Thrive Patch Review | Lose kilos with a sticker (patch)

Can a patch, the Thrive Patch more specifically, help you lose weight?

Just hearing or even thinking of it makes me speechless, while I hesitate to believe it.

If it’s true, it’s amazing

So many attempts to lose a few kilos, so much trouble on controlling what and how many calories to be consumed daily, or even endless hours in the gym, getting finally disappointed, would have been avoided.

Just a minute. Is it that easy to beat the fat so easily?

Let’s find out more about a product claiming promises it can do it, in an easy and simple way.

Thrive Patch – a product produced by the international company on supplements production, Le-Vel, conducted the research and implemented an innovative and definitely interesting idea on how to lose weight easily.

Thrive Patch promises to boost weight loss dramatically and produce visible results.

Thrive Patch Slimming System – What it is

Thrive Patch is a “Wellness Patch” as implied by its name. It’s an innovative weight loss aid, a “fresh” slimming idea, and a promise of general wellness and high life quality.


Simply place the patch on a clean skin surface and renew it every 24 hours to keep the active ingredient in the body.

The ingredients of Thrive Patch get into the body transdermally (i.e. via the pores of the skin) and not only. Here is what we mean.

The Thrive Patch system is not just a patch, but also a clever 3-phase action idea.

Each of the 3 phases provides a different action; this is the reason the daily application of the patch.

A slimming “ritual”.

  • Phase 1 of the plan includes oral capsules, usually administered in the morning on an empty stomach (before breakfast).
  • Phase 2 includes a special beverage used after lunch.
  • Phase 3 of the system is the most innovative phase, by applying the special patch (sticker) to skin, every afternoon.

The product – as presented in its packaging – contains many beneficial elements & nutrients for the body: vitamins, probiotics, amino acids, extracts of specially selected natural herbs, minerals, enzymes, detoxifying & antioxidant elements assisting the metabolic rate and the weight and fat loss.

Each Thrive Patch box contains patches that – according to instructions for use as given by the manufacturer – are sufficient for 8 weeks of intensive care.

Thrive Patch composition

The ingredients included in the patch, pass through the skin’s pores to the body and take action.

The patch stays on the skin for 24 hours and then requires renewal to allow the active ingredients to continue working.

The main active ingredients of Thrive Patch that you will find in the products of the 3 phase-system are the following:

  • Garcinia Gambogia
  • Coleus Forskohlii (ForsLean)
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Cosmoperine (Tetrahydropiperine)

The reference to “key active ingredients” is made simply because the company also provides 2 more variations of the known patch with a stronger formula ingredients and more effective active ability.

In these more powerful versions of the patch (Thrive Ultra Patch & Black Label Patch) you will also find:

  • Satiereal Saffron Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • 5-HTP
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Arginine
  • Quercetin
  • Guarana
  • Yerba Mate
  • Vitamin B12

Product & Company


Thrive Patch is a part of Le-Vel’s 8-week weight loss program.

A Premium Lifestyle Program, basically aiming at helping everyone (man or woman) to lose weight, points from the waist, to fat burn, and many other important health points.

The advanced technology applied – known as the Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) – is applied to skin daily and works in combination with the other Le-Vel products mentioned above (capsules & beverages).

Le-Vel – though a relatively new supplement company – has implemented a very interesting way of losing extra kilos involving 3 different stages.

The idea is very fresh and different and definitely you are interested to know it.

It is based on the new product technology called “Skin Fusion Technology”, where the supplement’s active ingredients are transported via the skin in the body where they take action.

Is this method really effective?

The only answer we can give you with absolute certainty is that its manufacturers promise to:

Le Vel operates a system called multi-level marketing (MLM). Under this system, every user of this product can also become a salesman/saleswoman, securing extra sales and certainly a fee.

The system works as follows:

In case a user introduces the product (recommends) to a friend or to someone who knows securing an additional (other than its own sale), then automatically is entitled to a fee (commission) from the company.

This in a way and in my opinion gives a significant incentive to increase product’s sales, as everyone buying it aims to secure a commission and immediately promotes and recommends this to someone else. (The old and effective method of selling by “word of mouth”).

QUESTION: Could the use of this method be a “trick” to promote a not so efficient slimming product?

Thrive Patch – Does really work?


Unfortunately, we cannot give a reply with absolute certainty, at this moment.

It is not only the fact that Thrive Patch’s “bizarre” method raises doubts, but it is also the undeniable fact that there are no studies yet to prove the actual product’s active ability & effectiveness.

