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Hunter Test – a product of the well-known Roar Ambition Company – belongs to the category of “testosterone boosters”. 

It would be good to keep in mind this category name “testosterone booster” for future reference. 

 A CLARIFYING NOTE: We have repeatedly focused in the past on a mistake made by most of the people, confusing testosterone boosters with testosterone supplements. 

The first category – testosterone boosters – refers to hormonal products non-interfering with organism’s function, enhancing the testosterone production, while the second category – testosterone supplements – includes supplements of synthetic hormones (being harmful or not necessary and illegal at the same time).

The Hunter Test, prepared in specialized laboratories, may be perfectly combined with the other two supplements offered by the company, Hunter Burn (fat-burning product) and Hunter Focus (mental product).

Certainly, their combination works as part of a new legal & secure way of boosting & promoting the organism (in many levels).

In official Roar Ambition’s website (, you can get first hand information of ​​the products offered and a carefully study of their capabilities and composition.

This review attempts to give the reader a proper guidance and a detailed look at a quite popular product of the past year, understand the product’s ingredients and their active capacity. 

A comparison with respective anabolic preparations (testosterone supplements) is made and the reasons for preferring or rejecting it.

The composition will offer more details about the product, as per example, information on its nature, its active capability and whether is safe or not. 

Decisive moment for this supplement, as we actually find out if delivers what it is claimed and if there, are any hidden “threats” to the health and functioning of organism.

CAUTION: Never trust products not stating clearly their exact composition on their packaging. This means information about INGREDIENTS and their CONCENTRATION are mandatory and never be considered as negligible.

The Hunter Test uses a range of natural high quality specially selected derivative ingredients intended to help support the body’s smooth and “friendly” function, while meeting the goals you set for better & quality life.

Testosterone Boosters & their Usefulness


The man’s hormonal status changes over the time. In your 20s, testosterone is really on the rise, reaching its maximum value. A person full of health, power and energy, with maximum sexual drive and a spectacular sexual performance. 

Erections are strong and last for a record time! The body is strong and firm, with high strength levels, not feeling tired after any effort. 

Exercise hours in gym, repeated sex acts and orgasms, endless nights, feeling that powers will never go away, as if you drank a bucket of coffee, not necessary in 20’s. It is the testosterone.

Following 30 years of age, however, testosterone levels are starting to decline gradually, up to the age of 70 to 80s where they become almost half.

With testosterone decreasing, strengths, the physical strength are also decreasing. That feeling that nothing and no one can stop you, is slowly going away and the body gradually changes shape and potential, while the physical state as well as your psychological state (as it is reasonable) are affected and eventually change.

A good product (testosterone booster) can greatly help in this phase of a man’s life. From 25 – 30 years on, another life chapter begins for every man. A quality supplement can contribute to a slower and (mostly) smoother decrease in male testosterone and limit its effects on the body and daily life of the individual.

This simply means extending a man’s youth (both on how he feels and looks), enhances his body’s physical and muscle strength, and – certainly – boosts good sexual performance stronger and longer lasting are now performed (to achieve more orgasms).

Hunter Test – What it is

Hunter Test manufactured in specialized and certified laboratories in UK and seems to have already attracted the public worldwide – promising to increase the production of testosterone by your organism in the most natural way, with only natural quality and active ingredients and a promising active formula.

Among these claims are, boosting physical strength & endurance, rebuilding muscle mass, bodybuilding, improving look, fitness and health, sexual impulse (libido) and finally self-confidence.

The point is how many of these claims are true and delivered. 

As already emphasized, the most basic point is information about a product given by its composition.

Therefore, what was important at first for Hunter Test was the combination of nine well known for their beneficial properties natural ingredients widely used in alternative medicine and have proven to bring very significant benefits to the body.

NOTE: The fact that these are ingredients already tested by scientists and are not just “magic herbs & spices” is a great start for building a trusting relationship with a product.

Composition & Ingredients


Let us start by stating that all of the ingredients in the active Hunter Test formula are natural, tested and capable of boosting the testosterone production.

This, as a statement proving that a product is worth buying it, is not sufficient.

Below is a detailed analysis of each of ingredients involved in this supplement. 

No.1: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)

Quantity: 5000 IU

Percentage on Recommended Daily Dose (RDD): 1250%

Essential for human health, also known as “sun vitamin”, helps people of all ages and genders, plays a crucial role in enhancing and supporting the normal functioning of your muscular system.

 A vitamin necessary for people following training or for persons who, due to age or some illness suffer a loss of muscle mass and physical strength.

Also important is its contribution to general mental health, good psychology, and maintenance of a good standard of living. 

Finally, Vitamin D3 ensures that blood pressure levels stay within normal ranges.

The natural production of Vitamin D3 by the organism itself is sometimes not enough, a problem solved by a good nutritional supplement.

