L-Carnitine – Get Help on your Slimming

Everybody wonders … What’s L-Carnitine ? Is it important ? Is it necessary for my body ?

General Overview

We meet it every day in the majority of natural supplements.

I bet not so many people know more than its name. It’s the L-Carnitine.


L-Carnitine is not an element not found easily. It’s present in our organism, being produced there. Answering if it’s important or necessary, yes it’s necessary for boosting energy levels and so assists in the correct organism operation.

So what you think? Is it important enough or not? We thought it’s quite important so we decided to dedicate an article on making it better known by the broad public.

Our point of view is that we need to know the ingredients involved in the composition of supplements, being present in our organism.

Let’s give a few details how we find L-Carnitine in our organism. First giving its identity we must mention that it is an amino acid produced by the organism itself.

Two amino acids, Methioline (a sulfur amino acid) and Lysine, are responsible for its formation.

Advantages – Method of Work – Organic Amounts

Many people would wonder for the reason for receiving L-Carnitine, since this is produced organically.

Ok. This is a right thought. This is true but it does not hold for everybody. There are people, per example those following a vegetarian diet, facing difficulties on securing the sufficient amounts of carnitine.

It might not sound quite significant as the organism needs this energy produced during transportation of fatty acids to mitochondria.

Why? For the simple reason that enables the organism to have more amounts of energy available so there is not a reduced amount when needed.

Here let’s make a short notice. Many times in examining various hormones already produced by the organism, we tend to believe that this is sufficient and no additional external help is necessary.

A huge mistake. The organism produces certain amounts always on right levels for serving its functioning.

It is a series of factors generated by ourselves causing an upset on this amount available and causing a problem or disorder.

In many cases, might be the nutrition or as in other instances, the lifestyle or certain abuses, or even hereditary reasons affecting the amounts necessary.

So, in all these cases, assistance is needed and this is why we are administering the correct type of supplement.

Therefore, the blame is on us, neither on the organism, as we are usually the “naughty” players causing the various problems.

As mentioned earlier, one of L-Carnitine’s work is the transportation of fatty acids to mitichondria, a process considered as significant for the organic energy production.

However apart from this, another very important work conducted by L-Carnitine, is to take away all unnecessary substances or toxic compounds possibly creating a threat to person’s health.

As we see, L-carnitine not only provides useful energy to organism but also plays another important role by clearing the organic environment and protecting the organism.

One point worth noting is that the two amino acids involved in the formation of L-Carnitine are produced regularly in the human organism by the kidneys and liver respectively.

In a summary, we could mention that L-Carnitine produced by the organism may be characterized as sufficient unless specific conditions are met regarding persons suffering form disorders or diseases, hereditary problems, or face problems on securing enough reception of it due to nutrition diets followed.

Contribution of L-Carnitine in Supplements and in Slimming Process


At the beginning of this article, we referred to the case that L-Carnitine participates in a large number of natural supplements.

Surely, we want to know the reason for this participation and the way Carnitine helps on this.

Let me remind you here that referring in receiving L-Carnitine via the food consumption I mentioned the unique circumstances observed for certain categories of people.

Simply this happens because these specific people exclude certain food types from their nutrition.

As L-Carnitine is received mainly through animal food such as red meat, chicken and fish, it’s reasonable, persons following, per example, a vegetarian diet to need administration of L-Carnitine via a supplement, to supplement any deficiency observed. This deficiency might be even larger as certain amount of carnitine is absorbed via the small intestine.

This is a first case of L-Carnitine participating in a supplement for this specific reason.

Carnitine is also supplemented in any person’s organism in cases there is a lack of it for pathological reasons.

A third case where L-Carnitine is considered as useful is its use by the athletes, offering additional energy to their system and so increasing the reserves of energy available for training and not only since assists in speeding the weight and fat loss process. A very important fact for professional and amateur athletes, wishing to maintain a steady weight.

Therefore, the use of L-Carnitine in so many supplements is justified as it helps in a number of fields, such as weight and fat loss, energy-upgrading, supplementation replacing the similar process provided by food and muscle rebuilding as well.


Regarding its contribution in slimming process this is achieved by increasing the metabolism of the person.

The higher amounts of fatty acids transferred to mitochondria the higher the energy received and so the metabolic rate is increased assisting in weight and fat loss.

We have always to remember that a nutrition plan involving higher amounts of animal meat helps larger amounts of carnitine received by the organism, making easier its functioning and contribution on the different processes.

As we see Carnitine is a very useful amino acid, though not so broadly known.

Its contribution to so many sectors confirms the conclusion that tends to be necessary for the organism and its operation.

Again justifies its extensive participation in supplements.

A variety of carnitines is available, nevertheless, in today’s article we are talking about the L-Carnitine.

As its extensive contribution to so many sectors was discovered in recent years, never forget that it is a very important amino acid especially for energy increase and assistance on tissue creation.

The extensive scientific research on this ingredient demonstrates its many beneficial characteristics may have in the organism and its functions.

An Example of Supplement Containing Carnitine

OUR PROPOSAL : PHENQ (Weight Loss Supplement)



Phenq, a relatively new natural supplement, used for weight and fat loss, is an example of a product containing carnitine in its composition.

A few words on this remarkable product will reveal a successful supplement achieving both fat and weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate of the organism.

The recommended dosage of 2 pills per day is sufficient to offer the above benefits and the suppression of the appetite protecting in this way the user to consume a lower number of calories and to avoid any weight gain in the future.

Again here, attention should be drawn to the daily dosage as any excess of this might have serious consequences for the health.

Final Thoughts

L-Carnitine, being present in the majority of natural supplements is extremely helpful in many sectors of the organic operation.

Increasing the metabolism assists to the processes of fat and weight loss.

At the same time, a number of operations are promoted thanks to Carnitine’s contribution.

Being produced by the organism, reaches low levels threatening the organism with various disorders.

Natural supplementation of Carnitine in the organism restores these levels maintaining the organic operation in order.


Q: What is the Carnitine?


A: Carnitine is an amino acid produced in the organism and composed by two other amino acids, Methioline and Lysine.

Q: Does L-Carnitine provide any help?

A: Yes. Carnitine’s contribution is shown in increasing the metabolic rate and assisting many organic operations for smooth functioning.

Q: Is the use of supplements containing carnitine necessary?

A: In cases where the organic levels are lower than needed, then the natural supplementation of carnitine is considered as necessary to enable the organism to continue its smooth functioning.

Q: What happens if the carnitine levels in organism are low?

A: A number of disorders are observed and the threat for losing a good health is obvious.

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