Trenorol Detailed Review (April 2021) | A legal steroid replacing Trenbolone



Overall Performance









  • Very High Quality
  • Fast Muscle Growth
  • Absolutely Legal
  • Good Muscle Recovery


  • Online Purchase only
  • No as strong as Trenbolone

Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol is a Bodybuilding Supplement for physical exercise involving hard training sessions such as bodybuilding.

The goal? Certainly body fat loss, increased muscle mass, strong bodybuilding performance and enhanced energy and endurance.

Trenorol with natural and safe ingredients does not cause any undesired side effects as the anabolic steroid Trenbolone, replaced by Trenorol. 

Surely everybody wonders if it is effective or it is just a waste of time.

This is what we try to reveal in the lines of the following article, looking in detail at all the details of this particular product that – we must admit – is very popular. 

In the end we come up with “pros” and “cons” necessary to know before the purchase of the supplement.

Is Trenorol a Steroid?

Trenorol has been labeled as a “legal steroid” because of its formula including natural ingredients and – certainly – for presenting a very effective action. 

NOTE: It should be mentioned that this product has both anabolic and catabolic effects combining easy and faster muscle mass gain and more effective fat loss.

What is Trenorol?

Trenorol is a natural dietary supplement suggested as an alternative to anabolic steroid Trenbolone. Its action is quite close to that of this particular anabolic, but its natural composition renders it completely safe for use (no medical prescription required).

The goal of Trenorol supplement is basically to boost muscle mass and reduce body fat, a dual role, quite difficult to be accomplished and extremely important for having visible effects on the body.

Is it successful? Looking at the acceptance by consumers seems to be successful as most persons feel very happy with the results observed. 

Trenorol – use



In the same line with the anabolic steroid Trenbolone, the legal anabolic (anabolic & catabolic) Trenorol, aims at:

  • muscle growth
  • fat burning
  • muscular strengthening
  • muscle recovery
  • fight against fluid retention
  • increased energy

Is it just for bodybuilding?

Clearly not! Trenorol – like other crazybulk supplements – is specifically designed to deliver an excellent performance in hard workouts and high bodybuilding requirements. 

Muscle strength, increased endurance and energy, easy fat loss and effective muscle rebuilding are the basic elements of painful bodybuilding workouts.

In any case, Trenorol can deliver the same results in any form of training!

ATTENTION: But this requires the individual to follow a systematic training.

Trenorol could deliver specific results if it is combined with physical activity and – of course – nutrition!


As mentioned earlier, Trenorol includes natural and completely safe ingredients for the body. 

We have carefully studied its composition as stated on its packaging and have indeed found that it contains no dangerous chemicals, addictive substances or other substances which may obstruct body’s proper functioning.

NOTE: Trenorol – unlike anabolic Trenbolone – does not affect the hormonal balance of body and does not cause any side effects.

In Trenorol’s composition 4 essential active ingredients, all natural, are distinguished 

The label reads exactly the composition as well as the exact amount in which each ingredient is contained. 

No secrets. You know exactly is received by the organism, a very good fact indeed. 

A brief but detailed look at the ingredients involved.

Beta Sitosterol – 600 mg


One of the most important ingredients in Trenorol’s composition, allowing men to maintain a constant level of testosterone in their body, preventing it from converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

A significant parameter as it helps on increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat. 

Increases body’s energy levels by giving to it its physical strength and muscle endurance, while enhances sexual impulse and favors explosive workouts.

In addition, it significantly reduces bad cholesterol levels and promotes good cardiovascular function.

Finally, it maintains a healthy level of estrogen (female hormone) levels to avoid hormonal side effects such as gynecomastia (a common result of anabolic steroids).

Samento Inner Bark – 300 mg


With its second – and equally important – ingredient, Trenorol assists in muscle recovery. Restoring tired and damaged muscles is one of the key elements after a tough training session.  

This facilitates faster muscle growth but also more frequent training, with no dangerous injuries.

Another major advantage of this ingredient is its immune-enhancing effect. Especially when frequent and painful exercises are applied, you do not wish to have a “sickly” and weak body, but a strong and healthy body ready to withstand stress and fatigue.

Nettle Leaf Extract – 300 mg



An extract of well-known nettle is the third ingredient found in Trenorol. It may not be the most active ingredient offering anabolic action to this supplement, while it has a very important role too!

Fluid retention is an annoying condition that, in addition to its “annoying” element: bloating, swelling, discomfort, exhaustion, prevents the strained muscles from appearing in body.

