Hourglass | Review 2021 | A fat-burner for women only?

Fat-burner product: Hourglass

Type: Dietary Supplement / Fat Burner / Premium Product

Users: women (any overweight body)

Country of production: USA

Composition: 100% Natural

Form: Capsule

Capsules / Packaging: 90


This review refers to a product for women only, the fat burner Hourglass suitable for women with extra kilos wishing to lose weight and reshape their bodies.

Α female curvy body with no fat and unattractive flab on waist, saggy arms, and ball-like buttocks.


For women wishing to get a flawless and extremely feminine body similar to the body of a Hollywood diva, trying to attract all men eyes at them.

Millions of women around the world dream of Marilyn Monroe’s body and try to achieve it, but in vain! The process of losing weight is not an easy task, and both men and women know this.  

However – to be fair – women also face an additional difficulty, which is the very nature of the female organism and the way it is working. 

As known, the hormonal function of woman’s body has unpleasant consequences, one of which is the large fluid retention (bloating & flatulence) as well as the high fat storage.

Hourglass, claims an effective fight against already accumulated body fat, while at the same time prevents the accumulation of adipocytes.

Everything in its time and we will see all information in detail below. 

Hourglass – Action on body

The real problem is not how easily women gain weight and store fat in their bodies, but how difficult it is to have these fat cells broken down, so to get rid of fat. 

Why? The reasons are associated with hormonal problems.

You have certainly noticed, inter alia, that from time to time (depending on your menstrual cycle) you experience a huge bulimia for everything and sometimes an equally great aversion to food.

It is all about hormones.

Hormones have a great impact, in addition to the levels of your appetite and the deposition of body fat in your body’s fat stores, depending on your genetic predisposition.  

It is ultimately the female body structure and the way it is designed to function that makes very difficult to burn fat, and so to produce a good reduction in body weight (to return to normal – healthy levels).

After all, the quality of each product ultimately determines its effective capability.

Furthermore, a product well manufactured with a composition specifically tailored to needs of the female body and containing quality ingredients can only be rather useful in the difficult process of losing kilos.

The Hourglass (a product of Propura) claims in the end a flawless femininity, a timeless and authentic femininity like that of the great Hollywood actress.

Main benefits

  • metabolic rate acceleration
  • increased fat tissue burns
  • increase in energy efficiency
  • suppression of appetite
  • feeling full and satisfied (with significantly less food)
  • increase of body temperature (thermogenesis)
  • mood & confidence improved
  • fast visible results on the scale

Capsule composition

Following our personal experience, we will be happy to list all ingredients in detail. 

The Hourglass manufacturing company strives to ensure complete “transparency” about the composition / active capability of this particular supplement, so creating a pleasant atmosphere of confidence in the user.

Hourglass’s ingredients are natural and with many beneficial, fat burning properties and more.

It is quite Interesting that the product does not offer one-dimensional benefits, but overall improvement of the user’s health and fitness.

Here are the ingredients one by one. 

(Information on each of these ingredients may be found online to confirm a positive effect on organism).

Active Ingredients


Vitamin B6 (4mg)

It is an extremely important vitamin in the complex process of fat burning, providing powerful antioxidant action and eventually managing to boost the metabolic process (drastically increasing fat burning).

Furthermore, vitamin B6 helps absorb all of the valuable nutrients (amino acids and proteins). 

An organism receiving all nutrients properly is healthy and more manageable (to get into a painful weight loss process)

Boosting the metabolic rate achieved by vitamin B6 increases the levels of organism’s beneficial energy. This is a simple process of converting glycogen stored in the body into valuable energy to fight the fatigue feeling.

TIP: It is an ideal source of extra energy for people working out to achieve even faster and greater results.

We repeat, these are not the only benefits of this magical vitamin. 

Vitamin B6 helps burn carbohydrates efficiently, saving even more energy and reducing already existing body fat, but also preventing the deposition of new fat cells (this is the most important).

So we are talking not only about “fighting” but also about “preventing” fat as well. 

Vitamin B12 (10 mcg)

Vitamin B12 (an important vitamin of the vitamin B complex) is another very useful ingredient found in Hourglass. 

Reactivates metabolism to increase body fat burns throughout the day (and not just during workouts). It promotes muscle growth so that consistent training can deliver maximum results in a very short time.

An uplifted self-confidence and mood are the feelings required for not giving up until you reach your goal.

Wish to lose 5 kilos?

