MAX PERFORMER Review 2021 | Read this prior to any purchase

In today’s article hosting the well-known dietary supplement MAX PERFORMER, we try to create a summary of its PROS and CONS.

  • Its nature
  • Its use
  • The benefits provided
  • The risks hidden
  • Its price compared to other similar products
  • Its composition & action

Many reviews on it exist in internet, while a majority of them contains inaccuracies.

So how can you trust the information read on a site to take the “risk” to use this particular dietary supplement?

How could you know whether everything mentioned or written is:

  • truth
  • lies
  • exaggerations
  • fake information

My opinionis that this is extremely difficult (especially if you do not have the special knowledge required to distinguish if a product is really effective & safe for your organism and your health or creates serious health problems).

Max Performer is a “new” product (introduced only in 2015). So during a 5 year circulation in the huge market of nutritional supplements we try to review this product as objectively as possible.

Following this review you’ll be capable (and with no external comments) to decide if it works, or it would be better to look for something different.

Here is the information on the Max Performer supplement.

Max Performer in brief

Referring to MAX PERFORMER, we should note this is an exclusive man’s supplement.

To which men is this nutritional supplement addressed?

What is boosted by MAX PERFORMER and how?


This nutritional supplement is a “male booster” aiming at men with sexual dysfunction problems (due to a variety of factors as seen later), meaning that men with the problems below can take advantage of this dietary supplement and deal with their unpleasant situation as:

  • erectile problems
  • poor erection quality (hardness / inclination / size)
  • lack of physical endurance / loss of strength
  • absence of sexual desire / low libido
  • erections of insufficient duration
  • premature ejaculation
  • low sperm production
  • inability to orgasm

Reading about the erectile dysfunction problems above, you would surely realize that this is not something so “unreal” but rather something very common.

Nearly every man during his life has a similar “difficult position”, experiencing similar “failures”.

One minute, do not get panicked.

There is now a plenty of new & advanced nutritional formulations (completely natural & safe) fighting the existing dysfunction and acting as a prevention to any repetition.

Max Performer reviewed in this article is the most well-known product of the Silver Blade Nutrition LTD supplement company and was created for an exclusive purpose to:

  • improve libido
  • improve the person’s psychology / self-confidence / mood
  • boost the erection (qualitative / in duration / in size)
  • improve the sexual performance
  • achieve the best erection
  • strengthen the orgasms (quantitatively & qualitatively)
  • offer a better ejaculation under control

Max Performer – How it works


Is your problem the low libido and the loss of sexual desire?

Have weak erections?

Do you often experience premature ejaculation in sexual intercourse?

Don’t you have enough energy, endurance & momentum for sexual intercourse?

Silver Blade Nutrition LTD’s Max Performer product is an organism booster promising to give you back your lost sex life.

However, what makes it different from other Male Booster Pills?

It contains 13 different and very active natural ingredients in its formula.

Do not hurry up to reject it because it is a natural product and not synthetic hormones.

Though all its ingredients come from the nature – according to the reviews of its users – it provides a very remarkable result.

Not in a short time as happens when you use hormones, but certainly with no risks, or with side effects.

It is the most natural way to strengthen the male organism, without any side effects, contraindications, malfunctions and risk.

The most remarkable thing about this nutritional supplement is that it provides a very effective boosting of the male organism (of any age) and a strong action against erectile dysfunction (slightly lower than that of synthetic hormones).

Besides, has no side effects and – unlike synthetic hormones taken only after medical prescription as a treatment – does not interfere with the organism’s normal functioning in any way, meaning that:

  • causes no hormonal imbalance
  • does not work invasively and violently
  • does not interact with other products / foods / medicines
  • does not interfere with the normal functioning of the body

CAUTION: People suffering from serious medical problems & illnesses, as well as people who are taking any medication for any reason, are advised to first consult their doctor who is familiar with their health record.

Active Ingredients

Below is a list of the active ingredients for MAX PERFORMER pills:

1. Horny Goat Weed 1000 mg

2. Maca 1000 mg

3. Cordyceps 1000 mg

4. Korean Red Ginseng 1000 mg

5. Bioperine 15 mg

6. Selenium 120 mcg (218% of PPP)

7. Zinc 24 mg (240%) of Recommended Daily Dosage – RDD

8. Pantothenic Acid 40 mg (666% of PPP)

9. Pyridoxine HCl 10 mg (714% of PPP)

10. Iron 14 mg (100% of RDD)

11. Niacin 32 mg (200% of PPP)

12. Riboflavin 10 mg (714% of PPP)

13. Cyanocobalamin 10 mg (400% RDD)

Ingredients, very important for enhancing the male sexual function.

Nevertheless, the main parameter remains that it is completely safe to use even for long periods as a preventive treatment or as a booster.

What are the benefits from Max Performer Composition?


Let me review 4 of the 13 valuable ingredients of the MAX PERFORMER.

At first, I notice that these 4 basic active ingredients are contained in significantly larger amounts than all the other active ingredients in the supplement formula.

