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Winstrol (Stanozolol)

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Here is an important clarification for those going ahead with the reading of this article.

The article has no intention on avoiding any potential users to try the anabolic; neither wishes to encourage any interested persons to do so.

As always, we are trying to show the clearest picture possible of this anabolic product with all its positives and its negatives (unfortunately quite a lot).

The final decision and selection comes from you, however, we thought that before any final move it would be a good idea to know everything in advance.

Coming to today’s article we refer to a very popular synthetic substance (stanozolol), often referred to as Winstrol (the synthetic anabolic steroid Winstrol previously used widely by athletes and bodybuilders, being in use even today though classified as illegal, since stanozolol is considered a banned substance under current legislation).

Its action is mainly found in the phase of fat elimination (also known as the cutting phase in bodybuilding), where the body has to get rid of any unnecessary fat cells and to become completely “dry”, so muscles are clearly visible on the body.

CAUTION: Before going into a detailed description of Winstrol, let us emphasize that the side effects observed are harmful and extremely dangerous to user’s health and even its life.


A recent report refers to a teenage cheerleader making use of the substance stanozolol, aiming at a quick ribbing, tight abdomen and good physical fitness.

The result was just devastating.

The teenage girl experienced severe suicidal attempts and it was finally necessary to have her under 24-hour surveillance to prevent any fatal outcome.

The girl had been using the substance for 5 whole weeks and all she succeeded to do was to cause serious hormonal disturbances in her body, gain some weight and develop a serious suicidal thinking.

She risked her life for nothing.

Many may find it ideal and very simple to build a perfect body by getting anabolics. But in reality things are not as simple as some would like us to believe.

CAUTION: The use of anabolic steroids is extremely dangerous and that is why current legislation imposes a ban on them.

Winstrol – What really is

Winstrol is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known anabolic steroids manufactured and released by Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950s.

Increases the body’s natural protein synthesis and enhances nitrogen retention, resulting in a faster build up of lean muscle mass.

The body increases muscle mass while eliminating any unnecessary fat spots.

Over the years, the name of Winstrol has been associated with various athlete scandals making use of it, looking for records.

However, its bad reputation is offset by a positive contribution and many successes in modern medicine, as has been used with great success in the fight against muscle loss due to illness and has provided valuable results in maintaining bone mass in the case of people with severe osteoporosis.

Its contribution on the fight against obesity and delayed growth of children & adolescents was also significant.

Finally, it contributed on the fight against prolonged exposure to corticosteroid therapy to eliminate the consequences, as well as in helping people with severe bone fractures.

An anabolic widely used by women and unlike most of similar anabolics provides low anabolic action and has no serious estrogenic properties, making it suitable for use by women in the bodybuilding bulking phase.

However, although its low anabolic action compared to other anabolic products, Winstrol has a 3-times greater anabolic capacity than the male hormone testosterone (anabolic rating of 100).

But to have a clear picture, let us go the other way and see what Winstrol is not:

  • not a fat burner (not used for losing weight, but for perfecting the weight loss already achieved)
  • not a muscle mass booster (unlike other anabolics – like dianabol – not targeting at huge muscle gains, just boosts them a bit)

Winstrol (Stanozolol) – How it works

Winstrol – as mentioned – is a synthetic anabolic steroid with relatively mild action, compatible for both men and women looking for assistance during the cutting phase.

One of its main advantages is the sufficiently large reduction in globulin levels, acting on sex hormone binding.

This action is extremely important as allows for higher testosterone levels rendering the body more anabolic, efficient & dynamic.

As stated earlier, Winstrol also increases the protein synthesis in organism, so boosting the promotion of collagen synthesis dramatically.

Anabolic action of Winstrol: 320

Androgenic effect of Winstrol: 30

Winstrol – what to be expected (positives)

Due to its relatively mild anabolic action is available for use by both women and men.

  • strengthens lean hard muscle mass
  • increases resistance
  • promotes the combustion of accumulated body fat
  • preserves lean muscle mass
  • enhances efficiency
  • reduces recovery time
  • increases the beneficial amounts of energy

In short, it’s not an anabolic steroid used in the bulking phase, in the effort to build muscle mass, it is clearly intended for the cutting phase and for elimination of fat while maintaining the muscle mass.

NOTE: Keep in mind is that no conversion of the active substance Stanosolol contained in Winstrol to estrogen takes place, so excluding unpleasant side effects, such as gynecomastia and fluid retention, found in many other anabolic steroids.

