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Following the Prime Male success, the company decided to introduce a male booster. Prime Male Enhance is a nutritional supplement with reinforced action and high efficiency, aiming at making you the true master.

This is a supplement with a natural ingredients’ formula, no harmful chemicals or addictive substances, for boosting your manhood.

Prime Male Enhance will stimulate and boost your male nature in 3 drastic ways:

  • stronger libido & erotic desire with natural aphrodisiac ingredients
  • elevated blood circulation using the right nutrients
  • strengthening & elevating erection
  • stronger orgasms
  • increased self-esteem
  • uplifted mood
  • higher endurance & body momentum

Prime Male Enhance – In brief

Could you recall how it feels being a teenager and hiding a wild animal in your pants? Uncontrolled sexual desire, fierce momentum, hormones on the red and most of all powerful & long-lasting knock-outs.

It may be a long time you forgot how it feels like being a teenager, even accepting that those “glorious” days will never come back.

The truth is that time shows no mercy, going ahead and taking along the vitality, the momentum of youth, even your confidence.

However, this is not the time for disappointment as science has now the power to strengthen the body, making it healthier than ever.

In other words – and by getting the right natural boost – you can delay the arrival of the old age and keep yourself active & full of energy just like in your twenties.

Prime Male Enhance – a more sophisticated version of the classic & successful Prime Male supplement – promises to provide you with exactly what you need at this stage of your life.

NOTE: This is not a supplement just for people with erectile dysfunction or disability only.

Prime Male Enhance is a completely natural nutritional product, aiming primarily at a physical & completely safe boost of male body for performing better.

Therefore, apart from a cure for any malfunctions, it may also (even recommended) be used as an energizer, or even for prevention reasons delaying the appearance of problems of male impotence, erotic desire loss and certainly of sexual dysfunction conditions (whether affecting performance, duration or even erection physiology).

It is obvious that this is a supplement for men only. Men with sexual performance problems or even men of an advanced age having lost their youthful “livelihood” show a great support on the use of this particular dietary supplement.

They even talk about a marriage rescue.

The “match” re-igniting the flame of their relationship.

An “erotic bomb” shaking their lost lives.

Efficiency & Money Back Guarantee

Is everything mentioned above true?

Could a natural dietary supplement really help revive the sex life of a middle-aged man?

Is it possible such a product (not involving chemicals) help to fight effectively a man’s sexual dysfunctions (at any age)?

Many and reasonable questions.

Responding to these natural doubts from any customer, Prime Male Enhance offers a 90-day trial period.

Money back guarantee covers a 3-month trial period so you can reach your conclusions without being under the stress that you wasted your money.

An independent or combined action with Other Supplements?

Prime Male Enhance is introduced containing powerful natural ingredients to act as an independent supplement, performing even more dynamically combined with another company’s product, the Prime Male T-Booster

Delivering an excellent synergistic action, these two products are the perfect boost for any male body.

Prime Male Enhance boosts your performance in sex, strengthening your erection (in every way), with your partner feeling the difference for sure.

However, the combined use of Prime Male T-Booster will enhance these effects, boosting your momentum and promoting your erection even more.

You will not only see a difference in your desire for sex games but also in practicing them as well. An amazing erection, expressing the erotic desire, providing endless pleasure & strong orgasms to you and your partner.

Prime Male Enhance Supplement – Ingredients

This nutritional supplement is not a random supplement. It is guaranteed following a check on the list of its components.

It’s a powerful – and perfectly natural – man booster.

All ingredients are specially selected and clinically tested for stimulating the male sexuality and performance.

Prime Male Enhance contains 10 high quality natural ingredients combined in ideal dosages to achieve male boost and bring the person involved in its old glorious youth.

Prime Male Enhancer’s 10 natural ingredients are divided into 3 main categories according to their benefits and active capability.

