Extenze | Review 2021 | No erectile dysfunction anymore

The problem with the erection dysfunction is already known. It has been discussed through our articles quite a lot. Its reasons are also known; though do not seem very clear yet from the scientific point of view. Today’s review hosts an article referring to a pure male product, Extenze, a nutritional supplement aiming at improving sexual performance.


Our task is to give you as many information as possible on this product.

A brief look at internet reveals a large range of similar products available in the market.

These are pills improving the male sexual function and desire, which if observed closer show a high number of hidden tricks.

The majority of these products are offered by unknown companies, not even providing any contact information.

Certain products advertise “secret active formulas” or “key ingredients” whose identity is never disclosed and not listed on the package label.

Not to mention imitations of authentic products, mentioning completely different data than those actually contained in their composition.

Found in a similar situation nobody could really state if the product:

  • is effective
  • is safe for the health
  • is meeting your needs

Great care is required on the selection and use of a nutritional supplement (for avoiding any side effects)

So it is important for us to know the validity of a nutrition supplement company (and its products), to have clear instructions on its use, as well as a complete list of ingredients contained in its active formula.

Extenze – under review today – is a product meeting the above specifications for a “good” male booster supplement

Extenze – What it is


Extenze is an exclusively male supplement aiming at adult men of all ages.

What delivers is shown below:

  • increase penile length / thickness
  • improves resistance to sex
  • stronger & tougher erections
  • higher duration of erections
  • higher number of orgasms
  • stronger orgasms

This product comes in pill form for easy use and immediate results. In a fraction of time, following administration of the pill, you are ready for the teenage action again.

Extenze is produced by a well-known and reputable company, Biotab Nutraceuticals.

The creation of this particular pill aims to be effective but gentle on the body (due to its 100% natural composition), for fighting various forms of male sexual problems.

It is not a new supplement, but counts a presence of a decade in this field, with proven action (and a “user-friendly” operation).

It is considered as a great advantage to have a product already tested by thousands of different people, guaranteeing its effective ability and safe composition.

Over the years, Extenze’s formula has been modified to make it stronger, more efficient and faster than its initial formula, however, always maintaining its purely physical identity and gentle approach towards the body.

Stress and routine of daily life have negative effects on our sex life.

Nevertheless, this temporary impotence does not become a permanent problem ultimately affecting the personal and love life, the psychology, the confidence, the social life, even the work performance.

Any person would not have any excuses to let its sexual life being inactive, while science provides certain choices.

As mentioned earlier, the products already available offer large number of options and promise real results.

New ultra fast formula of Extenze provides:

  • sexual desire (libido) boost
  • elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • improvement of sex satisfaction
  • increased penis length
  • increased penis diameter
  • improved quality & quantity of orgasms
  • increased endurance & physical strength levels
  • strong and prolonged erection
  • increased erections’ frequency
  • elevated pleasure
  • enhanced explosiveness & momentum
  • improved quantity / quality of sperm in ejaculation

It becomes more than obvious that, Extenze may offer help & solution to a wide range of malfunctions and problems of male sexual nature.

(!!!): Intervention by this supplement is the most natural and safe option to fight these malfunctions, with no use of dangerous chemicals, surgery, pain and hassle.

Extenze is a 100% natural product with selected top quality natural ingredients (no harmful chemicals) targeted at any man with sexual performance problems.

It is safe for the organism and guaranteed by a serious and reliable company, promising visible results for re-energizing the erotic life and offering new meaning to sexual intercourse.

No surgery.

No pain.

No weird mechanical penis enlargement aids.

No difficulty.

Easy to use.

Fast action.

Complete security.

A pill is enough for making real all your erotic fantasies.

All those mentioned above are its promises.

However, is it possible to accomplish all these?

How it works & to whom is addressed


The action of this male booster pill relies on blood flow increase.

An improved blood circulation leads to better blood flow to penis achieving a longer and stronger erection, lasting for longer.

The next question is: Is this real, it happens, or is just promises and claims?

The action provided by the natural ingredients of Extenze is real and scientifically tested.

NOTE: This nutritional supplement holds a top ranking among male boosting products and has been one of people’s best options for many years.

Its ingredient formula consists only of natural ingredients & herbs, offering a boost to male body in general (especially after a certain age).

The ingredients are combined in such a way and in rates for ensuring maximum benefits with minimal side effects for body.

Extenze boosts body’s natural testosterone production only, providing at the same time a variety of nutrients for boosting the organism and stimulating blood circulation, so to achieve better erections (length, size, strength & stamina).

It is about time to find out about the composition of Extenze assisting on strengthening the male organism.

One of the most important points in the process of choosing a dietary supplement – as already pointed out at the beginning of this article – is choosing a good, safe and (of course) effective dietary supplement.

There is no better and more “honest” way to study the efficacy of a supplement than to study its ingredients at the rates contained.

Each ingredient shows its identity, “what can do” and “what is trying to achieve” a nutritional supplement.

Extenze’s natural ingredients following a careful reading could provide assistance on identifying its true capabilities on male sexual performance problems.

