Leanbean | Review 2022 | Fat Burner especially For Women

What would you think when you hear that, there are special fat burners for women? Most probably, you get confused and you will never believe it.

Let us stay here and explain why could ever be possible to have fat burners especially made for women.

Starting from the basics, we have to mention that the female body is not functioning exactly as the male one.

There are significant differences determining – among other things – how easy or difficult is the process for losing weight.


For women – unfortunately – the “slimming” case is inherently more complex and difficult.

The way a woman’s body is created, her hormone function, fitness and body shape play an important role, making the entire process of fat burning extremely more difficult than in the case of men.

So what is the real meaning of a female fat burner and a female slimming affair?

This is the case where a product comes with a stronger composition and specific design to fight even the most persistent female fat.

Today’s article refers to such a fat burner, named Leanbean.

NOTE: Women are in greater need of “help” in slimming, since their lower metabolic rate than men, burns much less body fat.

Furthermore, due to their body structure they have higher percentages of body fat than men, as it is necessary to have higher amounts of energy stored during pregnancy and childbirth.

Finally, women have a much lower rate of muscle mass, as well, meaning that they metabolize at a much slower rate than men and therefore have much lower body fat burns.

Leanbean Women’s Fat Burner – What is it?

Leanbean is a fat burner made to cover even the most difficult cases of persistent body fat, the cases of women’s fat.

Ok. That’s understood. Is it for women only?

Certainly not. Simply is stronger than other fat burners and claims to achieve a lot more.

Definitely it’s a legal product with 100% natural & safe composition.

NOTE: Leanbean is one of the few supplements covering not only male & female users, but also vegetarians.

No dangerous synthetic stimulants (as found in many weight loss supplements & fat burners) are contained and the product is completely safe for the body and health.

NOTE: Most weight loss supplements containing powerful stimulants aiming at stimulating the metabolic rate and give the user a sense of vitality and energy, could be dangerous for the organism.

However, as with any dietary supplement, so Leanbean requires your active contribution to achieve the desired results.

A supplement is just an extra “aid” in your personal effort to lose unnecessary weight and eliminate unnecessary body fat.

Remember that nothing will simply happen, as if by magic.

Hard work is required, with regular exercise & nutrition to gain the body of your dreams.

Leanbean will help you achieve your goal much easier, in a faster & more effective way.

Leanbean Pill – composition


Leanbean – as mentioned – has a 100% natural composition, without containing any synthetic or other dangerous substances.

Its composition makes the product safe, and its vegetarian ingredients are now targeting a very large percentage of people, seeking similar nutritional supplements.

Contains four active natural fat burning ingredients that, according to official scientific studies, are very potent natural fat burners with great effective capability.

A careful study of each of these ingredients gives us information about Leanbean’s actual active capability.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric, a nearly “magic” natural ingredient, belonging to ginger family and considered a “sacred plant” in various countries, being very important in alternative medicine and surely in Ayurveda.

Due to its many therapeutic and beneficial properties, curcumin is widely used as a therapeutic method against various diseases, such as:

  • digestive disorders
  • liver diseases
  • inflammation
  • various forms of cancer
  • diabetes

NOTE: One of the less common properties of this natural ingredient is its potent antidepressant action.


Indeed, expert scientists compare the action of turmeric even with a powerful antidepressant such as Prozac.

Turmeric has become well known to broad public in recent years and not only for its overall positive effect on a person’s overall health, but also for its very high fat burning performance.

Boosts body temperature in a natural way creating a process known as thermogenesis and so speeds up the metabolic rate by increasing the body’s fat burns throughout the day.

  • Fiber Conjac

A root widely used in weight loss and appetite management products.

There must be a reason for this.

Yes. It contains a wonderful substance working towards the appetite suppression.

Many of fibers of this root – called glucomannan being an essential ingredient in many weight loss and fat burning supplements – swell in stomach to create a very intense feeling of satiety and fullness.

This means that the user feels like has consumed a lot more food (and therefore calories) than actually consumed.

The feeling of fullness lasts for a long time, so preventing the various bulimic episodes during the day.

However, glucomannan is not only this.

It also works well in improving blood sugar levels. Following each meal prevents abrupt fluctuations in sugar, resulting in faster fat burning and more effective weight loss.

Another important contribution of glucomannan relates to control of bad cholesterol.

According to scientific studies, people who regularly consumed glucomannan showed a significant decrease in bad cholesterol compared to those who did not.

