Testofuel 2021 Review | “Boosting Testosterone”- Safe or Not?

Safety is not a factor that accepts any compromise, so the question in the title is reasonable.

Are all supplements safe?

Which one should be selected?

Which are the criteria for the final selection?

Key questions and concerns leading to a safe and useful purchase, maintaining in healthy condition not only for your organism but for your wallet as well. 

A popular testosterone booster, Testofuel, is the subject of discussion in today’s review.

 Testofuel Detailed Review 


The reality is that most of the bodybuilding supplements found in the market are synthetic products (some of them with a dubious composition). 

The question remains the same. 

How a potential user could make a decision on a product’s quality and effectiveness in confidence?

The latest trick of using characterizations like “private mixture”, is a method rather than an attempt for informing the public, to hide true figures and ingredients of the actual supplement’s composition. 

This situation leaves no choice on anyone to find all information on ingredients contained in a product. 

Coming back to today’s subject let me tell you that Testofuel is a high quality product offering real results, as it is clear by the reviews received. 

Transparent information to buyer


The first impression comes by looking at the supplement’s packaging and at the label, the heart we would say of the supplement in the package. 

Many people pay no attention to label reading, but let me tell you this is what comes first, now you take in hands any of these products. 

It is obvious that this is the best way to know a product better and choose with confidence and security if you proceed to its purchase or not.  

In addition, a detailed listing of all active ingredients allows the user to check this composition in relation to personal problems or intolerances and allergies, so to prevent unpleasant situations and health complications.

Finally, by going through the ingredients (as well as the exact ratios contained) you can easily check their action and the results you should expect from them online. 

The manufacturing company of Testofuel guarantees effective and mostly safe ratios of top quality ingredients to leave you completely satisfied. 

This well-tested formula as we can easily see gets very positive reviews from its users.

Testofuel | what it is – what offers

The importance of testosterone in the body (both male and female) is repeatedly stated. 

The values ​​of this very important hormone should always be at a level good for human body, a fact easily understood by looking at the effects caused on look, health, endurance, sex life, psychology and social life especially of the man, at any moment its values are not on the right level.

Therefore, Testofuel is reviewed thoroughly as a supplement boosting the testosterone production in the user’s organism. 

As known, testosterone is considered as responsible for absorption but mainly for the use of proteins. This in turn has an impact on the creation of muscle mass as well as on maintenance of a satisfactory level of athletic and sexual momentum.

Physical strength, endurance, overall athletic performance, libido, psychology and self-confidence appear to be closely associated with testosterone and affected by its poor production.

NOTE: Please note that testosterone is capable – among other surprising properties – to inhibit the body’s production of cortisol, an important action especially for bodybuilding, as cortisol breaks down the tissue and reduces muscle gain from training.

Finally this is a testosterone supplement with only natural ingredients in its composition.

ATTENTION – Here we are referring to a testosterone supplement and not a synthetic hormone supplement provoking many unpleasant side effects in the body. 

We are talking about a 100% natural nutritional supplement aiming at boosting the body’s natural testosterone production. 

No side effects. No health risk. No addictive action.


As Testofuel manufacturers claim and many users confirm, the action of active ingredients has a very natural effect on improving user’s performance in the gym. 

The user sees extremely fast action and even no side effects.

The help provided on reducing body fat and increasing muscle endurance are also very important features of this supplement.  

Reduces muscle recovery time while increases the libido and explosiveness of the user (in sex or in the gym). 

Stronger and longer-lasting erections and higher confidence.

It should not to be missed, the elevated muscle gains achieved during the use of this product.

As a small disadvantage comes the fact that this is a relatively new product in the bodybuilding supplements market. 

However, the reviews received are extremely positive, justifying our decision to try it.

Testofuel’s natural composition

Oyster’s Extract (Zinc). Provides an extremely high amount of Zinc, as well as large number of beneficial nutrients required for the proper functioning of organism.

Vitamin B6. This is a vitamin of B complex of vitamins, known for its contribution to lower the levels of female hormones (estrogens) in the male body, so enhancing the natural production of male hormones, testosterone.  Personal Fitness is improved and training is more productive. 

Vitamin K2. This vitamin helps maintaining high testosterone levels in the testicles and plasma, resulting on higher level of overall performance and on its wellness (external look, sexual, athletic, social, brain, psychological).

Vitamin D. According to valid clinical studies, the vitamin D deficiency associated directly with low testosterone levels, low reproductive capacity, lack of libido, poor fitness, as well as many other unpleasant conditions in organism. 

d-aspartic acid. It is a very powerful amino acid (perhaps one of the most well known and widely used in various dietary supplements), with unique capability to maximize male testosterone levels by almost 50% and in a period shorter of 2 weeks.

