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Prior to referring on information and data of today’s review let me help you understand a number of basic meanings so your reading will run smoothly and your attention could focus on the real subject of this article. 

Hearing about anabolic substances or anabolic steroids in particular, everybody wonders how we arrived on this point talking about this subject. 

Human organism and body have a determined capability and certain limitations, so during training it is always usual to reach a point where no further progress on the performance is possible. This is quite important for persons engaged in championship training or regular routine training. For the professional athletes it is also important to reach a peak in their performance at a very short time. 

Anabolics and in particular anabolic steroids have come to make every athlete’s (professional or amateur) dreams come true, not only producing impressive results in no time as we say, but to push the athlete to spectacular records. 

This resulted to an exploitation of these substances for the elevation of athlete’s performance to new highs claiming medals or financial benefits and praising the persons instead of praising the substances used. Sports and athletics is not the same anymore. 

All these was not given free. There was a heavy price to pay for these new records or impressive results. And this was the worst that could ever happen to any person. The risk of its health. A number of severe side effects are behind this pleasant situation of records and the happiness in front of large spectators. Most of the athletes know that. But they risk this. Others mostly among amateurs were more interested to create an impressive muscle mass in a few days than to see what will come for the rest of their life, leading even to fatal facts in many cases. 

The truth should always be said, no matter how bitter it is. In addition, anabolic steroids in their old form are killing people with their effects, exchanging good results for their own life. 

Therefore, before trying any of these anabolics think again. It could be tragic not to be able to change things later. Usually it is too late in these cases. 

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Dianabol Detailed Review

A reference to the history of these substances will give us an overall picture. A brief look on how things have gone up to date, and then a thorough examination of today’s article, Dianabol. 

True or false anabolic substances and testosterone have dominated the world of sports medicine in the second half of the 20th century. 

Athletes especially in big athletic events as the Olympic Games have been using these substances claiming a place in the world history of medals and world records. 

Going back in time and following the success of anabolic substances, as Methandrostenolone, the attempt to manufacture a product for fast creation of anabolic conditions was a reality around 1958 and the new product, named dianabol, was available for use. 

The real revolution came with the introduction of oral administration of this product, a fact that changed the world of anabolic substances administered up to that time by injections, a painful and difficult way to apply frequent use if so required. 

Dianabol really introduced a change in the world and Olympic Games and bodybuilding a little later were on another level of competition. 

However soon the truth became a fact and the first black points in the marketing of this new supplement brought many concerns. The side effects caused by the use of this drug were clearly threatening the life of the users. This did not stop people in professional athletics and persons following regular training to continue its use without paying any attention. 


The result was tragic as many persons suffered from serious side effects following the use of this revolutionary supplement. This was the beginning of understanding the toll in return for the fantastic results offered by similar products in general and Dianabol more specifically. 

A few years back Dianabol classified as dangerous for the health product, was among the banned drugs list. Its use was illegal and the product could not be available in the legal way anymore, a fact that did not stop its marketing and selling in the black market up to date. 

Today, science made huge advances and managed to manufacture natural products producing nearly similar results to those anabolics, with no side effects, as all their ingredients are natural. 

Many persons would wonder if a natural product like these supplements made of 100% natural ingredients would be possible to produce results like the original anabolic steroid. 

The answer is yes it can and the thousand of users who have tried these new generation products confirm this claim. The time necessary for producing results maybe differ by a short time. 

I would like to ask any reasonable and well thinking person. Could ever be possible to compare a difference in time for producing results with the risk undertaken by the users of the traditional anabolics? 

Certainly not. These side effects might change the user’s life for good, not mentioning that the fatal ending could take place. 

Dianabol – Action – Use

Dianabol comes as the “ambassador” of the anabolic steroids mentioned earlier in the paragraphs above. One of the most popular products, perhaps due to the oral administration introduced, claims a very important achievement, by not only producing results (muscle gain) in an extremely short time but providing assistance on retaining higher amounts of nitrogen by cells, as well.  

It is quite impressive that by maintaining quite high amounts of nitrogen by the cells makes a better use of proteins, so a better recovery may be possible and a quicker muscle rebuilding at the same time.

The fast visible results regarding muscle gain is the main feature that made this steroid so popular among professional athletes and bodybuilders. 

Surely the category of persons making use of this steroid are interested to have quick and impressive results. 

The reason is that most of them are champions competing for high awards like medals in Olympic Games, or World Championships. 

Do not get carried away. Impressive things are good but there is always a black side behind them. Do not underestimate your own life and take risks on your own health. It is a valuable condition never coming twice and most of the times cannot be cured of an irreversible effect. 

Coming back to Dianabol it is worth mentioning that the recommended use is about 30 to 50 mg per day for a continuous use not exceeding a period of 4 to 6 weeks. 

Due to the fact that that the life span of the steroid is very short, the above-mentioned dose of 30 to 50 grams is broken into smaller doses for covering the whole day.   