No.1 Ingredient: Yohimbe Bark Extract

This ingredient (also known as Pausinytstalia Yohimba) is an ingredient well known for relieving and fighting various erectile dysfunctions, enhancing effectively libido and increasing the frequency (as well as quality) of ejaculation. The combination of this ingredient with L-arginine is an important “weapon” against erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbine comes from an evergreen tree found mainly in central and western Africa. Various dietary supplements are prepared from the bark of this tree. Yohimbine is now a regular prescription drug against erectile dysfunction in the United States, and against various other conditions (such as high blood pressure, depression, orthostatic low blood pressure, even obesity).

The active substance yohimbine seems to be capable of increasing blood flow in organism (and more specifically to penis) by creating stronger, longer and lasting erections, aiming at achieving better quality & quantitative ejaculation.

No.2 Ingredient: Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a well-known herb widely used as a male booster. Being used in Chinese Medicine for many centuries, is available in 15 different varieties.

Its use is very effective and immediate, not only in boosting sexual desire but also in improving the sexual performance and erectile ability (in size, quality & duration).

The Horny Goat herb often is used to strengthen the back and knees or to fight joint pain and arthritis, also assisting on physical and mental fatigue, while boosting brain function and memory.

The action of the herb Horny Goat Weed relies on increasing the blood flow to male genitals and ultimately improving their function in erotic activity.

This herb contains the active ingredient Icariin. This substance inhibits PDE5 activity, preventing arterial dilation and smooth blood flow to genitals and specifically to penis.

So, by blocking its activity, the arteries dilate, blood flow to veins surrounding the male penis, and favor a strong and large erection.

NOTE: The Horny Goat herb provides exactly the same action as the prescription pill Sildenafil (Viagra).

No.3 Ingredient: Zinc

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients in any man’s diet, of any age.

It is an ingredient fighting premature ejaculation and enhancing a man’s good sexual performance (in quality and duration of erection).

Zinc is a key building block of organism for producing the male hormone testosterone.

NOTE: A man needs about 11 mg of zinc daily.

This metal enhances the proper functioning of immune system, assisting in the effective healing of wounds and various injuries, and boosting protein synthesis.

Improves sperm quality and offers powerful antioxidant protection to the organism.

Boosts prostate function and fights malignant prostate cancer and other lesions.

Finally, stimulates cardiac function and reduces the chance of developing cardiovascular disease drastically.

No.4 Ingredient: L-arginine

Arginine belongs to the “not necessary” amino acids (i.e. amino acids usually produced by organism itself).

It is considered as the best ally of any man in erectile dysfunction.

The action of arginine relies on its capability to increase blood flow to penis, so improving its performance in sexual activity.

Increases male fertility and plays an important role in the quantity and motility of sperm.

Usually used in combination with proanthocyanides as a treatment against erectile dysfunction or dysfunction, but also against reduced reproductive capacity.

No.5 Ingredient: Pregnenolone

Pregnenolone is a chemical present in the human organism. It is a steroid hormone, with a strong nootropic attitude enhancing person’s energy and endurance.

Helps to improve focus of thought, to boost brain function and memory, to understand and perceive, as well as to improve one’s critical analytical ability.

This substance is also unique on increasing the production of steroid hormones, directly responsible for a person’s physical strength, endurance and performance at all times (and not just in erotic activity).

Extenze – Is it worth trying it?


Following a detailed search of data provided by the manufacturing company, along with information collected online, it is immediately obvious that Extenze is a highly capable and certainly very popular product, receiving very positive reviews from men of all ages who used the product either as a therapeutic method, or as a preventative means for pain necessarily occurring over time.

Most of the users of new Extenze (with the new improved component formula) state that 6 to 8 weeks is a necessary administration time.

This period is approximate and varies from person to person, so are the results.

CAUTION: It is true that there are reports of people who taking the same supplement, did not have the expected results unlike all others who experienced significant improvements in their sexual desire & performance, and even within just a few days of use.

NOTE: Extenze – just like any dietary supplement or medicine – can have different effects from one organism to another. No rule may guarantee specific results.

Here is the information that any person should know about Extenze



  • has natural texture
  • 100% legal product
  • its special ingredient formula is clinically tested and approved
  • increases penis length & diameter
  • increases sexual desire
  • improves sexual performance
  • fights erectile dysfunction

Side effects and cases

It is a natural and completely safe dietary supplement, not causing any side effects.

Its use does not even require a medical prescription, nor is it underscored by time constraints.

Extenze may be received for a limited time as a treatment in a transient problematic erectile function, but it can also be used for a long time with no limitation as a preventative means against aging-related dysfunctions.

However – as with any other dietary supplement – it is advisable to get your personal doctor’s opinion, especially in case of health history or medication used.

It is also recommended to thoroughly check the composition of the product before using it to avoid any possible allergic reactions by any of the ingredients.

CAUTION: People suffering from bipolar disorder or other anxiety disorders are exclusively excluded from using Extenze, due an increased chance of causing dangerous side effects and serious complications.

Extenze – Purchase & Price

Extenze is available via internet in an easy discreetly way.


Each pack comes at $ 59 and includes 30 capsules for a month’s intensive care (in accordance with the Recommended Daily Dose), i.e. 1 pill / day.

Price is considered as satisfactory, corresponding to product’s quality.

The product is always shipped in a discreet package and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee (starting from the day of purchase).








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