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Something common. Happens to all of us and to each one of us. You think you are in control of your body and everything it’s going well, if not perfect.

Unfortunately, you did not get the opinion of the final judge, the mirror, to give you its opinion and to show you the real picture.

This is the moment that, we may call it a “tragedy”. What you see in mirror it’s far away of what you thought and the delusion is rolling out in front of your very eyes.

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It’s true. A body, being saggy and fluffy, carrying extra weight

No real muscles.

No ribbing at all.

The worst of all comes in the end with lack of energy, power & life.

Who’s to blame for this picture? To tell you the truth it’s not your fault. It’s the daily routine, the routine in general.

In today’s life it’s so easy to slowly get out of control and lose your silhouette.

Simple reasons for this as, one day you are just too tired to go out running, the other day your kids got sick so the gym is no longer an option for that day. On the third day, you had so much stress in the office that your food consumption was a little too much.

So simply and without realizing how the time goes, you accumulate kilos, lose energy and form and your body changes to worse. No other reason or something strange has happened.

Nowadays, the majority of people (men and women) are characterized, or better are described as overweight, while most of them are clearly obese, including your children as well.

Huge problems for the health are emerging because of the situation, nevertheless, a diet could not bring the desired results (if this is the only action taken).

As science paves the way for an easier fight of weight loss and fat burning, a number of products have been produced, as per example, the fat burners, to facilitate the entire process, prepare the body for efficient fat burning and speed up the desired results.


The best fat burner Supplements of the past year, is the topic of today’s article referring to fat burning products, capable of delivering real results and making it easier for any user to go through the difficult process of slimming successfully.

There is however, an important question:

What are the elements making a fat burner, the Best Fat Burner?

This is the point we can guide you informing you the basic characteristics that a fat burner should have in order to be worth to use it and expect results without feeling that you wasted your money.

Let’s have a look at these characteristics:

  • ingredients capable of fat burning (natural ingredients)
  • clear action
  • clear instructions for use
  • possible side effects (minimum possible)
  • possible interactions with other medicines (minimum possible)
  • well-known & reliable manufacturing company
  • cancellation & refund policy
  • satisfactory price (always relative to the product’s active capacity)
  • reliable transaction & purchase process
  • instant shipping at any destination selected

I do not think I’ll have to repeat again how difficult it is to start a process of losing weight, controlling your diet and lifestyle, and putting yourself in a new daily routine.

The only thing you do not really want is to be involved with products of dubious quality and reactive power.

It is also of no help to you having an order that will eventually take a few weeks for delivery to its destination (because by then you have lost your faith again in the whole slimming process you are about to enter).

You don’t need any extra difficulties and side effects that will make you feel even worse and reduce your self confidence.

These are the important points and reasons for selecting the Best Fat Burner Supplements 2020 to be reliable, effective, safe and tested products.

Best Fat Burners 2020: The TOP Products of the Year

No.1: PhenQ



PhenQ is a completely effective fat burning & appetite suppressor, working in two ways, to fight fat and at the same time to prevent it.

A number exceeding the 190,000 Satisfied Customers – PhenQ users, cannot be wrong by stating that they are completely satisfied with this natural & very effective fat burner.

It burns fat stored in the body and significantly suppresses appetite levels, enabling the user to control the calories consumed daily in meals better and more effectively.

At the same time, increases metabolism and stops the production of new fat cells, so leading to a reduction of body weight.

The ingredient formula of PhenQ is of high quality, produced in the United States and United Kingdom, approved by GMP and FDA agencies and provides reliable results.


  • Calcium Carbonate 625 mg
  • Anhydrous Caffeine 150 mg
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate 142.5 mg
  • α-Lacy 25 mg
  • Nopal 20 mg
  • Magnesium Stearate 10 mg
  • Capsicum Extract 8 mg
  • Supernatant 225 (silicon dioxide) 5mg
  • Niacin Powder 4.5 mg
  • Piperine Extract 3 mg
  • Chromium Picolinate 80 mcg


  • burns stored fat
  • prevents new adipocytes
  • increases energy levels
  • achieves weight loss
  • offers a variety of vitamins, fibers and minerals
  • contains only natural ingredients
  • contains clinically tested ingredients
  • provides a 60 day money back guarantee


  • provides online shopping only
  • use by people with allergies is contraindicated
  • should be used in combination with a balanced diet

Side effects:

No specific side effects associated with the use of PhenQ have been reported, but some of the side effects you may be experiencing (especially if you have certain sensitivities) are:

  • stomach disorders
  • constipation
  • headache
  • insomnia (after the night pill)


  • 1 package Phen Q $ 69.95 (starting price $ 79.95)
  • 2 packs + 1 pack FREE $ 139.00 (starting price $ 239.85)
  • 3 packs + 2 packs FREE + 1 pack Advana Cleanse FREE $ 189.95 (starting price $ 399.75)

No.2: Phen375


Phen375 is undoubtedly a fat burner with many successful years in this field and many fanatics.