Stanozolol – Ideal use


If the term “ideal use” could be used for a product banned and illegal, we would say that there are two main ways.

Winstrol is available in two formats:

  • injection use
  • oral use

Using the injections, Winstrol is introduced directly into the organism via the bloodstream. The results are immediate and the risk of liver toxicity is relatively lower (than when pills are used).

When the oral use is preferred, Winstrol, clearly provides greater ease of use and a significantly greater risk of liver toxicity.

What to fear (negatives)

Everything was stated right from the beginning, Winstrol is a dangerous synthetic product with many side effects for organism.

Even if somebody tries to present it as something extremely simple and harmless, it’s a huge lie.

Here is the case. Winstrol is much milder than other anabolic preparations, without implying that it is “harmless”.

The side effects of Winstrol may be painful and expose your life at risk, directly or indirectly.

Further on a list of the serious consequences following the regular use of Stanozolol are on presentation.

CAUTION: Although mild in effects, Winstrol remains 3 times more anabolic and 3 times more active than testosterone, so imagine the effect after long-term use of such a synthetic supplement in the organism

  • Acne

One of the most common side effects in both male and female users of Winstrol (regardless of age) is acne and oily skin.

People with sensitive skin or an existing acne problem will have a much more severe problem with the use of an anabolic.

  • Baldness

This anabolic may lead to hair loss and baldness faster than expected.

  • Suppression of natural testosterone production

Like all other anabolic steroids, Winstrol reduces the body’s natural testosterone production leading to hormonal abnormalities. Baldness, acne, shrinkage of the testicles, a few of the examples of effects following the use of stanozolol in organism.

  • Increase in bad cholesterol

Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, are some of the most serious effects of high levels of bad cholesterol caused after Winstrol is used in organism.

  • Toxic liver

Pay special attention to this point as it is the most important. Winstrol is toxic to your liver (regardless of the form of use selected). The toxic effect can even reach a double value in the case of oral use, not meaning that injections are safe to use.

It can cause liver tumors, itching and dark urine.

In any case, please seek medical advice immediately.

  • Joint pain

This steroid “dries” the body, resulting to high fat loss, usually causing severe joint pain due to loss of synovial fluid.

  • Insomnia

Many users report sleeping problems and inadequate rest (body & spirit), following the use of Winstrol.

  • Depression

Inhibiting testosterone production in organism may lead to severe depression. The example of the teenage cheerleader with suicide episodes, mentioned at the beginning of this article, is a typical example of the serious dangers of using anabolic steroids.

  • Heart problems

The use of stanozolol may even cause heart failure and dysfunction.

  • Loss of Muscle Mass

It sounds strange, since is assumed that an anabolic works exactly for the opposite reason. However, as already mentioned, one of the most serious side effects observed with the use of this steroid is the suppression of testosterone production, which is directly associated with the muscle mass production.

  • Aggression

People taking anabolic steroids tend to exhibit violent and aggressive behavior.

  • Smaller amount of sperm produced

Use of anabolics may also affect a man’s fertility and sperm production by its organism.

Side effects found in women


Speaking of an anabolic, widely used by women, a reference should be made on side effects caused especially in women.

Women will have to worry twice as much than men, regarding side effects.

Below are listed some of them:

  • abnormalities in cycle
  • development of male characteristics
  • tone of voice
  • hair growth (at various points of body)
  • loss of female characteristics (curves in the body, fine voice, size of breast)

CAUTION: As soon as you notice any of the above side effects, discontinue the use immediately and consult your doctor.

Stanozolol –Is its use positive?

It would be totally unfair to say that the use of Winstrol is not positive.

There are reasons forcing persons, who despite many dangerous side effects continue and in fact insist on using it illegally.

Here is a sample of PROS provided:

  • increased vascularity
  • ribbing
  • increased physical strength
  • stamina
  • increased protein synthesis
  • faster muscle mass creation
  • tissue & Tendon Strengthening (For Less Injuries)
  • less fluid retention

However a lot of CONS are threatening the user

  • acne development
  • depression
  • increased aggression
  • joint pain
  • difficulty in urinating
  • strange urination
  • liver damage
  • suppression of natural testosterone
  • hormonal problems
  • heart problems
  • strokes

Our Proposal: Legal Alternative Product – Winsol


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This legal steroid, called Winsol, is a 100% natural dietary supplement (safe, tested and certified).

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