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What is VigRX Plus ?

Sexual problems bothering you of performing sexually well and enjoying peace and satisfaction in your bedroom?

This is something usual in today’s life. Men full of commitments and problems have not the time required for looking at their own life.

Sexual performance becomes rather a task than something a person could enjoy with his/her partner, and so the problems begin.

Well, it should not be this way.

In any case, science made impressive advances even in this field and comes to give a helpful hand.

Products boosting sexual performance offer a solution to this problem.


Today’s article presents a review of such a product, a natural dietary supplement, called VigRX used in 2 ways:

  • therapeutic
  • preventive

for erectile dysfunction, low libido, and difficulty of achieving a full erection with a satisfactory duration.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is no longer (and should not be) a taboo. It concerns mainly the male population, since almost all men at some stage in their lives experience similar problems.


The excessive anxiety, the emotional overload, or pathological causes and age problems in certain cases, are usually the cause.

However, any of these problems should not be a reason for being ashamed or embarrassed.

In fact, a large number of supplements are available in our days, so feeling sad or uncomfortable is not justified.

Market has in offer two different types of supplement, the synthetic (requiring prescription) and the natural pills (no prescription is required).

VigRX Plus belongs to the second category of non-prescription pills. Its natural composition is completely safe and friendly to the organism, so no prescription is required to obtain it.

NOTE: In fact, VigRX Plus can be used (especially after a certain age) in a preventative way as well and for long term indeed, with no harm to user’s health or organism

CAUTION: People suffering from various conditions (severe or even milder), or receiving any medication should consult their personal physician before using any dietary supplement (even 100% natural). The active ingredients of the supplement could interact with the medication administered and cause serious side effects to the individual.

VigRX Plus – Identity


It is a male boosting supplement aimed at stronger, longer, tougher, long lasting erections leading to orgasm and ejaculation.

In VigRX Plus 10 natural and very active and of excellent quality ingredients are found, carefully selected.

Each of them is acting independently to fulfill the benefits offered.

NOTE: An important observation made by our team experts is that each of the 10 active ingredients found in the VigRX Plus ingredient formula is contained in the highest dose possible so delivering maximum results, a fact proved by clinical trials.

According to research conducted by the product company itself, this nutritional supplement can and does achieve:

  • Increased libido
  • Long lasting erections
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Frequency of orgasms after use
  • Ejaculation

It is important to mention VigRX Plus is part of a range of nutritional supplements made by Edge Ltd. Based in Canada.

All company’s supplements including the one presented here are manufactured under highest specifications at installations complying with cGMP specifications. These facilities are based in US, meeting all legal requirements.

Shipment directed to all destinations worldwide.

Active Ingredients


  • Damiana

A shrub mainly found in South America, carrying beautiful yellow flowers. Its leaves and stems used for many years in regular and alternative medicine.

Known for its powerful aphrodisiac action, it has been used in various “medical remedies” to boost male characteristics, improving oxygen supply and so increasing blood flow to genitals.

As a result, erection and size of penis are promoted, improving the feeling of nerves ending in it and offering a higher number of orgasms.

  • Epidemium Leaf Extract

Another plant, with strong aphrodisiac activity and a characteristic name “Horny Goat Weed”, not given to it by accident.

Contains a very powerful chemical, called icariin, a flavonoid working against erectile dysfunction and male impotence. Enables good blood flow and satisfactory erection.

  • Asian Red Ginseng

Ginseng, another vegetable is a root, a well-known natural ingredient met in many nutritional supplements.

In addition to many vitamins and boosters of the immune system, is also found in male booster products.

Its aphrodisiac action helps to protect blood vessels and fight oxidative stress.

Promotes nitric oxide, enhancing muscle relaxation and better blood circulation to penis, producing naturally stronger erections.

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract

Mainly grown in Brazil. Its extract has been used for centuries in aphrodisiac preparations. Studies show that men with sexual dysfunction had a significant improvement using this herb after only 2 weeks of use.

  • Black Hawthorm

These berries act as a natural heart booster, protecting and ensuring health and proper functioning. Exhibit strong vasodilatory action, promoting better blood circulation in organism.

Allows better blood supply to genitals and therefore better and more “tough” erections.

  • Catuaba Bark Extract

Another herb coming from Brazilian and Peruvian areas, used to achieve sexual arousal and increased libido.

Helps to improve various malfunctions and achieve better sexual performance.