Normally the organism produces this vitamin when naked skin is exposed to the beneficial sunrays (not at advanced noon hours when radiation of UV rays is quite high). A simple blood test shows the results.  

Most people (according to statistical studies) are actually lacking Vitamin D and doctors recommend use of special supplements.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with various diseases as well as mental illnesses such as depression.

No.2: Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone 7)

Quantity: 150 mcg

Percentage% on RDD: 188%

Vitamin K2 is important for targeting muscle rebuilding, enhancing health of bones and assisting to protect them from injuries during the training process.

Another important advantage is that Vitamin K2 promotes the normal blood coagulation.

No.3: Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate)

Quantity: 200 mg

Percentage% on RDD: 50%

Magnesium is a key nutrient that playing a key role in many organism functions, among which an important action is, fighting fatigue, stimulating energy levels used by the body as fuel and giving greater durability & improved performance.

Especially for those who regularly exercise this particular ingredient should never be missed from their meals. Helps in better fitness, more dynamic training, better performance and greater muscle gain in short time.

No.4: Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate)

Quantity: 30 mg

Percentage on RDD: 200%

A precious trace element, an excellent addition to Hunter Test formula, working (most naturally) to boost male fertility, and maintaining high levels of male hormone (testosterone). 

It is essential in every man’s diet as he gets older and his testosterone levels drop, boosting both sperm production and reproductive process.


No.5: D-Aspartic Acid

Quantity: 3000 mg

Percentage% on RDD: not available

One of the most important natural ingredients found in men’s dietary supplements. 

d-aspartic acid is contained in Hunter Test Supplement in a staggering amount (3000 mg), more than most dietary supplements.

Helps the body replenish the amount of testosterone it would normally lose over time and slows down the aging process of the male body.

No.6: Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root) (Standardized to 5% Ginsenosides)

Quantity: 300 mg

Percentage% on RDD: not available

A herb of the East found in many nutritional supplements (not just testosterone boosters), playing an important role in alternative medicine and traditional therapeutic methods.

Asian Ginseng essentially succeeds in securing good psychology as well as mastering good cognitive function, improved memory, stronger perceptual ability and sharpness.

It also helps the body produce more male hormone (testosterone), increasing the levels of Luteinizing Hormone.

No.7: Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera Root) (Standardized to 1.5% Withanolides)

Quantity: 100 mg

Percentage on RDD: not available

Ashwagandha – an ingredient widely used in alternative medicine – although not one of main supplement’s (since it is not that boosting testosterone directly).

Nevertheless provides a very important action, reducing levels of stress and toxins harmful to the body dramatically. 

In this way, increases the production of testosterone in organism significantly and promotes its proper functioning.

No.8: Indole-3-Carbinol

Quantity: 200 mg

Percentage% on RDD: not available

An ingredient aiming at increasing levels of testosterone production by reducing the number of estrogens (female hormones).

Provides a good stimulation to organism.

No.9: Boron (as Boron Amino Acid Chelate)

Quantity: 10 mg

Percentage on RDD: not available

Though present in various foods is never found in sufficient quantity. That is why you should consume a greater amount, which is possible by taking a quality nutritional supplement, such as Hunter Test. Increases energy levels, improves the physical strength and endurance of user, and improves the quality of life (at many levels in daily routine and not just in athletic performance).

Side effects


According to manufacturer, Hunter Test is a legal and completely safe product.

Its 100% natural composition does not cause any adverse problems, or discomfort. 

It is important, however, to adhere strictly to instructions for use as prescribed by the company, not exceeding the recommended daily dose, and complying with all precautionary rules.

This means that its use is not allowed to people allergic to any of the above ingredients.

Discontinue its use at once, when an organism reaction is observed, informing the physician at the same time.

Never use it without medical consent in cases of sick persons or persons receiving medication for any condition.

It does not cause any side effects or complications to organism.

No caffeine or other chemical stimulants (other than the natural stimulant Asian Ginseng) in its composition, so no nervousness, sleep disturbances, mood swings or irritability (side effect common to dietary supplements containing strong natural or chemical stimulants), is provoked.


  • reputable manufacturing company
  • detailed listing of ingredients contained
  • easy order & prompt delivery
  • natural product (suitable for long-term use)
  • prevention and fight of old age in men
  • positive reviews from users
  • strong dosage in very important mixture’s ingredients


  • slightly higher price than expected
  • online shopping only
  • inappropriate for vegetarians and vegans (contains animal raw materials)
  • requires a combination of regular diet and exercise

Hunter test – Purchase

Hunter Test is available via Roar Ambition’s official website only.


  • The price of the pack comes at $ 75.00 (shipping costs not included).
  • Order of 2 packs in one order costs $ 150.00 offering free shipping to USA and UK.
  • Finally, the super offer comes with the order of 3 + 1 packs. Ordering 3 packs you get 1 more free at $ 225.00. Free shipping to USA and UK is also offered. 

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