Wish to lose 10 kilos?

Wish to lose 25 kilos or more?

It is not really important. 

The use of Hourglass has no time limit. It is a completely safe product even used as a preventive means for maintaining weight at the desired level and controlling your appetite levels more effectively.

Increases organism’s energy levels – so feelings like weakness or exhaustion – especially during the strict diet are not present anymore (therefore reduced calorie intake of meals).

Vitamin D3 (1000 IU)

Vitamin D3 is another ingredient found in many nutritional supplements and not without a major reason! The so-called “sun vitamin” – though at first glance seems unrelated to other ingredients – is a source of life for every human being.

Fighting not only against depression or osteoporosis as we all know very well, but also against fat.

Low levels of vitamin D in the body can stimulate an increase in parathyroid hormone levels. 

Increasing this particular hormone in organism, leads to accumulation of higher amounts of fat in various body fat deposits. More body fat also means weight gain. 

Subsequent weight gain also implies an increase in health problems (especially in older ages).

Chromium (125 mcg)

Chromium is a metal received via our diet (mainly from leafy green vegetables), though not always in sufficient quantity.

Though chromium does not exhibit immediate fat burning characteristics, still plays the role of blood sugar regulator, meaning maintenance of sugar levels constant (no abrupt fluctuations) to avoid the various “bulimic episodes” leading to “empty calories” (that is, with no nutritional value) over-consumption without really feeling.

NOTE: According to scientific studies, women including chromium picolinate choline in their diet tend to have a significantly lower desire for food in general, as well as for unhealthy high-fat snacks.

Green Tea (500 mg)

One of nature’s most well-known fat-burning ingredients, has gained a worldwide reputation. It has a very high EGCG content, a very powerful antioxidant, resulting to acceleration of the rate at which the body metabolizes food, and to increase in fat burning. 

Higher burns, less body fat.

It also eliminates all dangerous toxins in order to strengthen the body and enhance your overall health.

NOTE: Due to its catechins, Green Tea manages to increase norepinephrine levels. Metabolism wakes up and fat breakdown is much easier.

Guarana (100 mg)

Another well-known ingredient (mainly found in multivitamins). 

Works in a similar way to caffeine and is another very interesting natural stimulant (with fewer effects than caffeine for organism).

Guarana’s potent stimulant effect suppresses appetite levels (especially by taking the supplement shortly before a meal) and makes easier to control the calories consumed in meals. 

It also acts as a diuretic by removing harmful toxins from body and preventing fluid retention, bloating and flatulence (a frequent women’s complain).

It has no fat-burning capacity, but raises heart rate and increases metabolic rate and body fat burn.


Glucomannan (1,500 mg)

An ingredient found in many slimming products, coming from the root of a plant called Konjac. Its high use in fat burning nutritional supplements is due to very high level of dietary fiber contained assisting to suppress appetite effectively.

As scientific studies have shown, these natural fibers have the potential to swell in the stomach creating an extremely thick gel. So the user feels at the beginning (before sitting down at the table less hunger) resulting in lower consumption of unnecessary calories in meals.

Capsimax (100 mg)

Capsimax (a patented product) with the active ingredient capsaicin derived from hot chili peppers, causing a strong caloric effect in organism (i.e. increase of internal temperature) and ultimately increasing metabolic rate with no effort.

Black Pepper Extract (5 mg)

Black Pepper Extract, or Bioperine (patented product), has been clinically tested in US, providing enormous benefits. 

It is of high nutritional importance, mainly because increases the bioavailability of various nutrients, so increasing their absorption by the organism via the intestinal tract.

Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, this is not a chemical (dangerous or addictive), but a natural, legal and harmless product undergone all controls as defined by law.

The chances for development of any side effects are extremely low. The user should check all the ingredients contained in the supplement’s formula to avoid allergies, intolerances or sensitivities / reactions by the organism.

Hourglass unlike many other fat burning supplements contains no caffeine or other synthetic stimulants, except natural elements. The ingredient of guarana is low in caffeine and found in many multivitamins commercially.

Guarana causes no problems to people with caffeine sensitivity.

NOTE: Hourglass is manufactured in United States and has all certifications required by law and all the necessary quality standards. The facilities where is manufactured are approved and have CGMP and FDA certifications.

Hourglass Purchase


1 pack: 90 pills (1 month treatment)

Purchase Price / Package: $ 50.00

Shipping by: Royal Mail, DHL express

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