It is our 2nd Best Fat Burner of the Year 2020!

Available in 2 different chemical formulas:

  • 1 European ingredient formula
  • 1 US ingredient formula

Phen375 is selling more than any other product and there is lot to state about its effective capacity.

A very powerful natural dietary supplement assisting on weight loss, even in cases of obese people with a body fat problem.

People who failed to solve their problem with diet or exercise mentioned they had a helping hand by using Phen375 and eventually managed to get rid of unnecessary kilos and change their image.

It’s not just a matter of look. It’s a matter of health, good psychology and quality of life.


US Formula

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium
  • L-Carnitine
  • Anhydrous Caffeine Powder
  • Cayenne
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract
  • Cleus Forskolii Root

UK Formula

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium
  • L-Carnitine
  • Anhydrous Cafeine Powder
  • Cayenne
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract


  • clinically tested ingredients
  • high quality composition
  • manufacture in approved laboratories
  • pharmaceutical level materials
  • strong fat burning
  • no prescription required
  • suppression of appetite
  • loss of 3kg / week
  • many years of successful progress
  • many positive user reviews


  • no disadvantages reported for this supplement

Side effects:

A number of mild effects were reported in rare cases such as:

  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • increased blood pressure
  • fast pulse
  • sleep disorder
  • nervousness
  • headache

All above mentioned side effects are usually related to user’s general health, its age, physical condition and allergies / sensitivities of its organism.

Caffeine, for example, contained in the Phen375 ingredient blend (in both formulas) may be a problem for some people with sensitivity to caffeine and stimulants in general.

No.3: Instant Knockout


In the Top 3 of the best fat burners is Instant Knockout!

A product created specifically for athletes.

Wrestlers & boxers adore this particular product for its results.

Based on valid scientific research, the composition of Instant Knockout provides excellent “drying” of body fat.

Contains not 1, but 10 effective & very potent natural fat burning ingredients, exercising a “knockout” against fat.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to burn body fat and get rid of your fat, just like the professionals.

It is not only effective on the visible, but also on the most persistent and difficult body-fat as the fat around the waist, gynecomastia in men, buttocks and thighs. Even the fat on the back can now be eliminated.

All of its top quality components are tested so this journey to your new self is safe and risk-free.

Ingredients :

  • Vitamin B6 5 mg
  • Vitamin B12 10 mcg
  • Zinc 10 mg
  • GTF Chromium 100 mcg
  • Green Tea Extract 500 mg
  • Green Coffee Extract 100 mg
  • Cayenne Powder 100 mg
  • Glucomannan 500 mg
  • Anhydrous Caffeine 350 mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 10 mg


  • professional formula & secured results
  • excellent quality of natural ingredients
  • works perfectly in combination with nutrition & exercise
  • no side effects
  • no prescription required
  • clinically tested


  • online shopping
  • possible side effects in organism (due to caffeine)

Side effects :

Though Instant Knockout has no side effects – as it is a completely natural dietary supplement – it might cause discomfort to certain people, especially due to caffeine contained for boosting metabolism and increasing fat burning.

If you experience anxiety, insomnia, irritability, restless limbs, nausea, headache or any other worrying symptom you discontinue administration of product immediately and consult a doctor. Usually the symptoms are of temporary character and are due to over-stimulation of the body due to caffeine.


  • 1 package Instant Knockout $ 59.99 (quantity for 1 month)
  • 2 packages $ 118.00 + FREE Shipping to USA and UK (quantity for 2 months)
  • 3 packs + 1 pack FREE + FREE worldwide shipping $ 185.00 (quantity for 4 months)

No.4: Clenbutrol


As the numbers of obese persons among younger people are increasing, the scientific community is becoming more concerned about it, indicated by a high number of weight loss supplements that are available every year.

Clenbutrol is a very special fat burning product claiming an increase in metabolic rate assisted by the action of its calorific ingredients.

Users report a loss of 1 – 2 kg per week, with the important thing being that in addition to promoting the burning of stored body fat, is boosting muscle rebuilding, protecting lean muscle mass from the slimming process.

It is a highly popular product for athletes and especially bodybuilders paying extra attention to maintaining muscular tissue.

