TestoPrime Test Booster | A fair personal review | 17 Questions & Answers

In this article, we introduce the Testo Prime , a testosterone booster with the assistance of 17 important and revealing questions and answers.

Regardless of how many times I tried to find a product (training or immune booster or even a vitamin), I always come across “product reviews” not furnishing any answer on my basic questions.

Bothered by this situation, I started thinking that all these reviews serve a purpose / interest.

I felt like someone is trying to feed me information, for simply gaining another buyer.

In a more civilized way, I felt like a stupid victim.

Finally a reached a decision to compile a review or a product, only after I try it and have my own experience of it.

No commercial promotion, no exaggeration, no attempting to serve any interests.

Here, I tried the TestoPrime, a natural supplement for men, aiming at boosting the testosterone


A brief introduction

Prior to starting the Questions and Answers about the product and its use, I wish to mention how I ended up trying this supplement, where and how I found it.

It’s been many times we get to know a product by the so-called word of mouth.

This is my case at least for this product. Being through a very difficult period for me, I started feeling psychologically stressed and physically down.

My physical condition, the mental clarity and even my psychological balance were declining day by day.

Things got even worse when there were a number of “failures” in my sex life, with 4 failed erection attempts making me feel ashamed and embarrassed, so creating my self-confidence to balance on a thin line.

Once a friend of mine trying to tease me, told me “This is it we are growing up, that’s the truth”.

At the moment I paid no attention on this statement, but then I realized that he was right. Somehow, all these “malfunctions” related with each other.

Everything had to do with an organism growing and asking for help.

The friend wanted to assist further, so he suggested TestoPrime) as a booster for sexual performance, but mainly as a booster of the male organism in general and at any level.

Though completely negative at first, I started looking for information about this supplement to find out all the truth.

Finally, I really felt a shock by the amount of information I found on how natural ingredients could play a key role in rejuvenating the organism, all of them facts based on scientific research.

Then I decided to try this supplement and see how (and if) I can gain any benefit from it too.

I do not consider myself as a “special case” on the contrary, I think I am a representative of the general rule.

A 48-year-old man experiencing the declining course of his life, a fact becoming visible at some point.

Therefore, before I give information about the specific product, I want to say that this is a product I would definitely recommend to others, with no further argument.

Not because the supplement did some magic.

In no case such things happen, neither because I have changed in one day, transformed into another human being.

What makes me recommend Testo Prime to others is how made me feel, as if I had dropped more than 10 years from me.

Well, if you ask me, Yes, I recommend it to any man feeling that time started “interfering” in his life with 1 or more of the following symptoms / signs of aging:

  • erectile dysfunction / impotence
  • poor immune system
  • poor metabolism
  • increased body weight / excess body fat
  • loss of muscle mass
  • reduced physical strength
  • feeling tired / loss of energy
  • reduced memory / cognitive / perceptual ability
  • bad psychology / low mood
  • bone weakness / increased injuries
  • poor aerobic performance

Here is the discussion about the TestoPrime supplement.

17 Questions & Answers

Question 1: Testo Prime – what it is

Answer:TestoPrime is a supplement of Wolfson Brands (United Kingdom) Limited, a natural testosterone booster promoting good male health at various levels.

A natural product not containing chemical additives or questionable synthetic elements and GMOs (genetically modified foods), neither addictive substances, nor synthetic hormones, or chemical stimulants.

First thing I noticed when I took the package in my hands was its list of ingredients. All natural and safe, but mostly all with a clear scientific background for their effectiveness.

The supplement is legal, not requiring a prescription, making its purchase extremely simple.

Question 2: Target group


There is no specific category, though many present it – in reviews I read on the internet – exclusively as a training booster, I admit that I experienced much more benefits than this and in many different areas of my daily life and health.

For me, erectile dysfunction was the reason that led me to this specific solution, but in fact there were many of the symptoms of aging in the body that I mentioned above, also playing an important role in making the final decision.

I was starting to feel loss of energy and reduced capability to concentrate. As I do not follow a regular daily exercise program, whenever I exercised I got tired very easily and I had “heavy breathing”.

My muscles were shrinking, while in recent years my body weight was gradually increasing (I pretended not paying attention to this).

I would say that I am a typical middle-aged man with the characteristic problems of his age. The unsuccessful erections played the role of the red line. It was my personal tolerance to say that I would no longer endure this constant failure into which I had been drawn.

I had to find a way out.

In my view – as I have seen a significant improvement in my life since then – a quality product like TestoPrime can help any adult man to improve his fitness, appearance, psychology and functionality.

Question 3: Manufacturing Company

To express an opinion about a product correctly, you should know its manufacturing company first.

