Best Fat Burners especially for Women – REVIEW 2021 | Top 7

Fat burners forming one of the biggest categories of dietary supplements are certainly the most popular especially for women.

→Today’s Article is about ” The Best Fat Burners For Women” | Jump to the List Asap !

Women by nature are the ones mostly interested in this category of supplements always looking for any help available regarding their silhouette and a fine bodyline.

Excess body weight, fat, loose arm and saggy belly are definitely the biggest nightmares for any woman.

It is a real fact that the majority of diet programs and diets are aiming at women.

This article attempts to provide mainly our female readers with reliable and useful information, targeted observations, credible suggestions and – certainly- useful answers to questions and concerns.

Based on our own criteria analyzed briefly below we identified the best fat-loss supplements of the year to end soon.


ATTENTION – Not just the best fat-burning products, but specifically those selected as the best Fat Burners especially for Women.

The products classified following as per our own personal experience & opinion, the information collected, their ease of use, their effective capability and – surely – in relation to their market value.

Another necessary clarification prior to studying these products one by one is the fact that, these supplements are exclusively for women.

Best Fat Burners for Women | *TOP (7) Products*

#1 | PhenQ


PhenQ is a supplement offering:

  • high fat burning
  • targeted fat burning by stimulating metabolic rate (24 hours a day)
  • appetite control (resulting in lower overall food consumption by the end of the day)
  • mood and confidence improvement (low calorie consumption is known to reduce mood)
  • energy increased & fight against fatigue
  • low dissatisfaction feeling (hunger, grumbling, exhaustion, malaise)

What I should know:

  • manufactured in the United States in approved laboratories

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Capsimax Powder : It is a very powerful combination of 4 active fat burning ingredients promoting weight loss. It’s a formula of Capsimax, caffeine, piperine and Niacin.

The thermogenic properties of Capsimax and piperine, combined with the increased metabolism & the boosting energy of caffeine, when combined with niacin make the body fat vanish in no time.

  • Nopal : This Mexican-origin cactus contains very high levels of beneficial dietary fiber and helps fight hunger and eventually eliminate body fat.
  • Calcium Carbonate : It is a very useful calcium supplement
  • Chromium Picolinate : It is a mineral found mainly in meats, fruits and vegetables, and helps to limit our desire for sugar or carbohydrates. The presence of chromium in PhenQ’s ingredient blend allows the body to get only the sugar really needed.
  • Caffeine : Caffeine is the most famous natural stimulant. It effectively reduces fatigue and gives an explosive boost to your beneficial energy.
  • L-carnitine furmurate : This amino acid found in red meat, green leafy vegetables and nuts, manages to convert body fat into beneficial energy utilized either in more efficient workouts in the gym, in the park jogging … or even the endless chores and runs at work.


PhenQ is available via its official website, only. It is not available in pharmacies and neither in other stores with organic or nutritional supplements.

  • Each bottle (contains 60 pills, sufficient for 1 month’s treatment) at a cost of $ 69.95. Its original price was $ 79.95, now offered with a saving of $ 10.00.
  • The 2 bottles of PhenQ give you another one free bottle for $ 139.90 only, with a discount of $ 100.00. (Starting price at $ 239.85).
  • Finally, the most Super Offer comes with the purchase of 3 bottles of PhenQ, where you get 2 more free bottles, priced at $ 189.95 from the starting price of $ 399.75. Saving $ 210.00 (quite a lot).

#2 | Leanbean


Leanbean supplement has in offer:

  • fat burning action with fast visible results
  • increased metabolic rate
  • fat control
  • suppressed appetite (feeling of fullness with less food)
  • natural ingredients formula friendly to body
  • reputable company (quality products)
  • enhancing of energy levels


What I should know:

  • Administration of 4 capsules per day

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Vitamin B6 : Stimulates fat burning and increases muscle gain, helping in proper functioning of nervous system. Very important for shaping the body in the slimming phase.
  • Vitamin B12 : Saves energy, never letting you “run out of battery”. You feel more energized and full of strength (physically and mentally).
  • Chromium : Chromium effectively enhances the way the body metabolizes food, producing beneficial energy, so assisting in faster fat burning and enhancing the effects of other fat burning ingredients as well.
  • Green Coffee : Green coffee beans are one of the world’s best- known fat burning natural ingredients and naturally could not be absent from Leanbean formula.
  • Acai Berry : Another well-known natural powerful fat burning ingredient found in too many weight loss supplements, favoring fat burning and controlling appetite levels with its abundant dietary fiber.
  • Turmeric Powder : Turmeric – also known as “golden spice” – is an ingredient accelerating detoxification in liver, removing a large number of dangerous toxins tending to accumulate.