1st category of ingredients: Maximum Satisfaction

  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Oat Straw

2nd category of ingredients: Development of Sexual Style

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Selenium
  • Damiana
  • Muria Puama

3rd Category of ingredients: Improved Sexual Performance

Is it safe?


No discussion about that, as Prime Male Enhance is a completely natural nutritional supplement with no added chemicals and high quality natural ingredients.

NOTE: However if you suffer from a pre-existing condition or follow a medication (for any illness) it is advisable to consult your doctor first, to avoid a reaction between the supplement and the medication administered.

Prime Male Enhance is not a medication, requires not a prescription and is not received for substitution of a medical diagnosis.

This should be crystal clear.

It’s a dietary supplement boosting your sexual appetite and your erection, however, in a completely natural way.

No supply of synthetic hormones to organism.

No use of chemical stimulants.

No creation of risks for you or your health.

Prime Male Enhance may be used with no reservations for a long time as a boost to your sex life.

In other words, it acts as a “vitamin” for your sex life, protecting you from old age and impotence, erectile dysfunction and stimulating your mood, confidence & erotic momentum.

NOTE: According to scientific research/tests, about half of men participating in the experiment (around the age of 30 years) had trouble in erection, impotence, or even temporary disability at this stage of their lives.

Prime Male Enhance provides immediate effective action and quick boost, revitalizing the male body.

Higher erotic mood and energy, increased confidence and certainly stronger erections, of higher intensity, controlled orgasms, and more live ejaculations.

This is not everything.

As already mentioned in the list of its active ingredients, Prime Male Enhance, offers yet another significant benefit, the development of a sexual style.

Simply, it strengthens your primitive animal instincts, those in peak in your 20s, starting to fade away later.

The sexual instinct style is the one making you the master of the game.

The sexual instinct, the animal impulse, the uncontrollable physical erotic energy is what will make you stand out for your performance.

Prime Male Enhance | What’s the cost?

Prime Male Enhance is available via its official website only, guaranteeing in this way the customer the purchase of the official & legal Prime Male Enhance supplement and not a cheap or dangerous imitation.


  • Each pack of Prime Male Enhance covers month’s treatment and costs $ 69.00.
  • By purchasing 2 packs you have 2 months treatment. The cost is $ 138.00 and the offer of FREE shipping to United Kingdom and United States.
  • By purchasing 3 + 1 FREE packages you have 3 + 1 month treatment (i.e. 4 entire months). The cost is $ 207.00 and you get FREE shipping to any destination.
  • The purchase of 4 + 2 FREE packs gives you 4 + 2 months treatment (i.e. 6 entire months). The cost is $ 276.00 and you get FREE shipping to any destination.

Debit / credit card or PayPal, are accepted for the purchase.

UPS, United States Postal Service and Royal Mail undertake the shipment of your order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Who can use the Prime Male Enhance?

It’s suitable for men of all ages. However, it is mainly recommended for men older than 30 years of age, where the production of testosterone begins to gradually decrease.

  • How can I check my testosterone levels?

By conducting a simple blood test with your doctor.

  • How do I know my testosterone might have started to decline?

The organism produces its own signs. You start feeling heavier and less vibrant, tired and older. You see a decrease in erotic interest compared to older years. You may also notice loose muscle – and weight gain (in fat).

Even diseases may even occur (as various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diabetes, bone mass loss, depression, fatigue, weak immune system, alopecia, erectile dysfunction).

  • Prime Male Enhance helps boost the sexual performance?

Yes. It is a booster, anti-aging natural nutritional supplement, stimulating the male body and enhancing sexual performance and momentum.

  • Provides any help in the gym?

As shown, the use of Prime Male Enhance can even help with your workouts, because this boosting supplement stimulates the natural production of testosterone. Testosterone gives to body a strong androgen and anabolic action.

Boosts muscle growth, increases physical strength, enhances energy efficiency, reduces body fat loss and stimulates metabolic rate & immune system.

Promotes the reproductive system, the mood and the confidence.


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