Lipozene Review 2021 | Is fast & effective enough?

Lipozene, a nutritional supplement for weight loss (for men & women) clinically tested & certified for its effective action, comes to today’s review article.

Lipozene, according to its official website studied by our team carefully, is a supplement based on the water-soluble fiber of a plant widespread in recent years.

Konjac root, rich in fiber, is assisting to achieve faster satiety and consumption of smaller meals per day, so a higher weight loss is obtained with a smaller number of calories consumed.

Glucomannan, produced from this root, is a substance found in many dietary supplements for weight loss and suppression of appetite.

However, if glucomannan works, as mentioned above, results have shown to be effective in reducing appetite, if provided in the appropriate dosage.

This is the most important reason why many nutritional supplements are not bringing results.

The review examines the composition of the Lipozene formula, establishing the effects on trying to lose weight and body fat.

When Exercise & Nutrition are not enough

Any specialist will recommend regular exercise and a balanced diet to achieve a healthy body and a desired weight loss (with no harm to organism).

Nevertheless, what happens when you follow a diet and exercise program, but you don’t lose weight.

Nobody tells you then what to do and what is responsible for the scale to get stuck on the same figure.

Let’s start with a simple statement that losing weight is not a simple matter.

You’ve probably noticed that a diet giving spectacular results to a person may not work for someone else.

So what’s wrong and some people find it so difficult to lose weight?

Fatigue and constant tiredness follow the weight process. As you know, each person is different, so the same diet does not work in the same way for 2 different persons.

How many kilos you will manage to lose following a diet-exercise program is a function of many factors. Gender, age, physical condition, emotional / psychological state, hormonal status, heredity, body structure, physical activity … are just a few of many factors affecting how easily we gain or lose weight.

Certainly the people confronting any of these factors and do not manage to lose weight easily would not be considered a lost case.

The appropriate help from experts (a targeted exercise program by a personal trainer for specific body type, a diet plan by a special nutritionist to boost fat loss and provide the body with the necessary energy loads, and nutritional supplements to increase the body’s metabolic process) may help to obtain the desired weight loss along with the body weight stabilized.

CAUTION: Many misinterpret a balanced diet with an exhausting diet. This is completely wrong for the weight loss process with permanent results but also for organism itself, not needing (and to be precise it should not) to have many food groups excluded.

Not only is protein useful or fiber for organism functioning, but also carbohydrates, fats and sugars. A specialist nutritionist can organize a proper diet plan for you, with no deprivation, where you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods (in moderation) and lose weight as well.

Where a fat burner like Lipozene could help

The usefulness of fat burners, especially in these days.

As a person’s life becomes increasing sedentary, lacking any manual effort and higher stress and unhealthy diet (in temporary, quantitative & qualitative terms), the need for external help increases so organism continues to wok in full.


Fat burners are aiming in achieving a metabolic rate increase (the rate body metabolizes – converts – the foods consumed into beneficial energy) and so an increase in fat loss achieved.

To have this happen, the rate at which a person consumes calories (via food) must be lower than the rate these are metabolized.

The problem begins when a person is not able to reduce the calories consumed via meals (not able to follow a low calorie diet) or when the sedentary lifestyle does not make it easier to increase metabolic rate for burning fat.

These supplements do not replace meals, they are dietary supplements.

Their composition of strong fat-burning ingredients boosts the increase of metabolic rate (regardless of the condition), favoring fat burning throughout 24 hours a day.

This is true. A good & quality nutritional supplement can enhance fat burning even during the hours of night sleep.

Do All Supplements ensure Fat Burning and Appetite Suppression?

Surely not. Nearly all dietary weight loss supplements favor fat loss and appetite suppression, but certainly not in the same way and not to the same degree.

The product’s action depends on its composition only, meaning that the active ingredients of a supplement, but also the ratios at which they are contained in its formula, will determine the active ability & the results obtained (always depending on the condition of each organism).

There are other ingredients favoring the control & suppression of appetite, as well as the overeating events faced by many people every day and quite different ingredients favoring the increase in metabolic rate and fat loss of persistent local body fat.

What Lipozene Dietary Supplement does


Lipozene is a glucomannan-based supplement. As mentioned earlier, glucomannan is a natural ingredient deriving from the root Konjac.

According to the manufacturer, Lipozene, can adequately reduce the feeling of hunger so that the person can effectively control its eating habits.

Lipozene is manufactured by Obesity Research Institute LLC based in the United States of America.

The company’s main promotion line about Lipozene is that, you can lose weight without changing your eating habits and without spending many hours in the gym.

Let’s see. Could this be the case?

In fact the fiber of this natural ingredient has a unique ability to expand up to 200 times, occupying a large space in the stomach and creating a feeling of fullness in user.

This sense of fullness enhances the chance of a nutritional program to succeed and prevents overeating and unnecessary snacking.

However, we should know the amount of this root to be consumed in the diet so a remarkable effect is observed.

Does Lipozene nutritional supplement contain a sufficient amount of glucomannan to cause nutritional satiety?

Which are the risks of glucomannan overdose and possible side effects?