Trigonella. As shown by clinical tests, increases the libido in a man and improves his performance in sexual activity.

Ginseng. This well-known root raises the adrenaline levels, raises libido, stimulates a person’s explosiveness, increases the sex hormones (responsible for cellular growth as well) and favors muscle rebuilding. It even provides the body with energy needed to keep it active and efficient.

Magnesium. A large number of enzymes in the human body are associated with the presence of magnesium for their proper functioning.

What should be expected

1. Muscle Reconstruction & Body Volume Increase Boosting the body’s natural testosterone production promotes muscle rebuilding and increases muscle gain from training. At the same time, the elimination of body fat and the body ribbing are possible. 

2. Boosting Energy Levels – As testosterone production increases, metabolism increases maximizing fat burning. The body acquires greater capacity to absorb nutrients, ultimately enhancing muscle strength and rebuilding.

3. Boosting libido Testosterone is the “manhood sign” of male. Increasing in testosterone production, man feels stronger and has significantly elevated libido and improved erectile function.

4. Reduce body fat from fat deposits A supplement as Testofuel is an ideal ally in the quest for slimming and fat-burning. Metabolism is elevated (so fat burning as well), assisting in the absorption of nutrients, boosting muscle growth and preventing the creation and storage of new adipocytes in the body.

Helps Testofuel on losing weight … or not?


The supplement’s formula is aiming at higher testosterone levels. The ingredients contained are effective on fat-burning process and the amounts indicated are sufficient for a daily dose.

According to the company, increasing levels of testosterone in the body (as Testofuel does) affects the control of fat metabolism.

It is worth emphasizing the way Testofuel supplement works, simply because it is a natural testosterone hormone booster and not a synthetic and dangerous hormone.

Testofuel – what I do not like

A fact that annoyed me was that it is available online only, as this does not offer the opportunity to look closely at the product and study the label carefully in your own privacy.

However, thanks to technology all this is possible from the comfort of your home and proceed to purchase easily and with no further difficulty. 

Problems are though possible when a person is unfamiliar with the technology or has not a computer, smartphone or tablet to complete all necessary steps for forwarding an order and send his order to the official product website.

What are the side effects ?

As the supplement composition contains only natural & top quality ingredients, is highly unlike to have any of side effects.

The recommended dose should be respected and never exceeded. User is responsible for checking all ingredients listed to avoid intolerance and allergies.

A limited number of isolated cases report headaches and stomach discomfort, probably due to presence of a specific active ingredient, D-aspartic acid, in high ratio. 

Proper and balanced nutrition and regular physical activity, accompany the use of the supplement. 

CAUTION: Especially people with allergies in oysters are advised to avoid the use of Testofuel as contains among its components an oyster extract.

 The product is not suitable for vegetarian diet as contains oyster and gelatin.

Right use of Testofuel

The company proposes taking it along with nutrition & exercise.

The appropriate dosage (as stated on product packaging) is 1 tablet 4 times a day.

NOTE: Each pack contains 120 active capsules that will cover you for use of one month.

Most common complaint from users


Following a worldwide review, the most common complaint made relates to its price. 

The truth is that it is a little high-priced, but it is still affordable. 

In general, this is a remarkable product deserving its price due to its quality and efficient capability.

Another not so common but quite frequent complaint is the fact that its composition is not compatible with a vegetarian diet, a negative fact for a large part of consumers.

Testofuel –  Any risk for complications due to high ratio of vitamin D3 

Never. This is not the case. Vitamin D can become dangerous only at a dose exceeding 40,000 IU daily. Testofuel supplement contains only 5000 IU. It may therefore be a fairly high and effective dose, but it is completely within the permissible range and always safe. 

Purchase : Where to buy

Testofuel, as mentioned, is only available from its official website ( HYPERLINK “https://www.testofuel.com” https://www.testofuel.com).


Each Testofuel package comes at $ 65.00 and contains 120 active capsules sufficient for intensive treatment of 1 month.

 The purchase of 2 packages in one order costs $ 130.00 only. This purchase gives free shipping of your order to UK and USA destinations.

The super offer includes 3 packs of Testofuel with 1 extra pack absolutely free. Shipment to any destination is free, with the additional offer of two e-books (guides to proper nutrition and exercise).

NOTE: All purchases include 90 days money back guarantee.


Testofuel is a useful ally and assistant not only for boosting testosterone, but for promoting fat burning as well.

Contains carefully selected natural ingredients, clinically tested.

Its composition is completely safe, not causing any side effects (even on long-term use).

If the fact that it is not vegetarian / vegan friendly is not a problem for you, it is definitely a pretty clever option for fast muscle rebuilding, fat loss and increased manhood.


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