Surely no one wants to get tired following hard workouts and have the muscles hidden under a swollen belly and a water layer. Muscles should be clear on body and their lines should be also clear.

Pepsin – 75 mg


Pepsin, is the last ingredient in the list of Trenorol’s composition. It is an enzyme promoting muscle growth. 

Protein absorption is slowed down to their maximum utilization. Even with low protein intake through the diet, pepsin helps to rebuild muscle well. 

So imagine following a serious and proper diet (high in protein) what muscle growth could be resulting. 

Finally, pepsin also promotes muscle recovery after training sessions by preventing injuries that can put you out of training and out of shape.

Trenorol – Conclusion on its composition 

So it is shown that apart of being safe, Trenorol is a remarkable workout supplement, worth trying it. 

Its natural composition does not cause addiction and does not disturb body’s hormonal balance.

The amounts of active ingredients included appear to be sufficient for delivering results and facilitating user’s training.

ATTENTION! It is extremely important along with use of Trenorol to follow a targeted nutrition and intense physical activity. 

In any other case, the efficiency and effectiveness of the product may be dramatically reduced.

Trenorol VS Trenbolone





Legal steroid

Illegal anabolic steroid


oral (capsule)

intravenous injection

Side effects




Legal via internet



Quite satisfactory (within 1 month)


Addictive capability


Very possible

Hormonal effect


Quite a few

Right time for use

Trenorol (from CrazyBulk) recommends taking 3 capsules per day. Ideally they should be taken with a glass of water, about 45 minutes before training.

But even in days of no training, you can still take 1 capsule with each main meal (i.e. 1 with breakfast, lunch and dining).

NOTE: For remarkable results, a continuous use of minimum 2 months is recommended.

It is also recommended that Trenorol be taken in parallel with an intensive exercise and diet program.

Side effects

Let’s make clear once again that, Trenorol is a legal new generation steroid not relating to old anabolic Trenbolone in any way.

The natural composition of Trenorol from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality ensures safe results, meaning that there is absolutely no reason to worry about side effects and health risks.

Taking Trenorol will help you achieve your goals more safely and in a shorter period of time, avoiding at the same time injuries and unpleasant surprises.

  • body fat loss
  • increased muscle mass
  • higher energy
  • physical strength
  • explosive training

However CAUTION! As with all dietary supplements, there are some groups of people who should consult a doctor before its use.

So for Trenorol these are the people requiring consulting before its use:

  • minors
  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding women
  • people suffering from a condition
  • persons receiving medication

Trenbolone (The Steroid) – reasons for not selecting it

Apart of their two obvious difference, one is legal & safe (Trenorol) while the other is illegal & dangerous (Trenbolone), there are other reasons that will make you rethink before turning to such a powerful and dangerous anabolic product.

Have a look at them:

  • addictive
  • difficult to use (injectable)
  • strong chemical composition
  • very expensive
  • difficult (and illegal) to purchase
  • serious health problems
  • hormonal disorders
  • emotional / psychological changes
  • likely to cause erectile dysfunction (in men)

Trenorol – Purchase

Trenorol may be purchased via CrazyBulk’s official website. 

Purchase process is easy by filling out an order form with customer details, and shipping it instantly.


WARNING: If you find on sale in another online retail platform, it is not the authentic product.

  • Each package is available at $ 61.99 and provides a full 1 month (30 days) treatment.
  • Buying 2 Trenorol packages you pay $ 123.98 and you get 1 completely FREE. This means you get a 3 month treatment, saving a sufficient amount of money.

CrazyBulk also offers combo packs (stacks) providing multiple action by combining company’s  different supplements in one intensive care package.

NOTE: Package is shipped in a discreet way to safeguard customer privacy. Delivery is FREE and does not create any costs worldwide.


Gynecomastia risk?


Unlike the anabolic Trenobolone, Trenorol does not cause gynecomastia, but it does offer all its effective action. Following the use of Trenorol, users experience a marked increase in energy and physical strength, fewer signs of fatigue and greater endurance training.

Besides, after a while it becomes apparent and visible the decrease in body’s fat mass, while the muscles are straightening, tightening and increasing in volume.

Trenorol is therefore a “healthy” substitute for the well-known anabolic steroid Trenbolone. It provides all its “pros” without any of its “cons”.

NOTE: Once again, please note that effects of Trenorol may not be as immediate as with the anabolic Trenbolone. 

Furthermore, intense physical activity, as well as a proper diet plan, are required.

Sources – References

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