This is also immediately clear from the reviews on this weight loss program received in internet.

No clear comments on the Thrive Patch system are given, so to be convinced on its effectiveness.

A number of users claim to have achieved a change in their body and weight (small or greater), while others complain (quite strongly indeed), about the product’s ineffectiveness and inability to provide even the slightest boost in the process of losing weight.

But is this due to the ingredients contained in the Thrive Patch?

Its ingredients somehow assist in the process of weight loss and appetite control, being widely used in a variety of dietary supplements.

Then what is the problem with this product and its users seem to be divided to such an extent?

Better to have a look in more detail on the 3 most important ingredients

1. Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee beans (raw unprocessed coffee beans) provide higher levels of chlorogenic acid compared to processed coffee, so “blocking” the carbohydrates got from your diet and preventing the body from absorbing and converting them into extra body fat.

An immediate effect of lower energy intake and therefore greater fat-burning in the body to provide exactly the energy required by the body (even without the need for physical exercise).

2. ForsLean

The results of this ingredient are a little unclear and unconvincing. In women – according to a study – appear to have made no difference, while in men very little changes of the order of 4% were observed (really unconvincing and insufficient results to prove efficacy).

3. Garcinia Gambogia

An ingredient of high value in slimming, known for its potential to boost fat burning and significantly reduce appetite.

We find it in many slimming supplements and it is quite popular and popular by the public (men and women of all ages and weight).

Not only does help to lose weight even the most stubborn from difficult body parts, but also boosts the user’s ability to maintain a stable & healthy body weight even after achieving his/her goal.

Any studies proving an effective ability?


There are studies related to several of the active ingredients found in Thrive Patch’s composition, suggesting and certifying a potent fat-burning process.

However it’s not just about which “ingredients” are contained … but also “at which quantity”.

Specifically for the Thrive Patch system, there are no responsible & valid studies yet, presenting specific results and providing guarantees about the product.

Besides, the Skin Fusion Technology used in this product has not yet fully documented on whether and how it can actually bring about changes via the active substances delivered to body and in which way they work.

So, we still have a cautious attitude towards this product, regardless of how interesting and innovative really sounds.

We look forward to hearing from the experts the first clear and indicative results on its action, so then to inform you with absolute certainty whether it is worth it or not.

Method of Use

Instructions are very simple (this being one of the main reasons attracting the attention of the buying public):

  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin at the top of the arm.
  • Dry the skin thoroughly with a towel (so that no trace of moisture remains, ensuring good application of patch)
  • Remove the patch from the box and remove the protective cover.
  • Carefully apply the patch on skin to the height of arm.
  • Leave it on the skin for 24 hours.
  • Remove the next day and repeat the procedure.

Any side effects?

As mentioned earlier, data so far, as well as studies referring to the specific product and its effects, are not sufficient for a clear picture on its action, efficacy or even on the side effects might be caused.

In general, from little information available – mainly from its composition as stated on the packaging and from reviews received so far from its users – we come up with a moderate rating with unclear overall results (since some users show a positive attitude towards it, while others are negative).

People who used it in general have not reported any serious side effects or adverse reactions.

By studying Thrive Patch’s composition we can guarantee that it is a safe product for organism (unless a person is allergic or intolerant to any of its ingredients).

Its composition is 100% safe and not requiring a prescription and being suitable for both men & women of any age group.

Thrive Patch – Purchase & Price


The price of the product varies depending on the supplier. The price of a package ranges from

$ 50- $ 70 raising questions about the fact that no actual cost is mentioned in the product’s official website.


Le-Vel’s Thrive Patch is an innovative and clever way to lose weight, but unfortunately, its efficiency is not clear yet.

Provides many beneficial ingredients to the organism helping in weight loss and boosting the user’s ability to control its appetite and stay on a healthy eating plan.

Generally, this product seems creating many concerns over a large number of persons.

Some experts justify the ineffectiveness of these products in their transdermal activity (failing to pass a sufficient amount of active substance to the organism), while others believe that the problem lies in the inadequate dosage of – otherwise very active – ingredients of the product and that some of these patches perform and others not, and finally that they are impossible to operate.

The lack of serious and documented scientific studies on this product fills us with insecurity and doubt about its effective ability and unfortunately, for now, we have no means to argue on the opposite.

Our Proposal


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It is legal. It is safe. It is one of the Best weight loss pills

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