Furthermore, Clenbutrol offers them a great boost of energy available (which is absolutely necessary for demanding workouts).

All Clenbutrol ingredients are natural, however we are talking about a product with the action equivalent to an anabolic steroid.

The fact that a so powerful product does not cause side effects and it’s really worth trying it in your process.


  • Vitamin B3 63 mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia 450 mg
  • Bitter Orange Extract 450 mg
  • Guarana Extract 342 mg


  • strong fat burner
  • burns stomach fat
  • increases physical endurance
  • enhances efficiency
  • maintains muscle mass
  • reduces recovery time
  • protects against injuries
  • no prescription required
  • natural steroid action


  • no cons reported to date

Side effects:

A discomfort may be experienced, due to the high active capability of ingredients. However, it is extremely rare and the symptoms are only of temporary character.

  • nervousness
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • cramps
  • tachycardia

These symptoms relate to great extent to product abuse, overdose or long-term use.

We recommend a moderate use. Use should be responsible, according to instructions given by the company, at the recommended dose and intended time.

No.5: Hunter Burn


Now you can maintain your body weight at the desired level, eliminate fat (even from the most persistent areas) and feel full of energy and strength even in your most tiring days.

It is ideal for both men and women, providing reliable results thanks to its active ingredients (all 100% natural in origin & of top quality).

Following the age of 30, metabolism slows down, leading to an easier body weight increase at the expense of your look, but mainly at the expense of your health.

Hunter Burn offers something completely new and innovative. It is a “smart” fat burner, working with your body to achieve better and faster results.

An important feature is to maintain muscle mass during the fat burning period.


  • Vitamin D3 3000 IU
  • Konjac Root Extract 3000 mg
  • White Kidney Bean 20: 1 Extract 500 mg
  • L-Theanine 200 mg
  • Matcha Green tea 200 mg
  • Cayenne Pepper 125 mg


  • serious fat burning
  • maintains muscle mass
  • “smart” & targeted action
  • high quality raw materials
  • 100% natural ingredients formula


  • slightly highly priced

Side effects:

No side effects reported. People with any intolerance / allergies consult your doctor prior to administration.

In the end, which is the secret to successful slimming?


There is simply no “one secret” to achieving a satisfactory weight loss.

Slimming is a complex and multi-faceted process, requiring a lot of effort, patience and perseverance.

A fat burning product (actually the best fat burners) can certainly assist in the whole process and make it user-friendly, but it still has a lot of challenges and difficulties.

However a good fat burner will help to:

  • control appetite
  • strengthening organism
  • increase energy / fight fatigue
  • loss of body fat
  • avoid bulimic episodes
  • reducing calorie / food consumption

In any case, to be able to achieve the desired weight loss permanently (and not just temporarily) you need to learn to control yourself in many levels.

Here is a number of useful tips for successful weight loss and permanent good silhouette:

Learn to separate your emotions from food. Do not break out and express your regret, sadness, joy, despair, anger, anger, loss, pessimism or sadness via the meals.

Don’t try to cover these emotions under the food. It will never help you only increase your weight.

Find activities to help you relieve the stress, relax your mind from unpleasant thoughts, make your anger milder, express your anger or sadness, and relieve everything creating problems on you.

• Try to get involved with exercise and gymnastics in general. Exercise helps maintain good body and mind health, relieves negative energy, stress, while it increases endorphins (hormones of joy and wellness). As an extra bonus, increases metabolic rate, boosting fat burning in the body.

Learn to feed yourself properly! Not a little, but right. A nutritionist can guide you in a whole new world of food consumption. You don’t have to be deprived to have a beautiful body. On the contrary, a beautiful and healthy body needs to be happy and “properly fed”.

Learn to have patience and self-discipline. In any weight loss process (and not only), you will find obstacles and ups and downs. Don’t give up trying in the first negative point. Continue with even more perseverance.

Organize your sleep! Sleep is a very important factor for good functioning of entire body. Lack of quality sleep is associated – as scientists point out – with weight gain.

Do not try dubious diets with dangerous consequences for your body and health. Proper and balanced nutrition (combined with regular physical activity) can work much better. Maybe not so fast, but definitely for longer period.

Try to “love” yourself, be a friend with it. Psychological support from a specialist will help you fight bulimic episodes, usually experienced as covered psychological problems. Feelings not expressed and anxiety that is killing you. Find a solution and solve this problem permanently.

In the end, it might be right stating that there is something like a secret. This is to LEARN YOURSELF and only then, you would be able to provide help for yourself.

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