  • Garcinia Cambogia

The once unknown tropical fruit has undoubtedly become one of the most popular fruits on the planet.

Its skin contains a very active substance – hydroxycitric acid (HCA) – which (as shown by scientific studies) blocks the action of a particular enzyme converting sugars to fat.

The use of hydroxycyclic acid, however, helps to lower blood sugar levels as well, so assisting to fight obesity, while is acting as an anti-hyperlipidemic element helping on the increase of the naturally produced hormone serotonin (the hormone of joy and happiness) in the brain.


  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate, a trace element found in various foods (such as meat, whole grains and fruits and vegetables).

Helps in the secretion of hormone insulin, a hormone playing a very important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the organism, so enhancing the weight loss.

According to scientists, chromium picolinate is the most easily absorbed source of chromium and is therefore preferred to dietary supplements.

  • B vitamins (B6, B12)

Vitamin B complex vitamins play an important role in the daily life of the organism.

More specifically, they help eliminate harmful toxins from the organism, as well as to remove all the chemicals that end up in organism via the various foods (pesticides, chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, odor enhancers, pigments and many stimulants and many other substances, difficult to imagine, creating risks for the liver & kidneys).

Moreover, they lead the organism to convert the carbohydrates received via nutrition into valuable energy for organism and not into fat cells and unattractive fat.

  • Green Coffee

Green coffee contains an active ingredient called chlorogenic acid, offering high quality antioxidant protection and more.

Effective slimming action (even without a diet plan) is important, as is the liver protection, antimicrobial action, anti-inflammatory action, painkiller action and many other beneficial actions.

Green coffee beans (i.e. those not undergoing any chemical process) are green and with elevated concentration in natural antioxidants, which make them very valuable, protecting the organism from a multitude of diseases, enhancing its defense and also promoting the loss of unnecessary weight.

  • Green tea

Green tea is very rich in catechins, at the top of the list of healthiest ingredients in nature.

A key element in eliminating toxins from organism, fighting fluid retention in body, flatulence, as well as slimming.

Catechins favor slimming by substantially increasing the metabolic rate, a fact happening in a completely natural way, by increasing the levels of norepinephrine (a chemical found in organism, favoring fat burning).

  • Cayenne pepper

Its main action is its detoxifying action as well as its very strong thermogenic action, boosting metabolism and activating fat burning in organism throughout the day.

  • Piperine

Piperine is an active substance derived from black pepper, with no obvious effect on slimming, however found in many fat burning dietary supplements.

The reason is that in addition to its positive effect on stimulating the immune system, helps in better absorption of nutrients as well.

In other words, black pepper can help the body absorb better all nutrients received from all the other foods consumed.

Something similar is valid here as well.

Essentially, piperine is the ingredient enhancing the action of all other Leanbean ingredients.

  • Acai Berry

Earlier we mentioned about famous fruits with strong natural fat burning action! Another similar fruit found in the Leanbean composition is the Acai Berry.

A small berry growing mainly in the Amazon region and offering multiple benefits to organism.

Rich in good fatty acids, helping on burning of stored body fat by enhancing the loss of fat.

Raises energy levels (fights fatigue), lowers bad cholesterol levels, and helps control blood glucose and insulin levels effectively.

  • Raspberry Ketones

The last famous super fruit is raspberries, with their active substance adinopectin helping on the stimulation of the metabolic rate and their balance

Use: Correct administration rules

4 capsules / day

  • • 1 before breakfast
  • • 1 before lunch
  • • 1 before afternoon meal
  • • 1 before dinner

Leanbean – Purchase


1 pack contains 120 capsules

1 pack is sufficient for 1 month of intensive care (according to Recommended Daily Dose, that is, 4 capsules / day)

  • 1 pack costs $ 59.00
  • 2 packages at a cost of $ 118.00 + FREE shipping to USA and UK
  • 3 packs + 1 pack extra FREE only at a price of $ 185.00 + FREE worldwide shipping + FREE e-book with valuable tips + 90 day money back guarantee

Leanbean is only available via its official website for consumer safety reasons.

Does it Work for Men as well ?

Leanbean contains a wide variety of fat burning and appetite suppressants.

Their action is so effective that fights even the most persistent body fat, that is, the female body fat.

Certainly this does not mean that it is good for women only.

It’s rather the opposite.

Having managed to work on women (who by nature have increased body fat and high difficulty in fat burning) in the case of men there will be truly spectacular results.

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