At the same time accelerates the burning of body fat and promotes the loss of body weight.

  • Glucomannan : Glucomannan – a component found in Konjac root – is extremely rich in dietary fiber creating a feeling of fullness (occupying a large volume in stomach).
  • Cayenne Powder : Intense calorific effect and a sharp increase in metabolic rate, ingredients valuable for a weight loss process.
  • Black Pepper : Synergistic with other fat burning ingredients in the supplement. Enhances their action and increases tangible results.
  • Raspberry Ketones : A well-known and very expensive natural fat-burning ingredient with proven effective slimming ability.


Leanbean is only available via its official website, i.e. online order.

  • Each bottle (contains 180 specially designed capsules & sufficient for 1 month treatment) now at a cost of $ 59.00.
  • Buying two Leanbean bottles you pay only $ 118.00 and earn totally free shipping in United Kingdom and USA.
  • Finally, the most favorable offer comes with the purchase of 3 Leanbean bottles, where you receive 1 free bottle for a total price of $ 185.00 and no extra charge for shipping the product to any selected destination (anywhere in the world).

You also get together a free e-book with helpful bodybuilding tips to help you get much better results and not having a saggy skin after losing weight.

#3 | Instant Knockout for Women


Below find what Instant Knockout offers:

  • fantastic fat burning effect on female body
  • metabolic rate stimulation
  • fight against of most persistent fat (even in the difficult area of ​ arms)
  • appetite Suppression
  • natural ingredients formula friendly to the body
  • effective action (widely used by sports / leisure professionals)
  • boosting energy

What I should know:

  • manufactured in the United States in FDA-approved laboratories

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Green Tea Extract : One of the most important natural ingredients of Instant Knockout, with its powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and stimulating action, increasing metabolic rate and intensifying the fat burns occurring in the body (even without physical exercise).
  • Cayenne Pepper Seeds : One of the most potent natural calorie ingredients, causing a sudden temperature elevation in body temperature and so “melting” body fat.
  • Glucomannan : In recent years this is one of the most sought after ingredients in dietary supplements, due to its high content of beneficial fiber promoting not only gastrointestinal system’s proper functioning but mainly controlling hunger and creating the feeling of fullness necessary.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous : Certainly, caffeine is an essential ingredient in a fat burning supplement as due to a person’s low-calorie diet for losing weight, the feeling of tiresome and exhaustion are their worst enemies in the day.

With caffeine, you take a strong dose of energy and you do not feel any weakness to meet your daily obligations.

  • Vitamin B12 : Vitamin B12 of the vitamin B complex helps the body actually convert the food consumed into beneficial energy, boosting energy levels, whether we are talking about tasks of a simple day or about fitness training in the gym.
  • Vitamin B6 : Another important vitamin of the vitamin B complex, boosting muscle rebuilding and helping buttocks’ fat effectively.
  • Zinc : Zinc is a nutrient never missed from a diet in general. Without this, body is not capable to effectively managing fats and carbohydrates.
  • GTF Chromium : Controls blood sugar levels and boosts the body’s metabolism in the most natural way, resetting body to burn off unnecessary fat and save significant amounts of energy for use in the day (so consuming fewer calories in meals).
  • Piperine : This is a black pepper extract. Though not being a fat burning ingredient per se, piperine effectively enhances the action of all other ingredients found in the Instant Knockout formula. In addition controls blood sugar levels and drastically reduces the creation of new adiposities in body.
  • Green Coffee Bean : The last ingredient is a super-stimulating ingredient effectively controlling appetite and reducing bulimic seizures (especially for carbohydrates and sweets).


Instant Knockout is available only via its official website, i.e. online order

  • Each bottle (contains 120 specially designed capsules sufficient for 1 month’s treatment) now at $ 59.00 plus shipping costs.
  • Buying two bottles of Instant Knockout you will receive another 1 bottle completely free of charge for $ 118.00 only and totally free shipping.
  • Finally, the most smashing offer comes with the purchase of 3 bottles, where you receive 1 free bottle at the final price of $ 185.00 with no extra charge for shipping & delivering the product to any selected destination.

#4 | Trimtone


Trimtone offers:

  • Powerful thermogenic action
  • Fast and effective fat burn
  • Stimulated metabolic rate
  • Appetite suppression and curbed cravings
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Natural, safe ingredients without side effects

What I should know:

  • Just 1 capsule per day for easy usage

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous : The thermogenic effects of caffeine increase fat burn while firing up your energy levels for increased performance. This stimulant further improves alertness and focus, while also suppressing appetite.
  • Green Coffee : This powerful natural fat burner contains chlorogenic acid which reduces fat absorption and increases metabolic rate.
  • Aframomum Melegueta : Also known as Grains of Paradise, this herb activates brown adipose tissue (BAT) which burns calories and fat to successfully help you lose weight.
  • Glucomannan : A clinically proven weight loss aid that helps you feel fuller to reduce your appetite and curb cravings.
  • Green Tea : High in polyphenols called catechins, this tea extract is shown to speed up your metabolism and help your body break down fat.