The recommendation for the dose and the way to administer it could help on reducing the side effects following the use of the supplement. 

The problems with side effects provoked by the use of Dianabol


It is impossible to refer to Dianabol without mentioning its side effects, which unfortunately are many and dangerous. 

Two of these side effects – high blood pressure and hepatic dysfunction and could lead to fatal results. 

Let us see why. 

The high blood pressure is a condition that makes heart attacks and in general problems of heart functioning a lot easier as the heart system is not used to operate under high numbers, which indeed bring a fatigue and cause damage to the heart. 

The hepatic dysfunction, due to toxicity of Dianabol, causes permanent damage to liver and in many instances may lead to cancer. 

As it is obvious these two side effects are of irreversible character not accepting any healing and even if not fatal in certain case cause damages whose severity is beyond any discussion. 

A number of other side effects are also making their appearance following the use of this supplement. 

We remember the phenomenon of the fluid retention, which apart of the discomfort caused by flatulence and the feeling of swelling is provoking the accumulation of fat and water under the skin, a condition creating difficulties in the muscle building. 

The gynaecomastia is another of these effects and it is really the nightmare for every male user. The high content of estrogens in the supplement’s composition is considered as responsible for this situation. 

Finally, an effect of uncontrolled hair growth in various parts of user’s body has been reported by many users of Dianabol, an effect known to be provoked by the administration of testosterone. 

The number of side effects mentioned above is small. A first remark could be the situation is not that tragic as mentioned earlier. 

Do not get carried away. Dianabol threatens two of the most vital body organs immediately and severely. Any damage in heart or liver make any person handicapped by 50%, if finally manages to go on living. 

So do not make quick comments. Think carefully. 

As we go through a number of advantages and disadvantages of this supplement’s use we’ll find out the extension of the problems caused by its use. 

Gains and losses from Dianabol’s use

Could be impossible for a steroid so popular and successful like Dianabol not offering any gains.

Some of them are really remarkable and worth mentioning them. 

First of all the quick results assisting in fulfilling many athletes’ dreams in a minimum time. 

The increase in muscle mass and metabolic rate is the main advantage given by the steroid, while the strength of the user is also elevated. 

The time required for the recovery of muscles is shortened and assistance is offered to more explosive training sessions. 

All these sound extremely good. Let us go to the disadvantages following the Dianabol’s use. 

One of the most important problems caused by the use of the steroid is the addiction, meaning that any user who made use of the supplement for a certain purpose most probably cannot overcome its use and becomes addicted to it -its use actually- for the rest of its life. 

The rest of the losses are related to the side effects as, the water retention, the creation of acne, cardiovascular problems, liver problems and possible damage, uncontrollable hair growth in many body parts, insomnia, cancer as well as reduction in the testosterone production (causing gynecomastia etc). 

After all these facts mentioned in the above paragraphs we do understand the reasons for leading international authorities to ban the use of this steroid and to classify it as illegal. 

This ruling is currently enforced in Europe and USA. 

The Dilemma


Human nature has always been weak in front of ambitions, desires and self-projection. 

Here, we have an example of this situation where, on one hand there is an offer of high results in no time and so for a spectacular performance and elevated image of the person engaged, while on the other hand, there is the heavy price for this, with the appearance of serious side effects threatening the health and in many cases even the life of the person involved. 

It is a personal issue, many people would say. After all, everybody makes its own selections and determines its own life as wishes. 

Yes, this is correct. However, it would be better if you weigh everything and see what is best for you and I am sure life and health condition could never be contested with anything else, no matter how big or spectacular seems to be. 

 Another point that may change any decision on using this strong chemical is that any muscle gains achieved with it use are not permanent and they go away as soon as the administration of Dianabol is discontinued. 

So think again. Anything you do will be for a few months while the damages will stay for life. 

Crazy Bulk in the context of developing pure natural steroids with 100% natural ingredients, has manufactured the equivalent to Dianabol, the D-Bal. 



Results nearly similar to Dianabol, in a longer time, probably not as impressive as those of the anabolic steroid, but with the safety of no side effects and no risk on your health or even your life. 

Makes you think? Doesn’t it? It would be really ideal to have the anabolic state with no facing risky effects and abnormalities in your health, organism and your life in general.

How To Use D-Bal : Take three 3 capsules/day  with water approximately 45 minutes after your workout. For best results, use for 2 months or even more. Use always with a suitable diet and exercise programme.

A very promising offer of science from a leader of the sector, Crazy Bulk. 

Market news – Purchase

The first thing to emphasize is that any purchase of Dianabol is a violation of law, since the specific steroid is banned and its use and sale are not allowed. 

So apart of creating problems to your organism and health in general you might have to face the law consequences for breaking the law. 

Market wise, Dianabol is still available in the black market mainly for being a lot cheaper than other anabolics and for fast results produced in short time. 

For your information, 1000 pills Dianabol of 5mg each are available at a cost of USD100. 

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