Observing Lipozene’s composition, looks like a very promising nutritional supplement, containing only natural ingredients and not containing any dangerous stimulants or other chemicals.

However, remains to be determined whether the natural ingredients contained are in the right ratios, so that they have an effective ability.

Looking at the bottle with the capsules (30 capsules / package corresponding to 15 doses, i.e. 5 – 7 days of use depending on the number of capsules used per day) the first thing I saw is the label stating 1500 mg / dose.

Regarding the dosage, Lipozene provides a satisfactory amount of glucomannan / daily dose.

According to its company, Lipozene supports its effective capacity right and claims immediate and targeted fat burning of most stubborn local fat.

Here are the real facts:

  • Indeed, Lipozene – as shown on packaging – contains a fairly satisfactory amount of glucomannan (much higher compared to many adequate dietary supplements).
  • This amount of glucomannan is indeed able to boost the body’s metabolic process and fat burning.
  • In order for this dietary aid to work, it is necessary to apply an exercise & nutrition program at the same time.
  • The product receives good reviews about its effective capacity.
  • The reviews received from its users, Lipozene, is usually combined with diet & exercise on a regular basis.
  • Lipozene helps reduce the feeling of hunger during the day.
  • Using Lipozene increases the beneficial energy and reduces the feeling of fatigue / exhaustion / weakness.
  • The person may experience mild side effects (such as nausea, stomach cramps, stomachache and diarrhea) due to the fiber contained in Lipozene.
  • Lipozene does not contain synthetic stimulants, or caffeine. This does not produce any problems on sleep and is not causing nervousness or anxiety to user.
  • Lipozene (Obesity Research Institute LLC) has repeatedly received complaints by the consumers about false information on the product. The company was forced to pay a $ 1,500,000 fine as compensation to its customers. The fine was imposed by the Federal Trade Commission in 2005.
  • Its price is slightly higher regarding the number of doses provided per package.
  • No serious side effects reported concerning the use of Lipozene. Certainly, of course, this requires compliance with the instructions for use recommended by the manufacturer.
  • To get results, the company recommends taking 6 capsules / day (a high number and not affordable financially).

Recommended Use of Lipozene


Lipozene is recommended for use daily to have the desired results.

The ideal intake includes 2 capsules before each main meal of the day (breakfast – lunch – dinner), so 6 capsules / day or even 4 capsules / day (for greater economy but with a reduction in its active capacity).

This means at least 2-3 packs per month of treatment, resulting to a not affordable supplement for most persons.

The administration of the capsules is made with water to dissolve the capsule properly in the stomach.

Inadequate water intake with the capsule can also lead to esophageal obstruction and suffocation.

Actual cost


Lipozene is available via its official website at the price of $ 29.95 / package + FREE 1 extra package + FREE shipping.

The manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

No questions asked for the refund request and customer dissatisfaction with the product.

The communication with the company is possible via e-mail or by phone.

Refunds cover the full amount (minus shipping & handling costs).

CAUTION: The warranty only covers purchases of Lipozene product made via the official website and not those via television programs or other suppliers.

Returns after the period of 30 days are not accepted and the company does not cover the refund.

Our Proposal for Slimming: PhenQ

What’s the appeal of PhenQ appeal to people?

PhenQ is a new generation slimming pill, with an extremely advanced and unique formula of active ingredients selected from nature. Its formula tested by clinical studies proves the active ability of its components.

PhenQ is not a simple weight loss product, containing ingredients acting as fat burners or appetite suppressants. This pill is aiming at men and women of all ages (adults) wishing to get rid of excess fat in a natural & safe way ensuring permanent results.

Permanent results means that PhenQ aims to integrate the individual into a healthier lifestyle, diet & thinking. The goal is not only to lose weight on a temporary basis, but also to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

This can ultimately lead to a slightly slower achievement of results, but certainly more likely to last over time.

Is it dangerous to take PhenQ along with birth control pills?

Contraceptive pills (intended for oral administration) do not fall into the category of pharmaceuticals, so not interacting with the PhenQ dietary supplement, neither cause side effects.

Cost and duration of each PhenQ pack

Each PhenQ supplement pack contains 60 pills sufficient for intensive treatment for 1 entire month.

We clearly see is simpler to take it (taking only 2 pills / day and not 6 pills / day required by Lipozene) and with lower economic cost.

PhenQ offers 60 pills at a price of $ 65.95 from an original price of $ 75.95 (saving 10$ / pack).

However, if you choose to buy the package of 2 PhenQ packages at the price of $ 139.90, then you will receive an additional 1 package completely FREE and you will save (from an initial price of $ 239.85) an amount of $ 100.00.

Finally, if you choose to buy the PhenQ package of 3 packages at the price of $ 189.95, then you will receive additional 2 packages completely FREE + 1 pack of Advana Cleanse for FREE and you will save (from an initial price of $ 399.75) an amount of $ 210.00.


The company provides a 60 day money back guarantee (unlike the 30 days provided by Lipozene) and FREE immediate shipping for all orders at any destination.

In addition, the company provides special discount codes-coupons for extra savings of your favorite product.

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