A serious company of prestige can only offer serious and decent products to potential buyers. Clearly, there will be an element of exaggeration trying to advertise a product, but in the end – and under all this fanfare – there will be a background of truth.

The company behind the TestoPrime supplement is called Wolfson Brands (United Kingdom) Limited and it is a “real company” and not a “ghost company”.

It has a real address and real contact details.

Company address

Wolfson Brands (United Kingdom) Limited

12 Payne Street

G4 0LF


United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: SC638930

On product’s official website, you will even find a special contact form to express questions, concerns, objections to the company. State your doubts about the product or your satisfaction. To share your experience or ask for guidance and advice to better achieve your goal.

Personally – to be honest – I am not a very social person and I did not enter the process of seeking advice from the company’s experts, though I now regret it (I think it would have helped me a lot psychologically in that phase I was going through ).

Question 4: Is TestoPrime Supplement FDA Approved?

No. TestoPrime – like any dietary supplement – is not under the jurisdiction of the FDA to obtain approval.

At this point, there is a great deception. You will see many promoting similar products with reviews on the internet, presenting them as “FDA approved”.

This is a 100% lie.

The FDA is only responsible for approving drugs and not approving dietary supplements. This is a completely different category of products (non-pharmaceutical) not passing the FDA evaluation.

None of them.

The reality is that some quality supplements are FDA approved regarding the premises where they are produced.

One such supplement is TestoPrime, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities meeting all safety and hygiene regulations (FDA certified).

The company of TestoPrime also follows all the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations, holding the respective certification.

Question 5: What is the GMP certification?

GMP is an internationally recognized certification that expressing the so-called “proper industrial production”, a control system established with the purpose of improving the produced pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, food and cosmetics.

It is essentially a number of rules, setting specific limits on companies to avoid exposing consumers to risk.

These rules ensure that each company moves within the legal framework and complies with the rules of international regulation.

However, these rules are not just about one company (for example, a supplement company). They are also aiming at animal breeders, producers, farmers, packaging manufacturers and generally those placing in the market products that can endanger the human health.

GMP certification is not obtained for life. Necessary to regularly updated, meaning that every interested party (individual or company) goes through regular inspections.

This certification is under the auspices of the World Health Organization, protecting the public from exposure to toxic substances, harmful products, preparations in insufficient or excessive quantities that may endanger health.

A GMP certified product inspected by the competent authorities at all stages of its production, is certified as safe.

Question 6: Risks of taking a Supplement with no GMP certification?

  • Consume a contaminated product.
  • Exposure to toxic substances.
  • Buy a product with a lack of ingredients (ineffective).
  • Buy a product with high dose of ingredients (dangerous to health).
  • Risk your health or even your life.
  • Suffer from serious side effects.
  • Consume dangerous or addictive substances.

Question 7: Support provided by the Company to its Customers?

As mentioned earlier – despite the fact that I did not use of this important support help – TestoPrime provides advice on nutrition / health / exercise / muscle / weight loss for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

Anything can help you achieve your goal faster and with not so much effort, as guidance by specialized people, warnings and useful tips, psychological stimulation of your motivations to lead you eventually to your personal victory.

Question 8: Testo Prime – Active Ingredient Formula

First, the most important point once again. All ingredients are naturally and scientifically proven as effective and safe for health (under the condition the user applies the administration according to instructions for use).

For me, this was more than enough as information to convince me to try it.

Safe and effective.

It is not insignificant to find a supplement with 12 active ingredients, all of them bearing scientific studies proving their huge contribution to the sexual health and athletic performance of the individual, but also to the entire health and function of his organism.

You find these natural ingredients in high quality nutritional supplements. In fact, in TestoPrime, they are contained in specially designed ratios, so their synergistic action is maximal, however, without causing side effects.

These ingredients provide significant benefits in areas of men’s health such as:

  • libido
  • erection
  • ejaculation
  • sexual performance
  • orgasm
  • athletic performance
  • reproduction
  • muscle mass
  • metabolic rate
  • fat burning
  • brain function (cognitive ability / memory / concentration / perception / complex thinking)

Below have a look at the ingredients involved in TestoPrime (all 12 natural ingredients contributing to rejuvenation:

  • D-aspartic Acid 2,000 mg
  • Panax Ginseng 8,000 mg
  • Ashwagandha Extract 668 mg of KSM 66®
  • Fenugreek 800 mg
  • Green Tea extract 70% Catechins 4,000 mg
  • Pomegranate Extract 40% Ellagic Acid 360 mg
  • Vitamin D.
  • Zinc 40 mg
  • Vitamin B6 5.6 mg
  • Vitamin B5 8 mg
  • Garlic extract 1,200 mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 95% Piperine

Question 9: Action of TestoPrime Ingredients (+ Scientific Data)


