Nutrition for Energy – The Best Foods for staying Fit

Is there sοmething called “Nutrition for Energy” ?

Organs -like brain- forward messages manifested as unjustified fatigue, difficulty on concentration, or even weakness of doing anything, concerning your nutrition.

Today’s article offers assistance on finding the healthiest foods for securing an energy boost.

Poor nutrition leads to dysfunction of the entire organism and your brain refusing to cooperate, so affecting all your actions and your daily routine.

Many persons make the mistake of paying more attention on HOW MUCH and WHEN to consume food and just a little on the QUALITY of the food consumed.

Quantity is an important factor, but quality is the main factor on our nutrition for energy.

Your organism has different needs in the morning after staying with no food during the night, than a few hours before bedtime.

The selection of food for each meal plays a key role in how active and healthy you remain during the day, from the morning until the time you go to sleep.

Furthermore, a big misconception concerning the energy of foods relates to their caloric value. The fact that a piece of brownie has a very high caloric value does not mean it provides the best form of energy.

For example, a toast with whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, turkey, avocado and egg may provide similar calories but clearly cover more of the organism’s needs.

Good carbohydrates, proteins, good fats and certainly valuable fiber offer equal caloric value with a small piece of brownie, but in a very different time distribution.

Therefore, while a dessert can give you a lot of energy at once (and no nutritional value at all), a toast like the one mentioned above could offer similar amount of energy, distributed over time. This means feeling well and having high energy levels for a longer time, along with higher nutritional value, nutrients and vitamins.

Nutrients and Health


The nutrients received via the diet, play a very important role in the organism functioning, determining every person’s health.

If a person does not eat properly for a long time and does not receive the necessary nutrients needed, it is very likely that in the future will experience damage, dysfunction of various important organs, even serious and dangerous diseases with fatal results.

We have to deal with diet in a serious way.

It is important to spend time planning and scheduling meals, giving emphasis on their quality. As, per example, you would not wish to buy an expensive racing car and use a gasoline of dubious quality.

This is exactly what happens with the organism. Whatever you feed it, you take back its return.

Nutrition for Energy : A well-nourished organism performs better in any action, physical, organic, psychological, mental…

Every living organism needs micronutrients and macronutrients. The process of nourishing a living organism follows a specific and stable cycle involving the conversion of food and its nutrients into energy necessary for the organism helping the proper functioning of all its organs.

Carbohydrates, lipids and proteins belong to a class of ingredients called macronutrients and should be the basis of a diet. These ingredients consumed in large quantities, contribute to cell formation.

Vitamins, minerals and water belong to micronutrients consumed in smaller quantities and playing an important role in the formation of enzymes.

In other words, nutrition plays a very important role in life. Food is the “fuel” used by the organism to prepare all its daily tasks.

However, food is not only fuel for organism, but for the brain as well. The ability to concentrate, perceive, memorize, reasoning, thinking in a complex way as well as understanding the elements of the individual’s environment are defined by its diet.

A diet rich in beneficial micronutrients and macronutrients offers the organism and the brain the ability to function to maximum level, having a positive impact on the individual’s psychology and emotional state.

Everything is linked to each other in a chain, to influence each other.

Foods for Energy & Health



Banana is an ideal snack for energy, not being a coincidence selected by children as a snack at school, but also by athletes for a quick boost of their energy.

Bananas provide the organism with good carbohydrates, vitamins and valuable dietary fiber, providing energy for long.

Banana is also an excellent source of potassium (approximately 358 mg / 100g) and is a natural remedy for a variety of health problems.

According to scientific studies, just 2 bananas a day, are able to provide an athlete with energy for about 1 1/2 hours of tough training.

It also contains 3 natural sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose) stimulating the organism and promoting the good mood.

Many athletes select bananas instead of sports drinks for improving their endurance and performance, as well for enhancing their perceptual ability.

No.2: EGG


Another energy food favorable of children and athletes of all ages is the egg. Rich in beneficial animal protein is a source of stable energy for long, not causing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and not affecting insulin levels.

An ideal food for diabetics, containing an amino acid called leucine, stimulating energy levels, providing cells with more sugar (via the bloodstream), or by burning stored fat.



Even water, though a nutrient with zero caloric value, plays a key role in maintaining life, proper functioning of the organism, in cellular function and surely in the production and proper energy management.

Dehydration leads the body, among other things, to a strong feeling of fatigue and exhaustion (physical & mental).

This is another reason that – especially athletes – should take care of proper hydration (especially during intense aerobic activity).


Certainly yogurt he could not be absent from the list of top energy foods, providing carbohydrates for immediate energy supply, but also a large amount of proteins of animal origin ensuring a stable energy supply in the long run and for long.

Protein also slows down the burning of carbohydrates and the release of sugars into the bloodstream to nourish cells.

The B complex vitamins of yogurt enhances the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), assisting on nourishment of cells throughout the body.



Cocoa (and dark chocolate) contains abundant antioxidants promoting good health, improving brain function, strengthening the immune system, stimulating mood and improving blood circulation.

Good blood circulation means better drainage of oxygen to all cells, all tissues and all organs of body.


Chicken is the No. 1 choice of lean meat. Cooked or boiled (with no skin) is the best form of animal protein with very low bad fats.

Chicken contains an amino acid called tyrosine providing the organism with a large amount of energy, so helping in the immediate fight against fatigue and hunger suppression.


Oily fish (as salmon, herring, tuna, sardines, mackerel) are a food combining good fatty acids and proteins, so promoting stabilization of blood sugar and insulin levels.

The good fatty acids of these fish enhance brain function, promote good muscle and bone health.

Fatty fish provide large amounts of energy while promoting weight management & a balanced diet.



Certainly, legumes occupy a place in the list of the most important energy foods.

Source of plant proteins, legumes, provide the organism with a large amount of fiber and carbohydrates enhancing energy and stimulating good digestive function.

Legumes provide valuable minerals, vitamins and nutrients, never to be lost from the body.


All berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, berries, raspberries, acai berries, goji berries, inca berries, sea buckthorn, gooseberries), dried or fresh have a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins on offer. Perfect for a nutrition for energy & stamina.

Their natural sugars provide energy (just a handful of dried berries is an ideal snack for any athlete).

Furthermore, the large amount of antioxidants, favor the good organism functioning at every level.

No.10: NUTS


Nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts of all kinds) are a powerful and efficient dose of energy, alleviating the feeling of hunger immediately.

Contain vitamins, vegetable proteins and good fatty acids, also providing a significant amount of fiber for the regulation of the digestive process.

Nuts provide great caloric value, requiring attention on their consumption for controlling the body weight. Is good nutritional element for energy gain & weight loss.


Sweet potatoes – apart from precious minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium) – provide the body with vitamins C and D, fiber and good carbohydrates for energy and nutrition to cells.

The sweet potato in combination with a source of protein (fish or meat) could be a complete and very nutritious meal.



Mushrooms – though not so broadly known – provide a large amount of iron (almost 50% of organism’s daily needs), meaning better blood circulation and better transport of oxygen to all cells in the body.

The mushroom can directly stimulate energy and fight physical and mental fatigue equally well.

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