male Extra (Men’s Supplement)


Male Extra pill is a nutritional supplement for men with 100% natural composition, circulating in the world market for some time and aiming at men who, due to age or other factors, have difficulty in their sexual life (insufficient erection, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual interest, low levels of self-esteem, poor sperm quality).

After all, no man likes “inactive” in bed and no man wants to feel useless.

Every man’s psychology is closely related to his sexual performance, and this is a fact.

The Male Extra nutritional supplement is therefore a pill (administered orally & without side effects), exclusively for men and with its clinically studied formula of ingredients aims to enhance male nature, improve sexual performance and increase the self-confidence of men of all ages, meaning:

  • penis size increase during erection
  • enhance libido
  • stimulation of endurance, physical strength & performance during sexual intercourse
  • increased sexual drive
  • controlled ejaculation (with no premature ejaculation)
  • greater sperm production & better mobility

Manufactured by Marlia Health Innovations in United Kingdom – meets all the required safety & quality standards required by law, offering the user absolutely safe & fast results.

Niacin is present in the Male Extra supplement in an amount of 18 mg / pill, capable to help effectively & visibly on improving a man’s sexual performance (as evidenced by scientific studies by increasing endurance, physical strength & energy and reducing fatigue and satiety).

Niacin in Male Extra supplement stimulates male sexual function and enhances erection since significantly improves blood circulation in the entire organism (and in genitals) of the man.

Each Male Extra package contains pills for 1 month of treatment and is now available at a discounted price of $ 64.95 (starting at $ 74.95), via the official website where even more special offers for the purchase of Male Extra are available. Have a look and save money.

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