D-aspartic Acid 2,000 mg

  • production of the male hormone testosterone
  • muscle mass
  • physical endurance
  • libido
  • enhanced orgasm
  • increased sexual performance
  • harder and longer lasting erection
  • healthy body weight
  • reduced body fat
  • improved psychology / confidence

Information at:https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/d-aspartic-acid-supplements

Panax Ginseng 8,000 mg

  • antioxidant action
  • very enhanced energy levels
  • increased sexual desire
  • enhanced immunity
  • aphrodisiac action
  • enhanced sexual performance / improved erection

Information at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3659612/

Ashwagandha Extract 668 mg of KSM 66®

  • aphrodisiac action (one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiac elements)
  • testosterone production
  • large energy boost
  • weight loss
  • body fat burning
  • good digestive function
  • improved focus & concentration
  • enhanced sexual performance (and erection)
  • more intense orgasms

Information at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3252722/

Fenugreek 800 mg

  • aphrodisiac
  • enhancement of male nature (libido / erection / ejaculation / fertility)
  • physical (aerobic & anaerobic) endurance
  • enhanced muscle strength
  • physical energy
  • improved physical condition
  • enhanced metabolic rate
  • fat burning to maximum
  • weight loss

Information at: https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/fenugreek

Green Tea extract 70% Catechins 4,000 mg

  • very strong antioxidant protection
  • detoxification
  • treatment of fluid retention
  • prevention of testosterone produced reduction
  • prevention of testosterone breakdown into harmful DHT compounds (Dihydrotestosterone)
  • weight loss
  • enhancement of the metabolic rate
  • improved immune system function
  • increased fat loss (even from the body’s most persistent fat stores)
  • enhanced brain function
  • improved performance (athletic, sexual & cerebral)
  • fight against obesity
  • stimulation of good cardiovascular function
  • stimulation of the digestive process
  • anti-cancer action

Information at: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/health-benefits-green-tea

Pomegranate Extract 40% Ellagic Acid 360 mg

  • improved organic immunity
  • anti-cancer action
  • antioxidant action
  • antiviral action
  • anti-inflammatory protection
  • strengthening the organism with a variety of vitamins and nutrients
  • improved cardiovascular function
  • improved memory
  • physical condition
  • control of blood sugar levels
  • oral health
  • skin protection
  • stimulated sexual health & fertility
  • weight loss
  • good gastrointestinal function & digestion

Information at:https://www.ndtv.com/health/pomegranates-weight-loss-and-other-reasons-why-you-must-eat-this-fruit-daily-2091122

Vitamin D

  • stimulated immunity of organism
  • enhancement of the produced testosterone
  • improving psychology (fighting depression)
  • good mood
  • increase in bone density (reduced injuries / fractures)
  • fat burning
  • energy
  • enhancement of metabolic function


Zinc 40 mg

  • slowing down the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (a form of estrogen)
  • increase muscle strength
  • enhancement of aerobic & anaerobic endurance
  • energy
  • rapid wound healing
  • enhancing athletic performance
  • enhancing sexual performance
  • stimulating the ability to focus / concentrate
  • enhanced brain activity
  • strengthening incentives

Information at: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-zinc/art-20366112

Vitamin B6 5.6 mg

  • hormonal balance
  • improved physical condition
  • enhanced cognitive ability
  • large amounts of beneficial energy / reduced feeling of fatigue

Information at: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminB6-HealthProfessional/

Vitamin B5 8 mg

  • improved athletic performance
  • control of appetite levels
  • energy & fight the feeling of exhaustion / fatigue
  • healthy testosterone production
  • improved male health

It is considered one of the very basic ingredients for improved weight and fat loss.

Information at:https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/PantothenicAcid-HealthProfessional/

Garlic extract 1,200 mg

  • testosterone boost
  • androgenic action
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • anti-cancer protection
  • fighting erectile dysfunction / impotence
  • health tonic
  • immune system booster
  • antiviral action
  • protection of the heart & improved cardiovascular function
  • detoxification
  • enhanced bone health (reduced risk of fractures)
  • improved performance (athletic or sexual)
  • enhanced lung health (cleansing)
  • balancing blood sugar levels
  • reduction of bulimic / overeating episodes
  • body weight control
  • improved erectile ability

Information at:https://health.clevelandclinic.org/6-surprising-ways-garlic-boosts-your-health/

Black Pepper Extract 95% Piperine

  • enhancer for better absorption of other ingredients
  • antioxidant protection
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • anti-cancer action
  • enhancement of brain function
  • reduction of bad cholesterol
  • control of blood sugar levels
  • enhances the health & good function of the intestine
  • acts as a painkiller
  • appetite levels reduction
  • weight control / weight loss promotion

Information at: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/black-pepper-benefits

Question 10: Improves erectile function, increases penis size as well?