Trimtone is currently only available online via its official website.

  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules, which equates to a 30-day supply (you only have to take 1 pill per day). A bottle now costs only $ 49.95 due to a $ 10.00 discount.
  • If you buy 2 bottles of Trimtone you get a free extra bottle, which means you get 3 bottles of Trimtone for just $ 99.90 saving a total of $ 79.95.
  • For the biggest savings, you can buy 3 bottles of Trimtone and you get 2 extra free bottles. This costs you only $ 149.85 for 5 bottles of Trimtone, saving a massive $ 149.90 on your purchase.

#5 | Hourglass


Here are the offers of Hourglass:

  • specific action for women (only for women)
  • fat burning action even on the most persistent fat
  • female body
  • increased metabolism
  • fight against fatigue
  • suppressed appetite (stop on cravings for fattening snacks)
  • flat stomach, tight bra & thighs, beautiful buttocks and a sense of hourglass in the body

What I should know:

  • a product specifically designed to stimulate female metabolism

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Vitamin B6 : Stimulates fat burning providing significant amounts of energy to make you feel energized and efficient throughout the day. Increases muscle gains and favors body “sculpting” to get the final hourglass shape that every woman really loves and dreams.
  • Vitamin B12 : A powerful slimming weapon. Increases energy levels and eliminates body fat.
  • Chromium : Helps to effectively control your body weight and better metabolize the sugar and carbohydrates consumed in meals. Maintains low blood sugar levels and facilitates the start of the caloric process in the body.
  • Green Tea : This is one of the most well known fat burning natural ingredients in the world and has a history of centuries. Provides powerful antioxidant action, fights fluid retention in body and the bloating caused, and promotes rapid weight loss.
  • Glucomannan : Glucomannan – as already mentioned a component found in Konjac root – with its dietary fiber creates a sense of fullness to user and so avoids unnecessary calories.
  • Guarana : A very powerful stimulant provided by nature, often found in nutritional supplements and multivitamins. It offers an incredible boost to your energy and boosts your efficiency.
  • Capsimax : An extract of the hottest red peppers raising body temperature and leaving no room for body fat to escape!


The Hourglass product is available via its official website, i.e. online order.

  • Each bottle (contains 90 capsules & it is sufficient for 1 month’s treatment) now at $ 55.00 plus shipping cost to selected destination of your choice.
  • Buying two Leanbean bottles in one order, you pay only $ 110.00 and save by total free shipping offered.
  • Finally, the most favorable offer comes with the purchase of 3 bottles of Leanbean, in one order, where you receive 1 free bottle for a price of $ 165.00 and no extra charge for shipping the order to any selected destination (anywhere in the world) . This practically means a product for four whole months creating you incredible results.

#6 | Phen375


Phen375 offers:

  • fat burning action (with satisfied users worldwide for years)
  • increased metabolism (increased fat burning too)
  • thermogenic action
  • suppressed appetite (suppressed bulimic episodes overnight as well)
  • stimulating action (not out of energy during the day)

What I should know:

  • a product that has been in the market for years and is a timeless (and tested) slimming value

Composition – ingredients formula:

  • Calcium Carbonate : Boosts bone density, prevents training injuries and controls body weight.
  • Chromium Picolinate : A mineral suppressing appetite naturally and promoting weight loss (without a feeling of deprivation).
  • Lamda-CarnitineActs as a “means of transport” for fatty acids when transported to mitochondria, where they are burned.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous : Extra energy and vitality with caffeine so never feel tired.
  • Cayenne Pepper : Thermogenic action with immediate effects. Improves the digestive process dramatically and boosts good blood circulation in the body (and so faster muscle rebuilding in exercising).
  • Orchid Extract : Works as a stimulus in the body, whilst strengthening the immune system, offers analgesic action (extremely valuable especially in exercising), antipyretic action, and enhances the body’s defense against germs and viruses.
  • Bitter Orange Extract Natural stimulant ingredient. Gives energy, increases the metabolic rate and boosts the fat burning in the body.
  • Forskolin : Natural ingredient with effective action in controlling body weight and stimulating the fat-soluble process.


Phen375 is available only via its official website, i.e. online order.