Therefore, these 4 ingredients – Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Korean Red Ginseng and Cordyceps – are the “basic ingredients” to be examined for finding out the effective power of the MAX PERFORMER supplement.

  • Horny Goat Weed

Comes from various species of the Epidemium plant, found in abundance in Japan, China and Korea.

For many centuries has been an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with action based on a substance contained.

This substance – called icariin – provides results in erectile dysfunction problems almost equal to those of the chemical product sildenafil (also known as Viagra).

This natural ingredient acts as a PDE5 inhibitor, enhancing and promoting good erectile function and improving the man’s sexual performance.

Furthermore, an important benefit from the use of this particular herb is the enhancement of brain function not related to the erectile function of the individual, however being very important;

The use of this particular herb promotes the person’s self-concentration / focus, increasing the ability of analytical thinking as well as memory capability.

  • Maca

Maca is another very beneficial plant (herbaceous), widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative therapies.

The great nutritional value of this plant and its effective action as a natural aphrodisiac ingredient, have made it very famous in the western world.

Improves sexual desire, while strengthening the body’s energy levels and fighting the feeling of exhaustion / low energy / fatigue.

Beisdes, according to relatively recent research, regular consumption of this plant as a supplement, promotes the achievement of hormonal balance in organism (and especially in senior persons).

  • Cordyceps

Another very important ingredient belonging to the family of fungi (mushrooms). It has an excellent healing effect and many beneficial properties for man’s general health.

The action of these mushrooms is related to longevity / longevity / wellness / good health.

This happens as it fights the growth of free radicals, the development of cancer cells, infections, viruses, inflammation, colds, various respiratory disorders & infections, liver dysfunction. It is also used as a remedy even to fight a severe cough.

Promotes the increase of beneficial energy assisting to strengthen the immune system and fighting various disorders. Provides strong anti-aging action and prevents oxidative damage.

Works as an excellent and very effective aphrodisiac, preventing erectile dysfunction, while enhances reproductive ability, as it strengthens sperm and promotes good & dynamic ejaculation.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

One of the most widely used herbs in the world.

Korean Red Ginseng used for over 2,000 years in East Asia, as a key ingredient in wellness, energy, and fitness & health.

Provides multiple benefits and contributes to the overall proper functioning of the human body.

It enhances the functioning of the immune system, preventing viruses, infections, colds, diseases. Fights oxidative stress and promotes the proper functioning of the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Regarded as an ideal supplement for people training, but also for those who feel tired of their mind or body in their daily life.

Especially in men with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance problems is now an approved treatment by the FDA.

Max Performer | Purchase – Price – Offers

Max Performer is a premium dietary supplement.

This means a specially designed ingredient formula, meticulous ingredients with great efficiency and excellent preparation conditions.

A premium product also implies a premium cost?

This particular product will not disappoint you in price.

Despite its remarkable list of ingredients (13 in total), is available at a very satisfactory price (lower than expected), at $ 69.00 / package, provided exclusively by the official website of


On the website, you will find offers for buying 1 package, or a multiple package purchase option.

1 month supply ($ 69.00) – 1 MAX PERFORMER package – an ideal offer for new product users wishing to “get to know” the product.

The 3 month supply ($ 138.00) – 3 MAX PERFORMER packages – is a more affordable offer, for users wishing to pursue a treatment.

The 6 month supply ($ 200.00) – 6 MAX PERFORMER packages – is definitely the most interesting offer for people intending to use the product for a long time. Usually addressed to:

  • people undergoing treatment
  • people using the supplement for preventive purposes
  • people using the product as a booster for the organism

Payment accepted by credit or debit card,or PayPal.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All orders go via a completely secure online system, protecting your personal information. Delivery of orders is immediate. Orders shipped from either United States or the United Kingdom, are delivered to any destination.

No charge for Shipping costs.

References – Bibliography

Our Proposal (VIASIL male booster pill)

Without any doubt one of the most popular natural supplements against erectile dysfunction according to recent statistical studies.

viasil is aiming at men of all ages, still alive, wishing to have an active sex life.


No mishaps.

No embarrassing episodes.

No risky chemicals.

This pill has a formula of natural (ONLY) Ingredients. The most important point is that it contains no stimulants or chemical elements possible to harm the body or create side effects.

With this composition increases the retention of oxygen, enhancing blood circulation in all organs (including the male reproductive organs).

It helps ATP (Adenosine Typhosphate) and mitochondria to produce nitric oxide, circulated in organism.

This has a direct positive effect on erectile function and on libido (sexual desire).

Increases the available amounts of energy in organism, stimulates physical endurance and strengthens sexual performance.

A product approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), widely used as a treatment but also as a preventive method (when the person experiences a painful period, of great stress, physical exhaustion, mental strain & lack of sexual desire).

Basic Ingredients

  • Zinc 1.5 mg (15% of PPP)
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract 10: 1 100 mg
  • Actful 700 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract 12: 1 25 mg
  • Panax Ginseng Extract 20: 1 20 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract 50: 1 4.8 mg
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