I do not wish to use lies. I did not see any serious difference between pro and after.

However, I did have better erections (both in duration and quality) and more rapid ejaculation (even if I did not believe any such argument before taking TestoPrime).

I imagine that people with reduced erection will see a difference in the length of their penis, as after taking the supplement it is harder and visibly with higher vascularity.

Having some total erection failures – I did not see any difference in this part (without, however, considering it not good).

In general, the result satisfied me and my partner. Comments made regarded a more dynamic and full of energy participation in the sexual game and a more “aggressive” attitude during the completion.

I find that – in a way – these ingredients (to me at least) worked and I saw visible and remarkable results.

Question 11: TestoPrime – Ideal administration

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 4 capsules.

The company recommends administration of the supplement regularly (without breaks) for a minimum of 1-2 months.

However – and in case you “skip” a dose – there is no reason to worry. Do not administer 2 doses in one to balance (be careful), you just move on to the next scheduled dose and continue the flow of doses normally.

Administration of capsules is possible with plenty of water to facilitate their safe dissolution and absorption by the organism.

All 4 capsules making up the daily dose are administered together. Ideally, time is just before breakfast (about 20 minutes) to make the action of the ingredients faster and more effective.

In case you feel any discomfort, (I had a little headache during the first doses) you can stop using it, not necessary for me, as the symptoms subsided almost immediately (after the first 2-3 doses).

Question 12: What are the Benefits of TestoPrime (according to my experience)

  • enhanced energy
  • suppression of appetite
  • increased libido
  • better sexual performance
  • clearly harder erection (no failed attempts)
  • improved muscle strength (& increased muscle mass)
  • fat loss (especially in the waist area)
  • reduced stress
  • improved mood

Question 13: Benefits of TestoPrime (as presented by the company)

  • reduction of stress (by 71.6%)
  • strengthening endurance (by 92.2%)
  • increase in fat loss (by 16%)
  • conversion of body fat into energy (by 12%)
  • increase in muscle strength (by 138.7%)

Question 14: PROS

  • natural / safe / effective supplement
  • lifetime money back guarantee
  • FDA & GMP certification
  • without GMOs / soy
  • suitable for vegan diet
  • without serious side effects (when used properly)
  • severe male empowerment
  • ingredients supported by clinical trials
  • provision of guidance by specially trained people (24/7)

Question 15: How I use the Money Back Guarantee?


The 2 most important elements of a money back guarantee to me were:

  • lifetime warranty
  • refund without questions / clarifications

If something scares consumers when using the warranty is, the challenge received from the company as well as the endless questions.

The company of TestoPrime makes it clear that you will not have a similar treatment, while you can use the guarantee at any time. For life.

This confidence of the company (but also the generosity to provide a guarantee with no time limits) results – as the company states – results from the quality of her product.

The company wasted a large amount of money on audits and evaluations by third companies, for having a clear and objective picture of the product quality.

The fact that the TestoPrime supplement meets the highest standards (as defined by a set of strict rules set by the FDA & GMP) is another reason for the company not to have any worries about the response received by the buying public.

However – and if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason – you can ask (without explanation) your money back.

To do this you must notify the company about your request via a special form (information found on the official website).

Please note that the company – supporting a transparency profile – admits that in a small percentage of men (about 2%) the active ingredients of TestoPrime may not give the desired effect.

(I did not use the guarantee – as I was completely satisfied with the effective action of TestoPrime – but I believe that anything stated on the site is true.)

Question 16: Reasons for selecting TestoPrime and not another supplement

To be completely honest I did not do a meticulous research on all the male enhancement supplements on the market.

I found the 5 best – according to reviews and ratings on the internet – and compared their ingredients, price, warranty terms provided (if any) by each company, and (very important) reports (positive or negative) by their users.

TestoPrime – for the reason it was already recommended to me by a friend (who used it and still uses it) – gained a “point” more by counting the Pros and Cons at the end.

In conclusion, I think I made a good decision and I am satisfied with the product.

The value for money – for me – is perfectly reasonable.

If there is, one thing that bothers me about this product it is the fact that you need to take 4 capsules a day. I would prefer 1 or even 2, as it would be much easier and “would create less comments” (since in my job I would not want them to understand the kind of pills I take).

Otherwise, it is a good selection, I welcome and continue to support. I have seen a great improvement in my health in general, and I feel refreshed. Even if it is a placebo, I think I gained important benefits (a fact that my relatives point out to me).

Question 17: Place for purchase

For reasons of safety and avoidance of the risk buying imitations, the purchase of the supplement is possible via its official website of the product.

No prescription required.

It is a legal product with research studies and clinical trials of the natural ingredients.

An easy way to make your order by filling in a special form with your personal details, and the shipment is immediate.

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