It also contains ingredients helping to relax the nerves and further enhance the erection, while at the same time fights fatigue and enhances user performance.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

A well-known natural ingredient found in many supplements. It is a herb found in many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions increasing blood flow to brain and nervous system, so enhancing the quality of the erections and increasing their resistance and hardness.

  • Saw Palmetto

It is a natural ingredient helping fight various prostate problems. It also enhances the natural regulation of testosterone levels in organism, with no interference on the normal functioning of organism. No side effects caused.

  • Bioperine

It is not an ingredient with aphrodisiac activity or any other relevant active capability. Bioperin has a synergistic effect, boosting the action of the other mixture’s ingredients and helping them to be absorbed better and more efficiently by the organism.

Its action helps on the improvement of all other ingredients by almost 40%.

Operating procedure


The VigRX Plus supplement – as already mentioned – promotes good male sexual function and helps fight erectile problems (due to poor quality, poor duration, fast ejaculation).

With the 10 specially selected natural ingredients, VigRX Plus works as a powerful aphrodisiac, enhancing libido and increasing sexual desire, strengthening erection and offering strength and resistance, promoting strong orgasm and intense ejaculation.

As observed following the study of its components, VigRX Plus relies mainly on boosting nitrogen monoxide in organism, boosting, in turn, blood circulation and activating the nervous system.

Erections become stronger than before, longer in duration and with elevated intensity.

Nevertheless, this is not just the only benefit when using VigRX Plus. The sexual desire and mood is also greatly improved.

Older people experience an unprecedented regeneration, as being teenagers again. Their momentum increases while their performance returns to old “glorious” days.

They are sexually active again, regardless of age.

Orgasms happen more frequent being more powerful.

The erection is completely controlled and not accelerated ejaculation accidents are to happen anymore.

Ideal way to use it

Each package of VigRX Plus includes 60 capsules for 1 month’s intensive treatment.

According to the RDD (Recommended Daily Dose), the product is administered 2 times a day, 1 capsule at a time.

Recommendation for Intensive use of at least 1-2 months to achieve greater improvement.

CAUTION: Results depend upon the time a person continues to use the pills. Discontinuing the use stops the effective capability.

Side effects

According to manufacturer, Edge Ltd., the ingredients are all natural and harmless, specially selected, of high quality and always fresh and active.

You can improve your sex life without any worries and risk of side effects from strange chemicals.

It is a completely natural solution to strengthen the organism in the most natural way.

In general, individuals show no side effects or undesired symptoms.

However, special care is required if the person suffers from a condition or if he/she receives a medication.

RECOMMENDATION: Seek the advice of a physician in these cases to evaluate the health status of the person interested.

In any other case of a healthy person with no pathological problems and no administration of medication, no medical prescription is required for VigRX Plus.

Its long-term use causes no worries.

CAUTION: When first taking the product, the ingredients should be checked carefully, to avoid any allergic reaction!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: VigRX Plus sold more than 1,200,000 packages since 2007, confirming once again its efficient capacity.

The reviews received from its hundreds of thousands of users are very positive, offering to any potential user one more reason for trying it.

VigRX Plus : Information on Purchase

VigRX Plus is available via its official website (

The order process is extremely simple and the delivery is immediate to any destination of your choice.

The product comes in a discreet package to protect your privacy.


Available in 5 different offers – packages:

  • 1 package for $ 76.99 (+ shipping costs) – 1 month’s treatment
  • 2 packs for the price of $ 143.99 (+ shipping costs) covering 2 months of treatment
  • 3 packages at $ 205.99 (+ FREE Shipping worldwide) – covering 3 months treatment
  • 6 packs at $ 384.99 (+ FREE worldwide shipping) for 6 months treatment+ FREE Volume Enhancer Pills + Erection Fitness Subscription
  • 12 packs for $ 489.99 (+ FREE worldwide shipping) covering 12 months of treatment + FREE Volume Enhancer Pills + Erection Fitness Subscription

Cons Found

One “negative” element found in this product is its ability to deliver results only for as long as the product is used. This means that repeated purchases are required for long periods in order to maintain results obtained.

This can be quite costly for anyone making it quite difficult for him to decide its purchase.

In any case, it is a completely natural solution to any problem associated with erection or sexual performance, difficult post-operative rehabilitation periods, administration of chemical medicines probably causing side effects and regional health problems, and any hormonal disorders you may have during treatment, as saves you from surgeries.

The results may not be as immediate as those of chemical treatment but they are much milder and risk free.

I think its organism-friendly composition justifies its slightly higher price.

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