  • Each bottle (contains 30 capsules, sufficient for 1 month’s treatment) now at $ 65.95, saving $ 24.04
  • Buying two Phen375 bottles in one order, you pay $ 131.90 and save $ 138.07
  • Finally, the best deal comes with the purchase of four Phen375 bottles, where you get one more free, for the final price of $ 187.96 where you save $ 261.99

#7 | Phen24


Phen24 offers:

  • fat burning action (with satisfied users worldwide for years)
  • increased metabolism (increased fat burning too)
  • thermogenic action
  • suppressed appetite (suppressed bulimic episodes overnight as well)
  • stimulating action (not out of energy during the day)

What I should know:

  • product offering 2 pills + 2 different actions: 1 day pill + 1 night pill (with different formulas)

Composition – ingredients formula:

Day Pill

  • Guarana Extract : Special ingredient for energy and physical & mental strength and alertness.
  • Phenylalanine : An appetite suppressant, it gives the user a feeling of satiety and satisfaction with much smaller portions of food.
  • Manganese : Boosts the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, reducing significantly bulimic episodes during the day.
  • Zinc Citrate : Boosts the digestive process and promotes the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore weight loss.

Night pill

  • Glucomannan : Probably the most important ingredient to stop the evening visits to fridge. Gives fullness, eliminates the feeling of empty stomach in the night.
  • Biotin : Helps break down fats and carbohydrates to save energy.
  • Green Tea Extract : Powerful detoxifying ingredient, promotes good and quality sleep.
  • Griffonia extract, Hop Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Choline Bitartrate, Sodium Molybdate, Pantothenic Acid : Some other valuable ingredients found in Phen24 offering benefits with their action.


Phen24 is available only via its official website, i.e. online order

  • Each package (sufficient for 1 month’s treatment | Day bottle contains 30 capsules & night bottle 60 capsules) now at $ 79.99 saving $ 10.00
  • Buying 2 Phen24 packs in one order you pay $ 149.99 a save of $ 55.00
  • Finally, the most amazing offer comes with the purchase of three Phen24 packs in one order, where you get two more free, for the final price of $ 224.99 saving a total of $ 100.00

Reasons For Fat Storage 

The category for fat burners for women is huge on its own, as due to physiology, the female body is predisposed to store more body fat, compared to men’s body.

This is the point where all the weight problems for women are starting.

Highly prone to storing body fat combined with sedentary living in certain cases, poor nutrition & fluid retention, are the reasons for weight gain and fat storage.

So, in addition to the need for women to be beautiful, there is another reason that these products are largely related to the female population.

It is the nature itself! Yes. Nature takes the blame. This is the truth. The evening visits to fridge are also to blame as well, at the time kids are on the bed and finally the woman enjoys the peace at home sitting in front of the television. Chocolates and muffins are also responsible as it is impossible to resist to these.

However, in this mess something is definitely sure. The scale begins slowly to rise. Though this fact did not attract any attention at first, while at first, now you feel that you can no longer do anything to stop this continuous increase.

An easy way to feel not guilty and not responsible is to find a reason to justify all this.

The hormones.

Hormones really play a huge role in the way the female body works. Even its reaction to a fat-burning dietary supplement is not the same as that in a man’s body. The fat mass in women reaches a much higher level than in men.

Therefore, it would be quite useful and smart to focus on targeted products designed specifically for the female body.

In this way, you will be capable to achieve better results in a shorter period of time. This means less trouble, better psychology and greater confidence. Smaller clothes size.

Fat burners – What they are – What is their role

Fat burners are supplements to enhance the natural process of fat burning, for saving valuable energy. This is achieved by boosting the body’s metabolic rate and so achieving higher calorie burns throughout the 24 hours.

So it is obvious that the fat burner selection is quite important and definitely requires a lot of attention and updating.

Especially women should look for fat burning formula-specific products manufactured specifically for women and their physical needs.

Given that, women have a significantly greater amount of fat in their body – requiring a more difficult effort to eliminate it and ultimately reducing their body weight – highly effective products are necessary

They need products that can fight even those very persistent areas of fat as the abdominal, buttocks and waist fat areas.

Effective formulas activating metabolism and increasing burns in “dormant body” used to accumulate fat for surviving are needed.

Why search for The Best Fat Burners for Women?


As already mentioned, the female organism has a completely different mechanism than the male organism. The specific products listed today in the list of “best fat burners for Women” have been studied and created aiming at interfering with the way the female body specifically works, that is, the way metabolizes food, stores fat and the way is been affected by hormones.

So it is great to start a battle with the right weapons.

ATTENTION – Remember that these are dietary supplements and not “magic pills” to eliminate the fat and unnecessary kilos.

A significant amount of effort on your part to adopt a healthier lifestyle with careful diet and consistent physical activity each week is required.

References – Bibliography

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